Isn't it funny how right wingers are really the sensitive snowflakes whose feelings are all that matter...

Isn't it funny how right wingers are really the sensitive snowflakes whose feelings are all that matter? They try to project their insecurities onto the left so hard, but they're too emotionally immature to even realize that it doesn't come across as anything other than a desperately afraid and insecure person grasping at straws because they have no actual intelligent argument.

What kinds of projecting does the right do besides this? Share your examples here.

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The biggest one is all of this "socialism" talk. They decry it to high heaven while cashing their disability checks.

Lol, y u mad tho

Typical conservative response; replying to anything other than what they're getting called out on because they have no leg to stand on. They're also projecting, because they think I'm "mad", when really they're the emotionally immature one.

Yeah, it's funny because they'd actually love what it brings them. But they've been convinced by billionaires' propaganda that it would be bad. Their arguments always boil down to an appeal to authority.

>they've been convinced by billionaires' propaganda
That's the entire GOP strategy in a nutshell. Piss on people's shoes and tell them that it's raining.

Sad, really.

sure kid

Another typical conservative response; not listening to or responding to the argument, but just dismissing it because it's uncomfortable to actually try to think for themselves.

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you think you can understand tens of millions (if not more) people with your cute simple worldview?

you know what the real issue is on both the left and right? lower class dumbfucks like you who think the world is that simple, black and white.

there are very smart people on both sides but idiots like you scream louder so they are usually heard.

Another not an arguement

I'm simply reporting my observations. If you disagree then I'm happy to hear your logical argument.

Another not an argument

>no u
How original, typical copy cat commie

Uh, they are literally charging him with bribery. You realize that, right?

Election interference for $400 million in illegally withheld military aid is bribery. Election interference for White House meeting is bribery. Trump and his cronies have admitted to it. It's an open and shut slam dunk case, written in black and white in the Constitution.

argument on what? you didnt even argue, you just said they are all stupid, insecure and never made an intelligent argument,

you are probably just trolling by acting the way you criticize people for

while its first of all up for debate how much influence a short time of withholding military aid had, is nobody wondering what the hell Biden's son was actually doing with a Ukrainian company?

> a short time of withholding military aid

The aid was only released because they got caught. The severity of the crime is not measured by its influence. Attempted murder is still a crime.

if its proven that the aid was held back solely to start an investigation against bidens son, yes maybe. but good luck proving that.

> good luck proving that

That's literally what the hearings were about. The administration has failed to produce any documents showing they had other reasons for witholding aid. All they have is a phony post-hoc explanation about "corruption" which is laughable when they didn't call to investigate anybody outside of their top political rival.

I just love how every month the left/news feels so sure that they'll get trump this time for some crime. but you never did all those numerous times, and I highly doubt it will work this time.

well why did Biden's son get that job in the first place? seems sketchy no? I think in the US people are usually innocent unless proven otherwise - I don't see that just because the left doesnt believe trumps explanation (which they wouldnt have done for any explanation, cuz they simply hate him)

if anything you should actually thank trump for bringing this dirty ukrainian gas deal back into people's attention. so I find trump's claim of fighting corruption plausible - of course it would help him personally for the presidential election but its at the same time just good to investigate biden's corruption

>actually went to the inauguration because i lived there, why not, might as well go to a once in a lifetime event
>guy who was standing next to me makes some joke about how the Justice Dept under Obama was all made up of snowflakes (we were standing next to the JD building for the parade)
>not long after his wife starts screeching about some people holding signs she doesnt like

also i would say the crowd size was pathetic because his supporters didnt read the schedule. the lines were fucking massive because people started showing up way too late. so either they are retarded or lazy.

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well that's really the irony isn't it? they think they are so clever in screaming non-stop about identity issues while they vote strictly according to their identity as well. that's fine up until they accuse the kettle of being black, then they are just hypocrites.

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It's because both sides are having their most awful vocal minorities get amplified by Russian and other influences.

This is a lie, faggot.

isnt it funny how conservatives always use real life examples in order to trash liberals, and liberals always have to use fake made up examples to trash conservatives?

But the left is the one trying to force political correctness, and then cries that I called a dude in a dress a dude.

there's the perfect example. this poster's conservative identity was impugned he felt, so he became offended, leaping to odd generalizations in an attempt to retaliate.

Conservatives: Look at all those pictures and videos of leftists standing out in the street crying about nonsensical things and being general shitbags. The left sure is terrible.
Libtards: Look at this comic I drew of conservatives doing bad things. The right sure is terrible.

That's because the conservatives are the neckbeards who live in their moms' basements.

The whole "sNoWfLaKe" thing was projection all along... who could have known?

Why do you ignore posters who actually make good points and then respond to retards? Oh wait I already know. You’re not here to have a discussion, you’re here to make bait threads and shitpost because you’re a loser with no job and no friends. Find a hobby.

> I called a dude in a dress a dude
i agree. a dude in a dress is a dude. people shouldn't pretend otherwise.

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