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yeah, google maps coordinates, now what?

43°32'58.7"N 122°07'13.0"W
Some forest in oregon. Someone go check ot it even though 99% prob larp

Any usa fags near diamond peak oregon?

When trees look like merchants

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that's a looooong walk the closest road

is this a treasure hunt

Do we have any anions near there that can go? If so take pics along the way.

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Is this gonna turn into another Alex from Tennessee?

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honestly just fucking around. wanted to see where it would go. you guys are quick

what's in the bag?

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its a giant fucking duck

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lets get the bag

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Of course we were quick retard it took 10 seconds to decode from binary try harder next time

i mean to jump into conversation. i am well aware that binary is pathetically simple

I just was there, its just a fucking sign with the words " THE GAME " and thats fucking it....what a WASTE OF time. it cost me $400 k to teleport there!

Ooo look at me I got some trash from the butcher shop! I'm gonna larp as a murdered egs dee

actually i butchered a roadkill deer

good kek