How could you hate a little girl for wanting to make the world a better place?

How could you hate a little girl for wanting to make the world a better place?

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fuck off faggot

Because people who spend their life online are insecure about how successful a 16 year old has been in triggering them

Because she is not a wanting to make the world a better place

I think it's good that fridays for future exists. But she doesn't earn credits for that. Her parents are responsible for her success. She just talks and travels with her limited knowledge.

she looks retarded

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cuz she's woman

You're assuming she is hated for the reason of wanting to make the world a better place. Jesus leftists are retarded.

So why do you hate her, then (without sounding like a moron)?
Incidentally, she's perfectly legal to have sex with in all civilized countries already, so we don't have to call her a "little girl."

Fuck of DNC shill.

I never claimed to hate her, and I never called her a little girl. Not did I say anything about sex you fucking creep.

She's a smug autistic chick. You can't get more unlikeable than that.

I never thought I would say it but the world was a better place when children were seen and not heard. "Speak when you are spoken to" ... ever heard that one? Fuck that bitch and her parents too. Also second most punchable face after M Shkreli.

It's official, you're the new Sup Forums log poster. Every fucking day with this shit.

I've sterilized myself to do my part and bring no more humans into this world to contribute to Climate Catastrophe.

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I hate all Swedes.

But you have to admit this beast is the worst of them all.

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Because jobs are more important than the environment

Yes goy, how could you?

She is you moron. She has down syndrome.

Every human should be sterilized on their 14th birthday

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so did Stephen Hawking, fuck-wad

I see she triggered you too. Let's cry together after we're done raging here.


Agreed. There's no reason not to have common sense sterilization laws in place to enforce this.

It's to save the planet for our children.

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>How could you hate a corporate puppet used by the Murdoch press to distract everyone from what's actually going on in politics and the world currently?

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Name just one thing she did that actually made the world a better place.
Or even better, name one thing you believe she will ever do that will make the world a better place.
And no, rotting out humanity is not a service to mankind.

Because I'm not a weird pedo you faggot. It's very transparent she is just a tool being utilized by media.

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I'm a shitty grown boy who was treated like shit by little girls like her and now I want to make the world a worse place.
If I can't be happy why should anyone else be?

Fuck off niggerloving shill

i agree with you. there is no reason to get mad at her

She's a child. She's not independently wealthy. She can't travel the world to help bring attention to the problem without help from people who have the money to help her. What's your problem with that?

>a little girl
>she's 16 you moron

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>Ones an edgy faggot that doesn't give a shit about anything or anybody
>Ones trying to bring awareness to fix something
Yup, totally the same

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I dont hate her, I want to hate fuck her and spurt a load on her forehead lmao

Fuck off paid post shill go be a tranny for niggers to up your melanin level anally since it supposedly converts light into knowledge according to niggers who call themselves scientists without finishing high school

Oops sorry for the duplicate post

well he's British, all those inbred fuckers look retarded

>>Ones an edgy faggot that doesn't give a shit about anything or anybody

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holy shit an intelligent take on post 2016 Sup Forums. wheres my calendar. can we be friends?

>A child has the decency to smile at a group of old men chanting injin songs at them unprovoked
>YoU sToLe My DrEaMs

The west loves a high functioning, white european activist girls who 'struggle' with having rich parents who can afford to let this teen cunt stop going to school. Huff that pussy stank more, faggot.

Ooops, sorry, it's like my browser is busted or something. BBL gonna reboot.

Bye niggerloving race-traitor leftist soy-faggot. KYS.

She's a democrat and democrats make me seethe.

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Do you kiss your whore mom with that mouth?

How could you hate hitler for removing people that try to enslave you and belittle you because your not their race(yes Jews were racist assholes look it up)

nope just yours quadfag

They aren't mutually exclusive.


Convince young people that they have a voice and a responsibility to use it. Many highschool student in my area have started to push for changes in our city and schools.

anytime i see her i try to imagine just what a fart from her would smell like in that particular moment

Yeah, native English speaker here...