Alright, which one of you was it?

Alright, which one of you was it?

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Probably the same guy who stole Marzia's panties. I will pay top quality for them.

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Someone with bad taste. I wouldn't touch this goblin with makeup even for moeny. Almost makes me wanna throw up thinking about her dirty underwear. Whoever did it was a degenerate.

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Literally same pic with "Her face is cute, would bang"

What now, bitch?

Nice coping loser

It means you’re an incel and will never be able to get a female to be attracted to you, dumbass

Imagine you're basement dwelling twitch addict and one day you show up to work at a moving company, you show up at your customer's door and Poki answers. Later you're loading her box full of panties onto the truck. What idiot wouldn't steal it.

this is what time you made this thread?
stop advertising yourself poki, nobody wants to give you money you ugly goblin

Even if you aren't it's still so much underwear, you won't need to buy new underwear for a long time ahead
Whoever got it is set with a new drawer

Because someone called out your ugly queen for what she is he's an incel? Holy shit, twitch thot whiteknights are truly the scum of earth.

I don't need no quality. I need money, man.

I know, right

100$ + shipping for bra/socks.
200$ + shipping for her undies.

Contact me if you are interested

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I have no clue what even offended you literal tards. Pa-fucking-thetic.

this girl is fucking ugly holy shit

Wtf is she jewish?

>samefagging this hard


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The poor multi-millionaires can't afford new things. We should donate to them so they can recover their lost items so they can afford to live in their mansion.

If this girl could get laid, what's it say about your life?

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