Dick rate thread

dick rate thread

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Mmmmm, it's sssssooo thick, i want to suck it


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7/10 seems not hard


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so cute

Aww thank you

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a bit dry

I’m not a bulging vein fan. I prefer cocks to look less angry


See it positive. You always get deepthroated

Mmmmm yes, more, more


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Body ok too?

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I‘m okay with it, met plenty who like tiny cocks, it‘s a fetish I guess.
Making the best out of it ;)


My wife can have it

iam not gay, I only post on these threads because nobody ever saw my dick irl and I don't know if he is pleasing to the eye or not

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Super fat. Lucky.

I would suck it from balls to head

Are you a super skinny guy? The skin looks taut but it's a nice dick. Actually looks a lot like my brothers (saw it on his pc once)


Nice digits OP

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thanx :P any further deets u wana point out?

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never really showed anyone

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Your balls look kinda tiny in the first pic and your skin looks pretty nice in it. Dunno if that's some kinda auto smoothing feature of your camera though. I usually keep stubble around mine but yours looks like it'd be suited for being waxed and ultra smooth

iam super skinny and iam pulling him down that's why it looks tight, when my dick is hard he points upward

Rate me please

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part camera, part fresh shave lol it does get super smooth when i shave

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Got anymore? Do you know how long it is exactly?

Maybe the most normal looking penis I've ever seen. Maybe a lil longer than average.

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Nice length and girth, 8/10

I want to suck this little qt dry

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17cm exact, I only have this one, I rly hate taking pictures like this

Thank you

Post moar?

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Sure, but i don't really have a lot of pics

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Now that's nice.

Head's too wide.

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It's good

smells too much to rate

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>iam not gay,
Well forget about getting a girlfriend with that cock

ewww what’s all that gross shit stuck to the tip?

nice cock and bush bro

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This is all

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my kik=SynShadows5100

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kik popperonnie

join the official Sup Forums discord

Nice cocks boys. Mine.

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Great size. Why do you hate taking them?


Any interest?

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I got no privacy, taking photos like this is like asking to get caught

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USB for scale lol

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More pls. Show more chest

Lol I thought this was a dick thread though

You cant go in a bathroom or something? Not trying to be a jerk, just curious. Also i found one of mine, so at least you've got me beat big time. How old are you btw?

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No buddy is rating where all the gay men at

got any hard ?


That is hard :)

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thats a big usb cord

so cute i would maybe even suck it.

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