Be female

>be female
>occasionally meet guys who give red flags for being an incel
>some have even straight up said that they're an incel
>instant nope
>even if I got with them they would eventually cheat on me
>they've been starved for sex their whole lives
>theyd jump at a chance to fuck another chick
>non-incels would have mental strength to say no and be faithful

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I'm an incel of sorts and I wouldn't. Attractive women are literally available for purchase anytime and there's not much difference between a one night stand with a relationship wrecker and one with an escort. I'm more interested in finding the right person not just anyone. I'm probably more of a volcel though since I'm handsome. Shrug.

I don't care about the prostitute stuff because I'm imagining them in a position where another woman is offering sex and I'm supposed to expect that they'll just deny it? I don't see that happening I just don't.

tits or gtfo

with timestamp

I would. Cheating is scummy as fuck. Most guys are probably weak willed but you have to find the ones that wouldn't cheat. Non celibate guys of any variety cheat too, there's literally entire groups of people that celebrate being unfaithful.

>occasionally meet guys who give red flags for being an incel
>some have even straight up said that they're an incel
I want this meme to stop. They're called losers.
>I'm an incel
Neck yourself

You know the joke about how we don't pay hookers to fuck we pay them to leave? That is how a lot of the incel types feel. It is not worth the bullshit that comes after sex especially cheating sex.


I understand that but I feel it's a guarantee when you know theyre an incel

I still don't expect them to say no to a woman who's offering

>Implying that incels would even be able to get with another woman

Why do only retards use that word?

How do you expect them to get laid by other women if they are an incel? It is like saying your gay boyfriend is going to find some woman to fuck because you don't have a vagina. HE IS GAY it isn't a concern.

You seem mighty upset that I don't care to date when so many people are trash.

> be male
> set female that frogposts on Sup Forums Sup Forums board
> reddest of all red flags

Not at all, I never typed that.
I'm just tired of the whole incel meme.

Out of all humanity an incel is least likely to cheat.
1. basic odds never getting offered sex again and definitely playing for it. \
2. They know the sting of loneliness and are probably far more sympathetic to the idea of betrayal because of it.
3. Being an incel by definition means it's not going to happen.
4. They view sex with tremendous emotional turmoil. Even holding hands with an incel would make their month or year. Regular guys don't think it's a big deal to cheat. So the incel is at least going to go through more emotional distress and trepidation than anyone else possibly could at the thought of it.

I think if every woman took it upon herself to fuck 1 incel, it would alleviate more tension and hatred than has ever in history and would usher in a new era of peace, love, and understanding.

Obviously they wouldn't be an incel anymore if I was to date them. I still expect a guy with that kind of sexless history to say yes to any woman who offers

Reading this hasn't convinced me that someone who's been an incel for most of their life would just magically say no to a woman

I literally said in my post I was probably voluntary celibate and you still got upset about it. It's just a way of describing how I live by writing less. Telling me to kill myself over it is an asshole move. I don't care if it's b, stop being a scumbag if you actually wanna talk with people.

Such a drama queen lmao
Neck yourself :D

>making assumptions about people you don't know

If they're an incel they're not going to naturally put themselves in situations to ever have to say no. If you introduce them to Cindy, your cock inhaling hoe bag friend and she tries to steal him from you that's your fault. He's not going to be the originator of cheating behaviour if he's an incel.

Let me get this straight. Someone is telling you to kill yourself and you think there going to listen to what you have to say for real? You've been baited my dude

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You're telling me to make sure they never get into that situation. Why would I want to get into the situation of dating them in the first place if that's such a risk? Do you see my point?

Incel being a loaded term, I will say I was celibate until I was 23. I fell in love and then got my heart broken. I then declared I would get laid. It took me 5 minutes to meet the person via text and then I met her in person the next weekend. I had sex for the first time and realized it was always me holding back.

I imagine a lot of guys are like me who had traumatic childhoods and have trouble engaging sexually with anyone, or even romantically.

After that I opened up and went to the clubs. I never had a series relationship with the first woman, but I would see her occassionally. That was enough for me that while at the clubs I never went home with any other girl. Girls were near on trying to fuck me in the club. They'd grab my dick. They write number on me. They were all kinds of hot and sexy. Still didn't do it.

I am always loyal. I am honest and upfront. Many incels are because they have no social conditioning to be players. You can pretty much ask an incel if they'd cheat and you could tell by their answer.

I doubt asking an incel if they would cheat would really matter because In the Heat of the Moment they wouldn't be able to control themselves and say no to a woman who's offering. I just don't see that happening I really don't


Cause normal men that want to cheat will just go behind your back and do it. Guys that regularly approach women and don't care if they cheat will cheat more often.


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I think you got it wrong. All men will cheat its just to what degree. Also your not a special as you think you are.

You're telling me that as if you think I didn't realize that. It just feels more of a guarantee with incels is my whole point

you value yourself by your hole and therefore you will find others that value yourself for your hole
do you have any other redeeming qualities other than being a walking hole? no? then stop whining about being a walking hole and guys not being faithful


If an incel's homeostasis doesn't convince you, no fact or reality will.

And this is troll bullshit anyway. Guys don't get hit on. Guys aren't offered sex unless they are like 8/9/10 good-looking. And then if they are, they have been getting offers their whole life and if they're still a virgin, nothing will move them. It's the same for women above a 3. They get hit on since they were 7. They aren't going to be virgins. An incel has never been offered sex because guys aren't offered sex and nothing will change that, unless your pussy grants them celebrity or wealth. In which case it actually does work. Because if a famous chick fucks a random dude that dude becomes a celebrity to other women.

>you value yourself by your hole
Stopped reading.

>this is troll bullshit
If you're not going to take me seriously I'm not even going to read your post

Shoot yourself in the foot dumb dumb.

So you think

>guy that doesn't date and has shit pick up skills that likely has a heavily romanticized view of relationships

Is more likely to cheat than

>guy that regularly dates, doesn't have romanticized views on sexuality and can get women since he's used to doing it

Are you actually brain damaged?

Sounds like something a seething incel would say.

This is the purest form of b8.
I'm an incel and the only thing I wish to get is someone to grow old with. I'm legitimately disgusted with the tindur one night stand millennia.
Imagine being this much of a stupid sack of meat.

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Reading those green texts, yes I do think that and you're retarded

QED, a real incels views on romance.

Yet I'm expected to believe you would say no to a woman just because you're in a relationship? I wasn't born yesterday dude

Why do you respond to a troll? Even if it was someone saying it unironically they're a stupid intolerant social nigger. Just ignore em nig.

Have you ever dated an incel? If they asked you out high chance they weren't one.

Thank you for informing me of that. Now, why do I think you might value yourself by your hole? Pretty easily and thank you for the question.
It is because you have no standards for your mate.
See, women are gatekeepers for genetic reproduction. They select the best suitable mate from their pool of available partners. Sexual dimorphism is at play here which basically means that even the lowest of the low looking/dumbest/unemployed female will have more men lusting over her than man with same characteristics. This is just basics of our biology, no point in denying this.

What you did is choose an "incel" partner over all other possible which made me think "why the fuck would she do that?". This question initially made me think of your low status, but then again you come here to whine meaning you think of yourself highly (high enough to make anonymous strangers hear your plights). Which then again made me think "ahh, it is her outlook in men which is the problem".
You saw him and you thought to yourself that a Disney movie "living happily ever after" was a certainty with someone who thinks lowly of himself because "he would never leave me, right?".
You thought of yourself as only a hole to him, only through his eyes you said that to yourself not in a mirror.
It is a weird fetish of low self confidence and over confidence problem you have. Seek psychiatrist help.

You won't believe me, but I've blocked a ton of people everywhere from even being "just" friends. I wish I could prove to you how serious I'm being. If a whore wanted any I would shame her and tell her to go to hell. I legitimately despise people who have something I don't.

Youre misogynist who thinks writing a book is going to change my mind when I already know you hate women

I truly think you believe that but I don't. I don't know what else to say

No seriously. The blocking extends beyond social media into multiplayer. I fucking hate people in relationships. A whore wanting sex out of me is a person just using me. Fuck to the no.

Men that aren't shockingly good looking aren't offered sex by random women. Incels don't ask people out. How do you forsee them cheating?

Nigga I am an incel and I cheated 3 year dry streak now

Just hopped on to say you’re all making great points and retard OP has gone full retard. There’s no turning back.

I really don't mean any offense by this but I think you've got issues to work out...

>be famele.
>not tits.


>Be a female on Sup Forums

I don't hate all women, just whores like you.
Get some standards you want in your men and keep them, don't jump on every dick you find because you will fantasize about disney romcoms.
Also one more thing, seek psychiatrist help.

I'm assuming wamin think because they are misogynistic therefore see them as throwaways for coom.

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The whole point is if they could get with me they could get with someone else behind my back

Seriously dude I only get one sentence in before I know to stop reading

>sorting out issues
>living in euroshit

Gee willikers will ya pick one?

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but nice ego protection tactic, really makes me wonder what would happen when you were to get some standards for your bf?
maybe not think of yourself as a hole with legs?
maybe trying to see if you're both compatible personality-wise before making serious commitments?
I mean, you can fuck everyone you want like you were powered by pneumatic drill but don't come around whining about men when your standards are low

Am incel have cheated y’all just underestimate hoes the key part that if the incel leaves the house and talks to a girl there’s a chance but yeah 0 real chance until you are on their arm hoes love banging dudes with girlfriends


tits or gtfo

Okay so you've narrowed cheaters down to every man on earth.

Just as I said before, you think of yourself as low status partner and therefore have no standards for a male partner.

not all incels, it depends what they want.
If the incel just wants sex, they will seek to maximize sex.
if the incel wants the rest of the relationship stuff, they will probably be better.
You have to do something that the vast majority of women are psychologically incapable of doing: see it from the mans perspective. An incel has been starving for sex and intimacy and love his entire life. He has been conditioned to jump at every possibility that he has. tuning down from this survivalist mindset is not going to happen overnight. If you can't understand that then you are probably a sociopath or have never had any real difficulty in life to relate to his.

Even a child could tell you hate women.

I have a question OP
Are you born with some kind of rare illness or birth defect that makes you look like a goblin or are you literally just looking like goblin due to poor genetics?

I don't think of myself as a low-status partner whatever that means

Get your stupid fucking CD unstuck before I come over there and snap your neck you retarded mutt. Now fuck out of here and make me a sandwhich.

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No I just hate you and women like you

>this thread is still here
it's so easy to bait you ugly kissless gremlins it's unreal

>if they could get with me they could get with someone else behind my back
Anyone reading ^ will think that you see yourself in negative light or that others don't think of you highly.

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tbh most men won't say no to sex. If that's what you're going by then you're fucked because whether an incel or a regular guy you're just as likely to get cheated on.

>4. They view sex with tremendous emotional turmoil. Even holding hands with an incel would make their month or year.
Why did you remind me..Its hurts bros

You didn't have to tell me that I already knew

Well I don't feel that way

There are guys out there who wouldnt cheat and I bet most of them aren't incels

I mean I was an incel for the longest time and got with my ex. When presented with more options to cheat I still didn't. Sure it's anecdotal but the point stands that you're just as likely to get cheated on either way.

its like you are not even trying to hide the fact that he touched a nerve
she isnt real, she is another dude on his computer
even if she was, she wouldnt care for you

Jesus, why do you do this.. Better question would be why do THEY do this?!
I'd give ya a smoocherino for luck on your next dates and for their sake.

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>being this retarded for b8

kill yourself you downy gremlin

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The thing with incels is that it's a self-fulfiling prophecy: the fact that they know that they can't get a woman destroys their confidence, thus making them very unattractive to women. If they do get a woman they will be confident and happy, then the floodgates open, and they aren't prepared in the slightest to deal with an abundance of female attention, because this problem would have been inconceivable for them in the recent past.

Cuntsl like you don't deserve incel dick. We spent our entire lives in preparation for fucking some stupid bitch like you. We could outperform any man who isn't an incel. You have absolutely no idea what you're missing out on because you're a dumb fucking cunt

you clearly have no empathy for anyone else.
I am an incel, generally speaking, and I wouldn't date you because you are a monster in a human suit that the world would be better off without.

What does empathy have to do with not wanting to get cheated on

You don't understand incels. Yes they don't have mechanisms to resist sex when offered, but you refuse to understand why they are what they are.

Dude I'm just trying to not get cheated on it's not like it's my fault that they're incels or whatever you're getting at

Clueless whores like you deserve to get the rope. I bet you probably have daddy issues and that's why you're so upset about getting cheated on. No guy in their right mind would want anything to do with you anyways. You're literally a dumbass whore

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I should clarify: Incels haven't had a relationship or it has been a very long time, so they will have to learn how to do it right. They will learn quickly but you won't even give them the chance, you will just throw them back into the hell that you found them in, destroying what little healing they had done. It would have been better off if they had never found you in the first place.

if they are incels they not only cant cheat, but they wont. you think they are going to ruin what might possibly be there only chance? plus you could set the mood for the relationship and take it slow. you have options

it's not your fault, but you have the capability to help and choose not to, in fact you do more damage than good. the fact that you can't see that is proof that you are a monster.

I disagree, see my "floodgate" argument here:

>be female
>be insecure

that's all I see here

incels exsist eather out of choice, or because they are gamas. if its the latter, you would never want to be in the relationship to begin with. gamas are the effeminate ones that turn you off and are passive aggressive. if its the former then your theory is bunk. if you think you found the guy, there is no way it can possibly be a gama, so just go for it

I swear to god we need to have an incel uprising and put roasties like you on pikes.