What's a fairly painless way to kill yourself?

What's a fairly painless way to kill yourself?

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Wanna talk about it user?

Was thinking of putting my neck on train tracks.

My girlfriend broke up with me and I can't cope. Literally nothing is working.

why do you want to do it?

N2O + CPAP Mask & Tubing = 100% Success & painless death

that doesn't seem like a good enough reason to kill yourself...

A heartbreak will eventually pass, as painful as it might be.

Where would I even buy those things? Are you sure?

Read into some lab tests done on rats. CPAP store & a sufficient amount of n2o can be obtained from hospitals or drag racing shops. Avoid anything that’s not 100% nitrous oxide, you’ll also need a pretty decent amount if you don’t want to become a spud

Thank you, bro. I've been through heartbreaks before, but not like this. EVERY single thing reminds me of her. She meant the whole universe to me.

The other reason I want to do it is because she Sumpter me because I'm too clingy. I get too attached to girls. It happened with every girl I ever met. They all left me because I can't stop texting them or some shit, so how do I know it won't happen in future?

Let's say I meet a new girl and I try REALLY hard to back off... eventually, my true self will come out and I'll fuck everything up. I just want out.

Have you tried to go out with girls from different cultures? I have found that european girls are usually the ones that dislike recieving bunch of messages

Heroin overdose. You're just going to hurt those around you.

My girlfriend was Indian. Totally different to anything I ever experienced before. She was adopted at 2 months old. Her parents are very wealthy Irish citizens. Her mother was a lawyer for Bono, U2, One Direction, Nike and so on. Her father was a microbiologist and had a PhD.

I miss them all. They were so different and weird and that's what I loved about them.


Fuck oof cunt
Op fag do it bitch

I thought about doing this too. But I noticed when a train went by the front of the train would just bash you in the head.

talk to someone

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How about just don’t, you’ll be kicking yourself in a few years when everything’s okay and you realise how stupid it would have been to end it there.

My plan is to bring a few bottles of whiskey with me to some train tracks. Get really drunk, put my neck on the tracks, close my eyes and end it.

Was gonna leave notes for everyone.

Go fuck yourself dickhead.

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Sodium nitrite go to the sanctioned suicide forums to learn more

Train tracks or jump off a building onto a pole
Do it fag

Play some Minecraft. That helps

Pussy boy shutup snowflake

Thank you all for helping, but I don't want to live anymore. It's that simple. I'm a highschool dropout, can never stick a job and I ruined every relationship I was ever in because of the same problem.

I had enough, I want this to be over.

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Do it faggot Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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just hurry up and do it already faggot any way will do you bitch

Where do you live? We could suggest a nearby bridge or something?

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Go away Indian guy fierri

Send pics faggot reeee
Kek my captcha is bridges

Get a job at Space X
work for several years to gain there trust.
Hide under launch pad during launch.
No body , no pain ,

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Go away Elon musk

There are no bridges in all of Ireland tall enough :(

Yeah... That is not different. If she was raised by Irish citizens she may have the indian genes but not the culture...
So when I say a girl from another culture I mean a girl that is from another country and just got to yours. Don't go for someone that has lived her entire life in your country because we adapt to the culture of the country after 10 years or so.

If you can, try Japanese

Try wexford my fellow potato
Strong currents

>I had enough, I want this to be over.
Might I suggest a steak and a beer by yourself, and a conversation with your bartender

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Don't add to the horrible suicide rate in Ireland.

Quit crying for attention

>worshipping bitches
The absolute state of you. Women are garbage, mate. ALL of them. Yes, including your ex.

t. oldfag

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If you want I'll meet you up in wexford and slice your throat bc it's on my Bucket list.
No pain guaranteed

Thank you, friend. I appreciate the help.


Mate already seen it on a rekt thread

Jesus fucking Christ. I wasn't planning on doing it like that. I was planning on just putting my neck on them

Oh well this one has a wide wide selection.
is2.Sup Forums.org/gif/1575433054647.webm

Or perhaps you like cars.

Real answer: strangulation. If you cut off blood supply to the brain properly you'll just fall asleep in 5-10 seconds with no pain and not wake up again.

But seriously OP don't be a fucking pussy. Take some psychedelics and realise that life is short and suicide is cheating.

Be a fucking man and see it through to the end like the rest of us.

Gun seems like the best option, huh.


Awesome comp user

Living a full life and dying of old age. Bet you won't do it bitch

>be a man
Mate I've tried suicide 2 times and it's not the easy way out. Nothing about it is easy.

Not op fyi

I her nerve gas is painless.


Cool thread op

can i have ur stuff? lol

You have to be careful because if the plan is to complicated things can go wrong. This guy thought it would look like an accident if he got run over by a van pulling a horse and cart.
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Do it and have 6 kids and 36 grand kids i dare you

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If you try to kill yourself you have a pretty huge chance to fuck up your life , and the you have to live like that , so if you do it film it pussy fagg , you ain't shit.
Btw , may I propose , as a method, to just drink wisky till you die
Have a good day .

user, i might be a simple retard from the internet who doesn't have a life,but killing yourself is a bad joice to be made

live in despair or make try to make things better,because someday,someday you might have a Chance to see the world burn

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That was no suicide attempt, that's just how dumb people are were I live

Hey, dont do it, it was just another relationship as u said. I suggest you get a cat or a dog if you dont have one already, start drawing or pick up something that you could express yourself. Tell us your story... remember by killing yourself you wont prove anything. So tell "us", "your story". Thank you for reading this, now have a good day dude.

How would you know it's not easy if you've never done it?

Guys this thread is reposted every day and I don't know why people show up taking it seriously as if it's the first time they've been on this site. What's with that?

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yeet the hell outta here