Anyone do those blacked edits?

Anyone do those blacked edits?

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Bump, these bitches hot


Some guy usually edits blacked onto girls clothing here on Sup Forums

No I meant the girl, nerd

bump this is hot

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Thats a man. Facts.

Some asian girl on vsco called claire

here you go OP

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I got you, faggot

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Here you go, bitch

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I'm black so I just wanna see these whores worship me

Hey, if all it takes is some dumbass edits to fool you then go for it.

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Doesn't look like one

Who is she?

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Just get her pic blacked like this

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Go on /r/ and look around for Cucklord
He does amazing blacked edits
This is one he did for me awhile back

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What is the original pic?

All fucking nigger must fucking hang

Another one he did

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Original pic

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Woah this guy is a god

He's done so many for me.
Tho, he can be a bit of a troll
When asked to do her topless

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