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Yes please


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No balls, you won't

fuck off pedo
go watch some loli on nhentai and leave the children on Sup Forums alone

Children shouldn't be on Sup Forums you fucking idiot

Yes officer, I'd like a pizza with cheddar and pepperoni

children have rights to travel you cock stain
and fuck you for being a pedo

"Rights to travel" holy fuck you're dumb

nice try fbi

yes, children have a right to move around, they actually need it, you know? physical activity? Your probably forgot about it since you're glued to your desk form fat ans sweat. pedo

age is just a number and consent is a myth

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yea, and jail is just a room

I'm the king of my own land.

Consent is a social construct.

Jail is a physical construct.

pizza rodent

bottom text

>social construct
Why do people fucked in the head always say this?

yea, enjoy your physical construct sub-nigger

I know
It's a cool room, made a lot of friends there


They're repeaters only.

I may be a pedo, but at least I'm not a nigger. Don't you dare compare me to those literal monkeys ever again.

I like pineapple more


Pedos are worse than niggers desu, because at least you can always know who's a nigger and who isn't. With a pedo, you'll never know until they're raping your kids.

Get this stupid shit off Sup Forums you dumb fags

>Pedos are worse than niggers desu
Demonstrably false.
I can write complete sentences, work in a respectable profession, and always ask children for consent.

and also, that's such a niggerish thing to say. if you were anything except a subhuman, you wouldn't think rape is okay.

Age is just a number. Consent is on a spectrum.

Anyways, don't knock it until you try it I guess

"Sup Forums: Where gender isn't a spectrum, but consent is!"

This place truly is magical. Bunch of neckbeards jacking it to traps, but they hate fags.

each to their own though

no one has the balls to post
just tor it


Oh shit

>Implying these two are the same people
Fuck outta here


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Shut up retard. Where the fuck you think u are?

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>newfag's never heard of discord
just ignore them, discord is full of faggots.

Don't mind if I do.

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You fucks deserve to be shot

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>I'm not allowed to have differing opinions
If you want an echochamber, try 4/pol/ or maybe reddit.

>OP post a picture of a pizza
>Sup Forums gets triggered to shit

What the fuck happened to this site?

Sup Forums has always been shit.
also if you don't know what cheese pizza is
>lurk moar

I know. Moot let the MODs take over and it's all about moral policing and people getting unnecessarily triggered on an user message board

LMAO a newfag from reddit telling me to lurk moar, I'm talking about YOU new shits from Reddit coming here to shit up the board and bitching for literally everything. Get the fuck out, nigger.

>Stop liking things I don't like
Don't pizza-shame me, you faggot

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Nice try Mr. FBI Officer

>bitching for literally everything
>What the fuck happened to this site?
ok retard.

8np8ps discrd

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Go to hell pedo faggot

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tlk io /thincrust


Quit being a pedo, user

nothing wrong with wanting to diddle kids nigger

Good thread guys. Well done

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What? Fucking fag pedo kike.




WoW, nothing concerning posted, good jerb guys.

here u go Sup Forums

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>Pedo kike detected

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U mad

A home away from home


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yum, best kind of pizza