Is death better than life ?

is death better than life ?

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On the one hand, death has no taxes or problems.
On the other hand, no dogs, or fapping, or pizza, or prostate orgasms.

Life is better, but it's on thin fucking ice

Are you white? If so choose life.

It’s just nothing. It’s neither good or bad. Enjoy life while it lasts, and try to make the world a better place, just a little bit


no, life is awesome even when its hard. anyone who says otherwise is either weak or mentally ill.

death is just a shift of consciousness

Do you want to experiment to know what death is like? Take the heroic dose and extinguish the ego-self. Once you've shed your conscious identity and passed through the golden chrysanthemum, you'll realize that what you think of as "you" is only the tiniest part of you, and that its loss is like paring a fingernail.

You'll never experience yourself or the world the same way again.

No one here can answer that

well, u dont get her prego...

death is cool but u cant get high so im gonna give that a miss chief

Ask the dead.

5 dried gisd and find out bud if u want to die anyway what could u lose

try acid 1st and then ask that again. i know im going to kill myself. i will not bathe in my own urine and feces. took care of my grandmother/father for almost 5 years. yeah no thx

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Can we do this by just talking through it, like a guided meditation? I don't want to do the drugs

I would think no.

Hard to rationalize but since every living being in the universe that we know of tries to evade death at all costs till the bitter end, there must be some reason our puny minds don't get why life is much superior to death.

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Yes, absolutely, but it will take a lot longer. There's nothing you can do with a drug which you can't also do through meditation, biofeedback, brain plasticity, and discipline. This is because psychoactive drugs work by duplicating or mimicking chemicals already found in the brain. You can train your brain to produce those chemicals, but it takes patience.

The whole reason shamans use psychoactive drugs is as a short-cut. When they're responsible for the spiritual health of a whole community, they don't always have time to spend three days fasting, meditating, and sweatlodging every time they need to talk to Grandfather Toad.

So the short answer is yes, but it will take a trained roshi to guide you, and it will take considerable time to develop the discipline necessary to achieve satori, ego-death.

Did the "roshi" do it without drugs, or doesn't it matter?

Yes, roshis are trained meditation teaching masters. Most cities have at least one meditation centres, and most roshis will not turn someone away for lack of funds, They'll request a respect offering instead, like a bowl of oranges.

Where are you located? I offer free training for intuitives if you have the patience and natural talent.

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Maybe but it's a hell of a lot easier with mushrooms

Pennsylvania, United States


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I would highly reccommend it to you, OP.

Hmm. I have a small occult shop in southern Ontario, about 250 miles away. If you want to come here I am prepared to offer you free training. You'll need a sleeping bag, and you can bunk down in my store. Or bring a vehicle and camp in it out back.

Something is always better than nothing... At least that's what I tell myself to keep going.

When life is shitty I force myself to look at it like I would look at a movie or a video game. It keeps thing entertaining.

Hey, not the guy you’re replying to but is there any chance you talk on discord? Would be pretty interested in having some conversations with you

I don't use Discord, I'm afraid. Don't even own a cellphone. Why, are you an intuitive?

Wow that’s impressive. Long story short I guess I’m having trouble living in the now. I don’t have any goals and I’m regretting the past, yet I’m doing nothing for improvement

What's your paradigm? Do you manifest? Have you taken the heroic dose and been to see the machine elves?

>prepare ur anus

Depends on your expectations.

only if you believe in an after life in heaven, worse if you know you're going to hell

I don’t know what you mean by paradigm but no, I took maybe 4 tabs last year I wasn’t in the right headspace, learned a lot about myself that I didn’t like/understand I guess. I think I was on the path but didn’t take enough and wasn’t in the right situation.

Being dead or being alive is neutral on average. Death tho, the dying part, sucks.

Afraid of what? I was thinking someone into what you're into would be fearless

When you're dead you can watch everything you want to see but you can't interact with anything. Well, you can interact with the drunk and the high and the dysfunctional but that still won't be what you want.

Also everyone dead like you knows everything about you. You can't hide anything from the dead. The greasy little things you think are hidden are not.

Lastly, being dead is a constant replay of all of your lives and all the things you've done. ALL THE THINGS YOU'VE DONE. Death isn't an escape. Death is a forever replay.

You come to this place to escape death.

Don't push it. If you want to know what it looks like when people who aren't ready for it suddenly experience ego-death do a search on YouTube for "salvia freakouts".

By paradigm I mean, what system do use to conceptualize the process? For example, a christian might refer to the Godhead and a Hindu to the Ataman and a Jungian to the collective unconscious. They're all referring to the same phenomenon, but conceptualizing it differently.

It was just a turn of phrase. Possibly one not used any more by your generation. Ending a sentence with "I'm afraid," means "I regret to inform you of this but I must because it's true."

>I don't use Discord, I'm afraid.
not user but its a figure of speech

How do you know?

Wtf a genuine person on Sup Forums?
If true, than you are hero.

After my gf left me,I've been completely broken for almost 2 years,I've developed sevear mental problems and honestly,I'm looking forward to death

Oh, sorry, I interpreted it as "I'm afraid to use it." Then "I don't own a cellphone" made me think you were saying you don't want to have an account to traceable to you

I'm a few decades older than most people here. I'm old enough that I can wear a fedora unironically, and I've smoked a pipe for 30 years.

u seem young. maybe this is not the place for u to hang out

Might not be possible to die. We know perception slows down as you slip away and life flashes before your eyes, so you might just be stuck in an endless conscious loop of reliving your life over and over forever, like falling into a singularity, while the rest of us move forward in the time steam. So at least make whatever you relive worth reliving.

only one way to find out

No, I know the phrase "_________, I'm afraid." The two sentences combined made it look like paranoia.

it didnt ackhsually but wutever. u learn as u go

So you would consider yourself grown-up?

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It did


Private Joker : The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

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No, I've worked quite hard to keep my mind supple and young. I'm constantly learning new skills and upgrading my knowledge base, and I avoid falling into traps like always listening to the same music. Just today I discovered Gloryhammer and I've been listening to their entire discography. Not something most people my age would listen to.

Here's my favorite song

Not everyone here has aspired to "Get a good job" and "Be a good employee". The things you think are important are absolute wastes of your extremely limited time. Those who rise in this world seek death and they want the death of all.

You've been lied to and your past has been purposely obscured. This place is a fiction intended to help you sustain yourself when the definition provided by others is withdrawn.

You won't get any proofs you can accept and you won't get a neon sign pointing "the way". That's not how this place works. You only get whispers. Free will and such.

How do you live in a place designed to make you die? Keep asking questions.

It's the only thing that will save you.

why do you make these threads all day every day? you're fucking absurdly bizarre

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I love Great Big Sea and John Allen Cameron, so I'm familiar with Celtic folk.

Thats a forced meme user

Forced done the throat

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I mean , okay, but this isn't a defendable position either. Objectively speaking life just "is". It's not intrinsically good or bad, because nothing is. Enjoy it, definitely, it's fleeting, but "worth it" is impossible to know until after, amd then you won't be able to know because your unique biochemical reaction stopped and now "you" don't exist, just meat lying on the ground.

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Somebody list out the pros/cons for life vs death. I feel like we're real close to settling this once and for all.

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life is life
death is not

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"Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not." -- Epicurus

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does her name start with a 'C'

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>is death better than life ?

It’s definitely longer.

that sounds like a job for some ayahuasca and a shaman who knows the ropes

There are a lot of ways to get to the heroic dose, including ayahuasca, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, and salvia divinorum. Some of them are more convenient than others. Peyote, for example, is notorious for making people vomit and then poop themselves.


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nice this is my religion too.

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The dead know only one thing. It is better to be alive.

surely not

Depends on the context. Sentence? Yes. Cereal? No.