Now is the time to fight, Sup Forums! Are you ready for what is coming? The 2020 election looms over the horizon...

Now is the time to fight, Sup Forums! Are you ready for what is coming? The 2020 election looms over the horizon, but it’s results will likely mean nothing. War is coming. This is becoming known to all. Are you armed and ready? I encourage you to stockpile guns and ammo. Spend all the money you possibly can on basic essentials too. Those who cannot fight will merely be easy pickings, so be sure your guns are reliable, accurate, and can handle several targets at once. There will be many deaths, injuries and broken minds. But at the end of this crusade, we may find our light. Only you can decide that, user! Do not support those who have inspired nihilism and degeneracy, rather, fight for those who wish to return to a time of morality and decency. A country unhindered by jews, islamists, and SJW maniacs. In the coming war, we will update the constitution so that any infringement or exploitation of our freedoms will be viewed as treason and punished to the fullest extend of the law. Make the fucking change, user, The ball is in your court now.

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the first round fired will be from some fucked up litard

And then the right will utterly dominate.

I hate those LITards

Bernie's pro-gun and he's going to win. Stockpiling ammo is stupid as nothing will change.

prove it faggot

Folks, all this talk is nonsense.

You'll still have to get up Monday morning after the election, drive to your shitty jobs and grind it out. A "civil war" is laughable and won't save you from your overdue bills, your increasing credit card balances, and your tenuous employment prospects.

Who let you smoke crack

Dude, grow up


>Bernie's pro-gun and he's going to win.
No jew is pro-gun.

yeah do it, faggot. Go innawoods and starve to death whilst hiding from teh ebil libruls, it is your manifest destiny.

fucking litards, at it again, eh.

ur momma

>Reee if I lose I’m going to go kill people

>No jew is pro-gun
NRA is 3/4 Jewish, you deluded twit.

you're a party-pooper

>Bernie's pro-gun and he's going to win
Put me in the screencap

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Sup Forumscels gonna Sup Forums

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Either Trump wins and there's 4 more years of whining, or Trump loses and there's 4 years of threats of civil war.
But no matter what happens, we can all agree on one simple thing.
More Americans will die for Israel.

no matter who loses, Israel wins.

Consider technology user. It is continually improved. Now, how old is chemically propelled slugs as tech? 1000 years old.
There is more advanced tech available today, from microwave moats to personal swarms of carnivorous insects. The reason firearms are used by cops and military is that enforcing parasitization requires coercing compliance, and firearms are the best way to do that.
They are not the best way to prevent armed thugs from coercing you. Meatsacks are fragile. Far better means of keeping them from getting withing firearms range exist.
Give it thought.

Is it...Is it working though?

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No matter what you write on paper, it does not matter if you cannot enforce it. Lysander Spooner noted the Constitution had failed prior to the Civil War.
Do not rest your security on a piece of paper. Your security and freedom are necessarily created only by your personal provision of them.
No one will make you free. Delivering your authority to a gang that promises to keep you safe utterly abandons your freedom to that gang.
No one else will.


Do not confuse Judaism with Frankist/Sabbatean Luciferianism. There's a reason to use human shields, and your post elucidates it.
Note the existence of various Jewish organizations against Israeli apartheid, expansionism, and for the preservation of firearms rights.
No ethnic, racial, or geographic set of people are of one mind. Niggers, Slavs, Jews, etc., are but arbitrary sets, and your enemies hide within them. Rationally separate your targets, or you will waste your ammo, and worse, recruit enemies to increase the threat to you.

NRA is not pro-gun either.

go back to r/The_Donald trumpcel

I'm ready to rape and pillage

Shut up faggot

>microwave moats
>personal swarms of carnivorous insects
Please elaborate on these

You fags have already been murdering people left and right

let america burn hehehehehehehehehehe

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Since technology began developing with the invention of the fucking pointy stick, the rate of technological advance has continually increased.
Today, 3d printing, CRISPR, and more enable individuals to produce goods and services themselves, vastly increasing their personal power relative to institutions.
Presently means to engineer bespoke organisms is potential to individuals. Ground crickets are like locusts that eat meat. Using pheromones, insects can be designed to attack and consume meatsacks you designate with appropriate chemical signals.
If you need more information than that, you need to undertake acquiring relevant information from available sources elsewhere.
Microwaves cook meat. Gangs of thugs are made of meat. Designs for directional horns that create impassable zones of intense microwave radiation are all over the internet, and used microwaves can be purchased dirt cheap.
Regulations cannot keep up with technology, and agile minds considering what is currently possible will deploy bespoke security measures that eventually render institutional power obsolete. It is clearly obvious that firearms, being 1000 years old, are not the cutting edge of security tech. Decentralization is the destruction of centralization. It is literally freedom.

>off brand red dot and no irons
Not gonna make it

The NRA is probably behind this post, encouraging people to buy more weapons than they need.

I already have dirty bombs in every city center around the globe. Total death toll expected is 650M.

Say the word, OP, and I set them off.

Israel always wins

the nra only cares about your gun rights when the democrats are president

>4 more years of whining

yeah,and trump supporters are the ones whining the loudest

>undertake acquiring relevant information
Jesus Christ you're trying hard as fuck to appear smart arent you?

>pic related
From whence did you undertake the acquisition of your fedora?

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Concision conveys information as rapidly as possible, and pic related is appropriate, since there is no pic.

Brevity is the soul of wit. Excessive verbosity as you undertake and demonstrate is the height of retardation. Thanks for revealing your true self.

Forgotten pic? Alzheimer's takes a toll, boomer.

Get a better weapon platform Billy bill bob.