Rey is Palpatine's granddaughter...

Rey is Palpatine's granddaughter, one of her parents is the descendant of Palpatine and gets killed off by a Sith dagger. You can see the dagger on the trailers.

Luke and Leia knew all along Rey was Palpatine's granddaughter this is why Leia sends her to Luke, and this is why Luke does not want to train her.

• Palpatine is back ON THE FLESH. He spent all this time in some unknown planet building his fleet and army

• Snoke is a puppet of Palpatine, he has a collection of failed Snoke clones in a lab.

• Rey heavily struggles with the dark side the entire movie, she almost kills Chewie in one scene by accidentally using force lighting on a ship where he was at.

• Kylo gets beaten down by Rey in a fight (you can see it on the trailers, with the waves hitting a ship). While he is laying there almost dead, Han Solo comes back as a force ghost to tell him it is not too late to come back to the light side. Kylo then throws his lightsaber away and goes to help Rey.

• After beating Kylo, Rey is scared to use the force again, because she is losing control and tapping into the dark side. Rey goes back to Ach-to, where she is comforted by Luke. Luke then raises his X-Wing from the water so Rey can join her friends in fighting the First Order

• Rey goes to battle Palpatine and Kylo goes in to help Rey. Before, however, he fights all the Knights of Ren just using the force and his fists.

• Rey and Kylo fight Palpatine, but Palps uses them both to rejuvenate himself. He then throws Kylo off a cliff, never to be seen again.

• Rey is laying on the ground almost dying until she hears Leia, Luke and some other jedi voices. She rises and deflects Palpatine's lighting back at him. He dies.

• By the end of the movie, the heroes go back to Tattoine and some random guy asks Rey who she is. She says she is a Skywalker; The movie ends with the Twin Suns

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no one likes the new star wars i suggest twitter

If this is true you just saved me $15 i wouldnt spend on a ticket to see a movie i wouldnt see.

Disney buried star wars after rogue 1.


• Finn is related to Lando, the only other black guy on the entire galaxy (not a confirmed leak yet)

• Leia had a lightsaber that she gives it to Rey

• Rey forms a new double bladed lightsaber in the end of the movie with Luke and Leia's sabers. With an orange kyber crystal

• No Force Ghost Anakin, Qui-Gon or anything similar

• They use some music from the prequels, that's it

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leia had a lightsaber is leia a cgi tupac how did they do it

Reusing/editing unused footage from the last two movies

No Anakin, no chosen one? Disney screwed over Lucas and his legacy for a quick buck. White slavers

I just want this to be over already...
At least the mandalorian is ok

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How can Han be a Force Ghost?

Bro, nothing against you but I hate what this series has become and cannot put anymore time into it.

>At least the mandalorian is ok
It's boring as fuck - nothing happens and no characters in it are original, just rehashing species and people from OT. Watching that one where he killed the rhino felt like watching someone complete a fetch quest in skyrim.

How do you know all this? Who do you work for?

From what I've seen, Kylo contacts Rey through the force at the end, and they thank each other and wish each other luck and go their own ways. And dont forget the Falcon getting blown apart with Lando, Chewie and Leia onboard.

Bringing back the emporer completely alive and well also fucks Anakin's and Luke's stories.

This series nullifies everything from the last 6 films and makes them irrelevant.

They've made Darth Vader'story ark of the same importance as side characters such as Darth Maul or Count Dooku. Now Rey is the only character of any importance.

Honestly it's pretty amazing how poorly Disney has done.

That sounds fucking awful. Glad I stopped caring after they gave the series to that soyboy who looked like the Gerber baby.

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who cares

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The new movies are about burning down the old world white men created and smashing all wisdom and knowledge to replace it with personal, subjective truth.

The Last Jedi said so repeatedly. Of course the arc is about nullifying any heroism that Luke (now a murderous old coward), Anakin (one of the most iconic characters in film, forgotten and his redemption made meaningless) and Han (deadbeat dad, drunk and failure) ALL the white male characters, might've shown

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Because Disney.

Anakin still managed to bring balance to the force in that he was instrumental in wiping out the jedi and when he eventually dies only luke -1 arm and palpatine as a disembodied lich.

Luke managed to save Anakin's soul, severely weakened palpatine preventing him from dominating the galaxy, and was responsible for keeping the jedi order around for the next generation, though he barely managed that last bit.
My assumption is that Rey will be the final piece in that she will destroy the jedi by refusing to join them and will destroy the sith by permanently destroying palpatine. Ending the entire series with her mastering both dark and light sides of the force.

IDK, I thought that scene with her going into the dark place on Luke's island and him being scared that the darkside is in there was sort of telegraphing that luke was the last jedi not rey and that she was going to be a mixed for user finding a happy medium between being an ascetic monk that refuses to acknowledge fear and a creepy lich that brainwashes people. I'm probably wrong though. They'll probably just do a shot for shot remake of VI and call it a day.

that baby yoda abomination is infuriating enough to go on a killing spree...

Script was leaked.
The nigger actor left his script under a hotel bedroom and the maid found it.
>As reported on tmz.
In an interview about it, Nigger is not remorseful at all because muh racism.
No company backlash against the nigger because black lives matter.

can we make use this to troll fantards by ruining the movie for them?

they shot so many different versions of this movie that they completely recut the movie two months before release.

They did the same thing with game of thrones. Shooting multiple version of the script out of order so that literally no one knows what the final product will be. I think it's extremely unlikely much if anything from those leaks will be true considering the focus groups hated it so much they recut it.

too bad. it would have been fun to ruin the good times for fantards

They don't shoot multiple versions, but they do give actors scripts with different variations/plot pointd so they know whose was if one leaks.

As for the leaks in OPs post they are not from the script that was on eBay, that was recovered by Disney pretty fast and was after these leaks came out.

These leaks came from a blog that historically has been pretty accurate.
Almost everything it leaked about TFA was accurate and most of what it leaked about TLJ was also accurate.

That makes me sad

Who is this overgrown baby? I tried to search for him and didn't succeed really...

>he fell for the balance is equal light equal dark meme

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Cos OP is full of shit.