Im having a serious issue with my gf and i have no clue how to bring it up to her without hurting her feelings

Im having a serious issue with my gf and i have no clue how to bring it up to her without hurting her feelings

The issue is that my gf has too much body hair for my liking. Im talking here about lower back, tummy, butt cheeks and arms black hair. I find it disgusting but i love this girl so fucking much and i dont wanna lose her over my own perseption of “beauty”

I cant for the life of me enjoy touching her back or ass when its bare naked. Keep in mind she does shave her legs and around the vagina but wont do the tummy which looks kinda weird.

Sup Forums i need your help... how can i say that i dont like the hair without being a dick about it?

Pic somewhat related

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You can't
I've came inside a feminist my friend but I've never had a feminist come inside for me brother

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just shave a small part of it and then tell her she has to shave it all or walk around with half shaved
it worked for my ex's arm hair

just be honest, like you are doing now. you both need to be completely honest when discussing it, then you can talk about the problem together.
tell how how it feels when you touch it and you don't like it - shaving isn't the only solution, she could wear a top.
you should remember that it would hurt her feelings more in the long run, knowing that you were fearful of bringing up this topic - if she was unhappy about something on your body, would you be sad if she didn't tell you? how would you encourage her to talk about it?

Just ask her to wax/shave.
Start having a pussy day once or twice a week where you shave her mongoloid body and as a reward you eat her pussy. She will look forward to that weekly shave

Ask her to let you shave it for her. If you love her you'll do it and if she loves you she'll let you

Appreciate the advices guys, thanks.

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If you cant have an adult conversation about this with your GF, then she's not wife material no matter how much you think you "love" her.

it will be scary, but you can do it user. take your time and if you want to write down what you want to say, to help think about it, go for it. she will appreciate the honesty

>I find it disgusting
It's not her problem, it's yours. Be a man.

wtf she's fucking perfect. post her bush please.

Buy her a day at the spa with a wax. "Oh I didnt know which package to get to wax where you usually shave so it comes with the full body wax"

just tell her to bleach it

takes five minutes and wont bring spiky hairs

I'm jealous. I always loved hairy girls.

btw you're clearly LARPing, because you're even virginier than all of us combined.

Bro just be honest and tell her, If you shave/trim she should to?

These are problematically beta responses guys. Girls who don't shave have a deep detachment from the feminine tradition of their roots. Their female root has been cut from tradition and they've subconsciously committed to a life of endless whoring. In all fairness, society has programmed you to have this standard instead of the standards of your roots, too.

These are at least alpha responses. These men acknowledge that mental trickery is your only route, even if

But I am the only one who has been honest with you. If you're wanting to stay with her, you need to get over it, trying to fucking with her head might work temporarily but you will be viewed as controlling the second you threaten that subconscious drive to whoring. You can face it 'admirably' and you might be 'moral' but you will again be trying to change something that is fundamental to her character in her ideology. Deprogram yourself and see the fall of rome around

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the only betas are the ones who don't like a natural hairy woman.

Ask her what she doesn't like about you, have an introspective talk. It'll open the opportunity to talk about her body hair.

Are you sure it's human?


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Pay for a spay and full body wax. Dont tell her about the second half and send her ass to be groomed.

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post a pick of your nose with timestamp, let's see who is who

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fuck off. "roots" "female root" "whoring" "programmed you".

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