What can you do about a pencil dick?

What can you do about a pencil dick?

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Pencil case

Pencil case

Well that just killed my self esteem

Photoshop worx wonders

Become a bottom, now post that ass up


What you mean?

Girls like it that way, you’ve got reach

Not much

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*Sigh* timestamp or Jew propaganda

Cock sleeve bro, thicken that thing out but doesn't cover the tip so not much feeling loss, you can also get short sleeves so it thickens out in a few places

My dick looks exactly like that

Jeqling. I was always long enough but had dat baseball bat dick so I wanted to even it out. Yes it worked

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Literally not a timestamp, in fact the b looks drawn in fucking mspaint.

Already had that Sup Forums written down for something else, so I reused it. Too lazy to write actual timestamp :P

You have a cock like a baseball bat

It's not written on the paper dumb ass, it's done in Mspaint, it's clearly editted on a computer level. At least TRY to not be an obvious troll

Whatever you say retard

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live with it



Suck it

Pencil dick is better for gay sex since theres not a vaginal wall inside so its better to just go deeper.
Become a faggot and start slaying twink busssy

you can have enlargement surgery but sometimes it's fatal

Sharpen it!

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