Girlfriend of 5 years cheated on me last week

>girlfriend of 5 years cheated on me last week
>been drunk and high every single moment since
>download tinder to meet some local slags
>meet girl on there
>talk endlessly for 3 days
>don't stop talking for that entire time
>one night we both didn't sleep so we could speak to each other
>she asks if she could come round my place
>spend hours cleaning up my fucking neckbeard nest
>proud that I'd actually managed to clean myself up and make an effort
>goes past the time and still she's not here
>check my messages and she's blocked me
It's all so tiresome and all I want to do is an hero
what do I do Sup Forums
do I go out clubbing and meet a girl there?
do I just consume an unholy amount of cocaine and bang a hooker?
How do I wake up from this never ending nightmare?

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It's only been a week bro, it'll get better.

Truth. Recovery from a 5-year deal can take up to a year. The first 6 months are the worst. Do NOT fall in love with ANYONE during that time. Don't even try.

You'll wake up when you've healed. You have to give yourself the time. You have no other healthy option but time.

Don’t listen to these people just kill your self and end the suffering instead of dealing with the pain user

It’s 1 girl bro, just take some time to focus on yourself, start going gym and your career, and whatever happens, happens

that's the plan

what would happen if I didn't fall in love with someone during that time

Unless your in the top 5% of attractive males, your not going to find any success on tinder. Certainly not an 8/10 anyway. Save a few hundred dollars and buy a hooker if you think pussy will make you feel better. If not, spend it on drugs, guarentee you feel better after some heroin. I always do.

>goes past the time and still she's not here
>check my messages and she's blocked me

What'd you do? That shit is non-sequitur

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Ain't nothing in the world that compares to doing a line of coke off of a hookers snatch

>what do I do Sup Forums
Keep swiping and don't an hero

She said she'd be round at 7, it past 7, I went to message her to ask if she wanted picking up but then she was gone

My thoughts entirely

Split from my marriage, got a 8/10 girlfriend within 24 hours.

You must suck at life.

I live in Glasgow, I'm not far off taking heroin at this point

yeah that's why I'm close to killing myself

I hate these posts because I want to laugh at this faggot but can’t because I know its a LARP.

Tinder is nothing but catfishers, cock carousel riders, and single mothers.

fucking lies, it took me well over 10 years to get over a girl I loved. I still wish i had married her and not my current wife, so technically I'm still not over it. fml.

go on

there is a high chance that you will never get over this. just do not make it that painfull for others to find you. get a boat and kill your self at sea.
with all the fish around you and not one person that will try to stop you.
user i hope you will find rest soon, one way or an other.

see you in an other life

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You were just one of multiple guys she was talking to. In truth, she probably did at least find you attractive but someone else more attractive than you fucked her and made her submit. You were an option and nothing more. Next time don’t read too much into a woman’s words or emotions. They make decisions out of boredom and confusion of their own wants and needs.

there's more to life than being in a committed relationship. go out, get high as fuck and stop being a gigantic fucking pussy. bitches can smell your menstruation

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I'm married and a lot of times I just wanna get blazed and play minecraft.

Seriously. Why are 90% of the threads on here guys crying or obsessing over women?

>what does she mean by this?
>girlfriend of *random number* years cheated
>how should I reply?
>why are girls so stupid?
>how do I get over her Sup Forumsros?

read the Rationale Male by Rollo Tomasi and the other green book to understand how women operate. I'm sorry that happened to you but don't kill yourself over a woman. It would be better to ruin her life than killing yourself.

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The problem is it took me several years to get over a girl but after it I'm now too fucked up to start a new relationship. I'm literally scared of it and too fucked up and too twisted for a women.

I call bait

I’m there too. It’s been ten years since we broke up. I still regret not marrying her when she wanted to get married. I was insecure and thought I wasn’t ready. She married some rich guy she knew before and they have kids now. I’m still unmarried, maybe because I haven’t found anyone else as good as she was. The women I date now are all terrible people in comparison. Fml.

because Hilary Clinton and the rest of those liberal fucks taught men how to sync their periods with them.

>cracker barrel
>bed, bath & beyond
>victorias secret

they're putting estrogen into the water and drinks they shill to us. giving all us bros baby balls.

there's not a God damn thing wrong with cracker barrel you fucking nigger spook

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Oldfag tipp, its not the one real love because you dont stay with her! Also fap to tranny porn faggot..

stop focusing your lief on girls man, it's the thing that fucked me over the most, apparently it's common if your parents were shit in some way (or one of them died).
Start going to the gym, learn how to be good at talking shit, ask people what they're doing on weekends every weekend and ask to tag in, even if it's workmates or old friends or whatever, just hit them up, your life will be shit, it always is, but it'll improve and in a year you'll look back and laugh at how stupid you were to chase pussy.

Start painting miniature figurines. It'll take your mind off it.

lift some
get yrself a bottle of test and pin that shit
eat more
lift more

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Lol like any single guy wouldn't do EXACTLY the same thing in that situation.

So any single guy would have gotten so emotionally invested in a girl they never met and be driven to thoughts of suicide and Sup Forums counseling from anonymous lines of text?