You are given 100 grand US dollars (post-tax)

You are given 100 grand US dollars (post-tax)

What would you do?

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Have it converted to a real currency.

Ok, which currency and what would you do after?

Pay off mortgage. Buy a new car. Pay off kid's student loan. Money gone. Reflect on the fact that there exist people who consider 100 grand chump change and spend that amount on an article of clothing, a watch or a glorified toy.

Probably start a sex doll collection

Change the lives of my family. I'm in debt and my fridge is empty. Next paychech: 15 january. Happy xmas, meh


Buy Sup Forums from Hiroshim00t and ban everybody I don’t like.

Become a cat
Buy a suit
Take photos with vast fortune

Pay off bills and what's left goes to the house note.

I would go to Egypt, with a girl....

Pay off my credit card debt, move out of the fucking ghetto I'm stuck in, buy a better car
I'd still have like 35k left after so I would invest about 30 of it, then with the last 5 I'd have a hell of a time with some strippers and booze

put in bank and save for now
probs give some important people in my life some

pay off my moms house. she's sick and i don't want her to have to worry about bills anymore.

Buy a Condo.

invest in bitcoins.

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quit my job, move to a full time student in software engineering, pay off tge last of my debt and put the rest on my house when im done with school (about a year and a half)

Help my parents pay off their house and invest the rest. I don’t wanna be a wagie forever lmao


Buy the house I live in from my parents, pay for college, buy a bunch of weed