Users of Sup Forums. I need your help. I had a gay one night stand last night...

Users of Sup Forums. I need your help. I had a gay one night stand last night. I want to stop thinking about it because it was wierd. I now realise I am not gay or bi due to this experience last night. What are the neccessary steps to move on? Also, what are things I can do to redeem myself from getting gay head? Thank you- OP
>in b4 kys

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Let me deep seed you. Then you will know that you did the right thing.

op here , nah fuk that

How did it go down OP? What didn’t you like about it?

Maybe it's gay? And he's attractet to women?

im an 18yr old straight male. ok, so ive been a little curious. i downloaded grindr and litterally met up with this dude who gave me head after 30mins of talking. We went to a closed school where he gagged on my cock. I enjoyed the moment but realised its not a thing for me. Woke up feeling guilty (seems like a normal thing to feel) and not wanting to go anywhere. Its crazy bc hes dtf with me still but idk

Its 2019 it's fine to experiment around so you know for sure what you like and dont like. Now that you got it out of your system you know you're not gay. Just move on like it's a normal thing.

ily thank you

That’s shame from being a whore not from being gay.

I've blown a few str8 guys. Not many wanted seconds

you are gay now and forever

>straight friend shows up at my place loaded on coke
>wants me to fuck him
>I don't think we should user. I think you'll regret it later
>he demands I fuck him
>I fuck him

Haven't heard from him since

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I wouldn't feel guilty. I just would simply say "Hey, I didn't like this. Time to forget about it."
You tried and didn't like it, just give it some time and move on. Find a hobby or somethin to keep your mind off that kind of shit. I probably wouldn't browse Sup Forums for advice

Its too late faggot you already have AIDS.

well im glad i got your advice. ty

Hey OP, this is 2019, it's more common than you think to have gay experiences, many people do when they are young, some like them, some don't. It's just part of discovering your sexuality and your preferences. If you didn't like it thats perfectly normal and you can just move on with your life. If you decided to be bisexual it's perfectly fine too, really, nobody cares who you put your dick in.

You now have to suck a dick to reverse the gay polarity

Sanest comment on Sup Forums I'm imrpessed