Bhad thread

Bhad thread

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who is this big titty bitch

I don't even want the sex tape we all know is going to come out. She's a coalburner no thanks.


She's underage, pedo

She makes me want to do some bhad things

Is she still doing stuff?
I feel like she just disappeared a while ago.

>white horse
>white Porsche
>hi bitch
>hi bitch

Gucci flip flops, fuck it. Hit ya bitch in my socks

I go shh on a bitch. Be quiet..

I got the juice bitch. I got the muh fuckin juice

Js she looks easily over 20 so for the people who are attracted to her you are not a pedo. A pedo likes kids who don't look as if they hit puberty yet. This girl hit puberty hard at like 13. So it does not make you a pedo for being attracted to her tits. It makes you a pedo if you were the black guy thats in his 30s pounding her from behind.

Black guy? More like black guys

>this is considered white in america

Ehh never heard of her

Long story short. She was on Dr. Phil for being a hoodrat.
What made her popular was she was 13 years old with huge tits

It takes way more than gazungas to be famous

Who dis?

You mean like appearing on a nationwide talk show?

she's the kind of girl you need to smack around and choke while fucking her


The only thing of interest that could come from this nigger loving waste of air would be a video of her getting brutally gang raped by a pack of well hung aids infected homeless guys tweaking on meth while she screams for help.

She’s got so many amazing songs. Generations to come will sing her anthems

I'd watch that

Have you heard her new single "sucking on nigger dicks"

You're correct of course. She is not capable of normal relationship- but that body needs to be enjoyed by someone. Someone very cruel - willing to hurt her good.

need to see the youngest picture of her with those huge tits

An user told me cover the tits and she's a 4/10


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Well"how bout that"

post more i'm cumming

pretty nice, but i mean a full shot of those funbags
what age was she there?

I'd bang her twice

What’s this?

I don’t recognize her? Are there other pics



the Sup Forumscel crypto-cuck speaks

hah bah dah

P-pedo!! Shes a kid dont you see those tits??? Pedo!! Mods report him!!


>She's underage
not where I'm at lol

Do I bump???

Lol Americans and they’re stupid Aoc, get with the rest of the progressive world and lower it to 16

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it's 15 here, bro.



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What’s this?


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Expired bro


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Newfag here. What’s vola

Is that to the tune of 'knock knock knocking on heaven's door'

Don’t stop

wondering the same

A chatroom where Redditors dump the same images they dump on here and other random garbage. They always try to bait people in by saying
>oh yeah i've totally got the nudes you're looking for dude
But then you go in and see a bunch of tame shit you've seen a thousand times before. Then the aforementioned Redditors start spouting off zoomer memes and giving themselves silly usernames. This goes on maybe for a couple hours before the room gets banned or everyone in it just stops chatting and dumping.

Basically, they're worthless. The only off-site links worth following when you're looking for rare or super secret nudes are Megas.

Hmnmm then what