What is the best kind of male masturbator?

what is the best kind of male masturbator?
Where do buy them?
What's the best budget option?

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Buy the Bonnie Rotten pussy/ass. It's the best $200+ you'll ever spend. The one that has her hand opening her pussy. Those pictured, you always gotta jerk off but this one is like fucking missionary and feels more like having actual sex

I Have this question also.

I have one like the above, cheap Chinese shit from amazon, I think it was 70$.
I think its great and I almost prefer it to real women

This one pictured is actually bettet than the jerk off type, my bad

La Bocca Della Verita
look it up.

honestly i tried a few and even a 1.2k sex doll but my hand is best.

Leather couch


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I bought a small random ass/pussy from Amazon. best 40 bucks I've spent. I keep it in good condition so I definitely got my money's worth. obviously feels better than a hand or cheap onahole.

sauce on OP's pic?


I found a pic of it. This thing is great, not small and compact but so what

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Get the one with the tattos just posted

I've owned 50+ toys. This random chinese one is by far the best. The ass is perfect. Anal feels fucking incredible. I literally didn't leave my house for 3 days after getting this thing. I was shooting powder after day 2. Seriously 10/10. Worth every penny.

amputated stump of a child with no teeth

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two snails

i recommend strokers/electric Male Masturbators


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Your mother.

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onaholes hands down.
The hip toys are so big and cumbersome which makes it a hassle to clean

Masturbators sound enticing but they're not worth it imo. I've tried so many different kinds from the namebrands like Fleshlight/Tenga to the offbrands and I've been disappointed in them all.

Your hand is the best and cheapest method of wanking. You'll never get the same satisfaction.

Venus 2000. Pricey but works

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get a sex doll that isnt 100 lbs pic related is mine

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yikes bro i hope it came with those clothes

Do you have videos of you fucking it?

You are probably just better off hiring an escort once every week/fortnight depending on how much you earn, that's really pussy/ass, not some over priced sex toy.

How? Asking for a friend.

You don't want to use streetwalkers, they are usually ugly diseased women who are on smack/crack.. My advice would be to go on adultwork and check the girls in your local area, find one who is hot and reasonably priced.. it will show the services they offer also.

this is advanced cuckoldry

how much, where buy?

mine is 1200 from catdoll.club

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Can 100% confirm is great deal for only $50. Weighs 10lbs
Y-Not Lifelike 3D Sex Doll Male Masturbator Realistic Silicone Ass Vagina Pussy and Anal Stroker Sex Toy with Vibrator Flesh amazon.com/dp/B01872BLNM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_cig6DbWE61SRW


I've tried dozens of them and by far the best is Meiki ZXY. It just feels amazing and so realistic and makes you come fast and hard.


How's the pussy on it?

Don't get anything that doesn't have a realistic size and some weight! That thing only weighs 3.5 pounds lol