Hey Sup Forums. Black girl here. Ask me anything you want to know

Hey Sup Forums. Black girl here. Ask me anything you want to know.

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Why are you here, this is the last place you should be in.

Hello black femanon, what do you think of black stereotypes

Bullshit. Show us a timestamp.

how hard is it to learn ape language?

Are you black

Shaved, trimmed, or bush?
Also, post pussy please.

why do niggers think they are humans?


Are you virgin?


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emo autist detected

are you angry that black men prefer white women?

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I'm sorry you were driven to self-harm. Nobody should have to suffer that.
Post genitals?

Goddamn so many weird and hateful people here.

Where are you from

How much do you love white dick?

How many wigs do you own?

Welcome to the internet. It's all hate.

that's a cute penis you have, bruh

I'm black and definitely don't prefer white women to me they're only fuck puppets I'll stick with my black queens bruh you can keep the wet dog smelling melaninless flesh bags

White guys or black guys?

What kinda kinks are you into?

I know that guy in pic related he was a front runner for disconnect. His name is trevon James. Nigger thinks he knows economics

Show yo tities bitch

I been messin around with black women for longer than u been on earth. No surprises left. Nothin I need to ask u young lady, but thanks anyway

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I dont own any wigs. Natural hair always

He's the dude that scammed people. BITCONNNNNEEEECT

u kinda cute

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Personally, I do not hate niggers at all, I just correctly understand that they are not human and treat them accordingly. They are nothing more than wild niggers running around loose and one must act accordingly around them. A hundred and fifty years or so ago, people in this country treated niggers accordingly and kept them contained and controlled. We made them useful by managing their numbers, containing them, and forcing them to work and be somewhat productive. But the natural empathy of the White man caused him to unrestrain a species of animal (niggers) largely due to the fact they they mimick humans in their behavior and dress.

Black tits or gtfo. Easy as that.

fucking monkey get off my board

(You) are literally wearing extensions in your pic, larping faggot.

Yeah it's kind of embarassing that these people exist. No wonder reverse racism is a thing.

Have you seen A Black Lady Sketchshow with Robin Thede? Thoughts? youtube.com/watch?v=NNx30-9dY1U

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If that's you, you're foxy as fuck. I'm team black gf myself, it's awesome. All I have to do is eat tasty treats that are cooked for me and receive blowjobs and Sup Forums has a full-blown meltdown

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She also looks like she's in highschool and is taking the pic from a highschool class room.

Also, thread dead, OP dipped

Im not dead just smashing with my latino bf.

Pffft yeah okay larp

I've always wanted to smash a black girl.

imagine thinking op pic is op. and acting this thirsty

I love the look of my white dick going in and out of my girlfriends black pussy. So hot. You date outside your race dont you? If not you're really missing out.

can I fuck your nigger pussy?