Going through a rough time. Having the worst luck trying to find a job right now...

Going through a rough time. Having the worst luck trying to find a job right now. Can anyone spare me some and possibly help me out? I’m just down on my luck and would really appreciate it. Depression sucks.


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hurr durr meh depression.
Fuck off

Been there myself plenty. I'm drunk ATM camt remember PayPal login but once sobered up I'll toss ya $50 to help out. Can't buy drugs wwith it tho, hookers are ok. Payment promised within 48hrs

I don’t do drugs, shit don’t even smoke or drink for that fact. Just trying to better myself and bring myself back up after being down for so long. I appreciate anything really. Thank you.

Heya, to be honest I just I want like 30-40 bucks to get a D&D book for Christmas.
I'll take any and all donations, even a dollar will bring me closer to my goal. I only have about 6 dollars to far lol
(or [email protected])
Heck, I'll even take giftcards like on steam or whatever, I can just buy tf2 items and resell them on third party sites for actual money. Yes, I'm poor and desperate lmao.

Thanks and merry Christmas y'all!

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I will honor your request, thank you for your honesty. Hang in there man, shit may be tough but it'll smooth out soon. Like I said ill yoss ya $50 once I sober up enough to remember my login info.

embrace depression go raw kill everyone that doesnt think u are right.paint

Fuck off brokefag. At least OP has a valid reason for needing money. Shit, gimme some GOOD pussy pics of people you know an I'll donate$40 to ya

Shiet bruh, I'm just a jobless broke dude trying to gift to my mates something we can all enjoy...

But heck, okay.

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No. Fuck off and go sweep the floor somewhere. Piece of shit terrorist.

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Wickr vssnipz oc Hs/college wins worth ya money

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Where’s this place at?

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I donated you 500$, hope it helps. :)

Have you considered prostitution?

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Is that original? *Promised$50 guy*
If that's yo girl I'll GLADLY donate for more pics in Kik.

Thank you man! Can't believe you did this, but the the money just arrived. Don't need more than that, thank you anons. :)

Become an hero.

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Aight, hope ya liked that mate. If not, eh, oh well, have a merry Christmas mate.

Yup, OC.
And nope, not my girl.

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there's work everywhere, you're just not looking in the right places.
the following are ALWAYS hiring.
>construction sites
>the docks
>restaurants are always looking for a dishwasher or line cooks
>hotels/hostels are always looking for housekeepers
>the Army Reserve pays like $38k/year and only takes up 1 weekend a month plus one 2-week deployment a year.

That's kinda bullshit user. You should go buy a homeless person a meal and a hotel room and some clothes. You're just jacking off in your mom's house and don't deserve shit.

drive for uber, one day and you will make over $100. its better then asking for a hand out from strangers.