Spider thread

Spider thread
Post anything spider related

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i didnt burn the house down
i like insects

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>ywn have a beautiful white spider waifu to kiss and make passionate love to while in the air
Why do we even spin webs Sup Forumsros?

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another one

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There's so much easy prey on the interwebs

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another another one

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Where's that greentext of the dude who found spiders in his Wii when unboxing it?

> live in the tropics
> spiders everywhere
> it's cool, I don't bother them they don't bother me
> a huntsman moves into our bathroom
> he hangs out in the damp towel hanging on the rack
> must be cool in there for the little guy
> well, not little, he's twice the size of my hand
> one day gf having shower
> hear her screaming
> she runs out dripping wet and naked, spider clinging to her tit
> get it off get it off
> it's all good babe he's harmless
> just be careful when you shower, shake the towel out before you use it
> except shes borderline retarded
> sometimes forgets to check the towel, especially if stoned or back from night out
> weekly occurrence of her running out of the bathroom naked and screaming with that cute huntsman hanging on for the ride
> best time it made it look like she had pubes

Dude, any pics?


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Joined the arm hoping one day they would tell us we got new tanks.

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That is a harvestman. Which is an arachnid but not a spider. Nigger.


Found this beauty the month after I moved into my new house. Tons of them around at night, even now for some reason.

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Found this momma next month in my carport. The babies we're all rummaging around on her back.

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I've got a million of these things around.

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i found this guy wandering around a few months ago

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Where was this?

No sorry. No pics. I wish I did, it really was a beautiful spider though.

utah. the little guy was trying to head east, but was blocked in by a building that has like a concave v in the direction he was going. watched him get to the corner of the v the just figured out how to get around the structure and headed east out into the desert. total trip of over a hundred feet. i thought that was pretty cool that he had such a good sense of direction even when getting all turned around.

these are all based spiders, I love wolf spiders. Normally don't even kill them when they get in my house because they genocide ever shitty bug in this apartment.

Found this little guy, scurrying about.

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Any Orb-Weavers, Anons?

Wish I had one of these, I would name it Ginyu or Freeza

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Oh my fuck that’s huge



i have more of these chonker bois n girls

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He a cute. A cute.

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I work in produce at a supermarket. 7 years in the front but only 2 years in produce. So far I’ve unboxed 2 (both dead) banana spiders when breaking down banana shipments. My boss’s count is 7 with 10 years of experience. Three of which were alive. He’s found a scorpion too in a salad bag, but that’s not spider related.

Kind of looks like a guy wearing sunglasses.

It’s eyes say, “I’ve seen some shit.”

They really do have beautiful eyes

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The balls on that fucker. Plus why so close to water? Are they in a bathtub?

They remind me of little security cameras. Watching in the corner.

Some pics I made around the house

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It might be an imatator but it looks like a black widow.

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was tripping balls a while ago after doing a bunch of different drugs and all of a sudden i was overwhelmed with an intense fear that a golden orb weaver spider (no idea how i thought of this specifically) was going to crawl out of my mouth or chest

scared the shit out of me for 8 hours