S/fur thread feral

s/fur thread feral

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A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.

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why's the mouth like that????

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cheshire cat probably

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wat dude

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never seen alice in wonderland?

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nah lol maybe the old disney one way back but forgot

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kinda reminds me of five nights at freddy's

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Everyone's into horses.

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I think you might be right

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seeing horses pee is kinda entertaining

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It's dark souls

by entertaining you mean hot?

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you got it


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Honestly just take a step back and think about yourself lads. You're wanking over cartoon animals

take the marepill lad

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and by sure you mean you've fapped thinking about a mare pissing on your face?

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pissing on my cat

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yeah can't say I'm into cats but you do you

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