Trap/Femboy webm thread

Trap/Femboy webm thread

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Hottest trap ever, pic related

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why are boi butt holes always so much better than girl butt holes?
i love the way boi butt holes are like a line/oval-shaped instead of a circular hole like what girls have
i also love the way the butt hole transitions into the gooch and the way the gooch then transitions into the ball sack. it always looks so fucking soft and smooth.
girls cannot compete. girl gooch fucking SUCKS.

she just looks like a girl, what's the point? you might as well jerk off to an actual girl
the best traps are the ones that combine the best male traits with the best female traits

This better?

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If you can see male traits then they've failed the test

I'd pay for this!

nah, i really dont like tits. that's why i prefer traps/femboys.
she's trans not a trap, im not really into transgirls tbh


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Any fit trap in the UK?

How about this than? I'd fuck both silly until they cried

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That's because most girls don't shoved 30 in dildos up their ass

That is such an incredible asshole and cock. Wow.

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Ur just gay dude

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nah im bi
i like tits on biological girls, i just dont like them in combination with dicks. i only like flat masculine chests in combination with dicks.

nah it's all guys. my bfs boi pussi always looked that way even when he was an anal virgin.

muuuuuuuch better

Agreed...the things I would do to We just want cute, smooth, soft, traps to serve us.
I think pic related is same trap

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Hei vaan

Sounding pretty gay leaning at least my dude

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hnnng nice
love it when they have a more masculine torso

maybe. i dont really care tbh. i think im straight leaning though. i find like 40% of the girls i see attractive but i only think like 10% of the guys i see are attractive.


anyone got sauce for this?

More? I think?

Whatever helps you sleep at night man

I would suck that so hard and so often that my eyes would turn white.

this really, idk why i find boy buttholes seems so much more approachable and welcoming.
and my boi pussy dident look so oval like when iw as an anal virgin >.>

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Because you're gay

>tfw no traps in connecticut

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Sweet zombie Jesus

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maybe, but i really dont care. i am attracted to girls just as much as im attracted to guys, but i really wouldnt want a gf. boyfriends are much better.
most people just assume im gay when they find out i have a bf so i might as well be gay lmao

Yay or nay?

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Her tummy is so delicious. I want to lick both our cum off of it after I fuck a loud out of her, then pull out to spurt mine.

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also, you're at least bi too
dont be acting like youre 100% straight while youre jerking off to traps haha

very very cute
i love pale skin. all the best traps have pale skin. it's just cute.

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See, I like small breasts/flat chests. So as long as "she's" passable, I'd wreck it.

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that little bit of chubbiness is cute

If I could find one like this, I just might turn. But I've had a look on grindr and as far as I can tell they don't even exist outside of porn or major cities.

newfag doesn't know what a trap is


I also want to get my hands on Sneaky and pic related

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Need more nudes... like tits and stuff.

>attracted to girls just as much as guys
>don't want gf boys are better
One of these things is not like the others

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she is adorable and glad she is now fitting bras better

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Jesus, all that depth and not a speck of fecal matter, her colon must be clean as a whistle.

no, i do know. i know better than you. my bf is a trap + i follow the trap community on twitter.
trap used to apply to shemales back in the 90s and early 2000s, but now it only applies to crossdressers.
crossdressers will happily call themselves traps but shemales/transgirls will never call themselves traps because they find it offensive.
if you search for "trap" on pornhub, every single video will be of an effeminate crossdressing guy. absolutely none of the video results will have a transgirls in them. you have to search for "t girl" or "shemale" on pornhub if you want to see shemales with tits + a dick.
it's just the way things are. words evolve and their meanings change. nowadays trap only applies to effeminate guys who wear girls clothes and look like girls but still identify as guys.

It's really not difficult to be clean with proper enema and a good diet

I've noticed the same thing, the shape of male anuses seems to be slightly different. And you're right about the gooch/balls, idgaf about the actual dick, but the view from behind is soo nice.


An enema is one thing, two entire feet into the large intestine is another thing entirely.

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after 4 rather large enemas there's nothing left inside me, I do however squirt water out my boipussy for hours after tho


Don't call it that it's cringy as fuck dude

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>fag semantics

Who is it?


sure, man. you can think what you want, but you're going to be using the terms wrong. not like it's going to cause any problems, i mean how often do you discuss traps/shemales with people?
but i guarantee that nowadays the vast majority of people use my definition. you can see for yourself by searching for "trap" on pornhub. or just ask any trap on the trap community on twitter.
i really dislike blair white and ive never watched any of her other videos, but she does a good job of explaining it in this video

Youre retarded, fuck off

Been very much into feminization hypnosis for over a year. Some call it Sissy but more femme less sissy.

The training and conditioning is VERY high maintenance and is probably more involved than cisgirls. Our feminization is intended to bring as much pleasure to a man as possible. Something most cisgirls are no longer interested in. Like futuristic geisha girls.

you're objectively wrong lmao
pic related, top two definitions of traps on urban dictionary
you guys are using the old definition. get with the times, boomers.

shemales are NOT boys. they identify as female. since theyre female and look very female due to the hormones and breast implants, it's not gay to be attracted to them.
the debate about "are traps gay?" comes from the fact traps are simply guys that look like girls.

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fuck, wrong image

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Holy shit fucking Blair white really? No one takes that dumb bitch seriously and for good reason
A trap had always and will always just mean a biological male that passes for being a biological female in all respects until the dick is known
If you can't completely convince people with your looks, body, voice, personality that you're a girl then you're not a trap
Pure and simple
Your porn argument is so retarded I'm not even going to acknowledge that you were dumb enough to even make it

Cringe newfag. I've known plenty of """transgirls""" on hormones and legally changed names who go by trap, because that's what they are. Only normie reddit traps actually get offended by the term

trap trap trap

Weird that they would have "she's a trap" when your argument is that they have to identify as male

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>urban dictionary
fuck off back to redit

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Femenine buttholes & penis

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Omg shut the fuck UP!

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I know I can't get it pregnant, but I would damn sure try a dozen times a day.

You do understand that urban dictionary is not a quotable authoritative source right?

Have you ever known a trans person before? If you call a tranny a trans they are bound to get made at you. Even if they have manly features and not tits. Its a derogatory term to use to trans mtf. Many will take offense to it. Femobys is what you call a trap

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Delicious bulge.

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Am trans
Don't get mad at being called a trap
It's not derogatory
If anything it's a compliment to be said you pass that well
Maybe don't speak for an entire group of people on their behalf yeah?

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Yes lol I just said I do. I've known plenty, in person, on hormones and with legally changed names, who self identify as traps. Not internet larpers or people who aren't serious about it, fully transitioned mtfs


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look at this faggot getting offended for someone else
if someone is offended let them speak by themselves
you shut the fuck up and crawl back to your shithole

and then again you are on Sup Forums of all places to bring your shitty crusade
eat a bag of dicks

Still waiting to see tits though.

Wait... is that sneaky?

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