ITT: Post your depressing lonely single guy meals

ITT: Post your depressing lonely single guy meals.

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I just ate mine actually. one egg over easy, put it on a tortilla, add some salsa fresca and tobasco. glass of water.

Supreme cheese pizza hamburger helper. No pic I smashed that shit, it's gone

Miller high Life, wedge of lime.

I threw some chemical butter in that shit, toasted some slices of German rye bread...holy shit.

Sprinkled some ITALIAN SEASONING on that shit ....jfc

I probably eat this 4 times a week but I love this combo so much.

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Hello heart attack

It's so good though. The extra box in the back is from a second big mac. I take the meat and sauce (pickles and onions too) and add it to the first big mac to mac a double big mac.

You gonna get the McShits. Then the McSweats. Then finally, the McStroke.

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worth it. I also doubt I'll get a stoke. I'm not that fat. I'm big boned.


You're fat on the inside tho user. Try some Subway sometime.

Add some veges and that actually looks like a decent meal.

I dont understand people who dont have vegetables on the side, they are tasty as fuck and break up the meal from being too rich.

3/10 I really want to see some effort next time

Subway is garbage. Other than slathering that mayogarlic sauce on every piece of toasted flat bread they own.

Everything I've said is 100% true. I honestly eat that combo 4 or more times a week. I'm addicted to the taste honestly.

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lol you're gay

I cant remember what this is. I got lots more though

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oh right

chisken fried steak and sausage gravy

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Well done steak and A1 steak sauce.

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i do it fancy sometimes to make myself feel pretty

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I love how chicken fried steak is minute beef with the shit beat out of it...couldn't have been more confusing if you called it southern pulled pork patties

this place went out of businesseses

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>Nat Light
WTF user?

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Why would you make sure to fuck up getting the amount of sauce you want with each bite of steak? Why waste a lettuce leaf then pair with crinkle cut fries? Jesus Christ where is the dish of circus grahm animals you child.


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you would love that wouldn't you

heres a hamburger. no ham no burger

or something

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>sad depressed single men

What part of that is not clear?

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is that a MCgang bang?

What have you done

I want 10 fucking minutes without hearing about this asshole. Say what you will about everyother goddamn one, they shut the fuck up every once in a while

here. some mushrooms a fat old cunt picked and eggs

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the voices don't give reasons

i dont know what this is. marsala and walniut meat idunno

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I always order the same thing from a local pizza joint. I get either a pepperoni or meat feast 12" with a side of cheesy garlic bread. It's pretty good but I eat it alone in my dark little room whilst playing vidya or browsing here. I often wash it down with a big soda too. It's very bad for me and I feel like crap afterwards. But it's what I do and it brings me some short-term relief.

I can't wait till he wins again. The screams from your kind will be oh so delicious.

That looks tasty. Can I come eat at your place op? I'll suck your dick after if we can cuddle.

merry xmas btw

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Gods walk among us gentlemen.

Settle down millennial. Boomers know what's good for you dumbasses.

i wanna grease you up and fuck you til you love me

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Didn't take a pic but sometimes when my gf is away for a few days I get a sirloin steak, like 0.75 lb and cook it seasoned. Stick that bitch in heated tortillas with some goat cheese and steak sauce then down a bottle of wine eating it.

Hopefully he'll do something about faggots in his second term.

an ill butter your biscuit too nancy

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this didnt turn out like shit actually

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We don't care if he wins. It's not about politics. Shut the fuck up about him. Every goddamn thread. Every goddamn website. Every fucking day. All over the news. Everything he does, good or bad, real or fake, is posted all over the place. It wouldn't matter if it were Trump, Ronald McDonald, or the ghost of Jesus. Just shut the fuck up and stop talking about it. What you're doing is autistic as fuck. It's on par with when a white chick learns a new word and never stops saying it.

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these tasted like shit and i never tried wings again

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MAGA bitch

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Biscuits are pretty comfy though. If you cleaned your oven more the image would be a normal one. Not depressing at all. Everyone eats them.

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this fucking dude gets it

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only with sausage gravy

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based. i want one day where i don't hear about retarded political shit or orange man.

Are you being annoying on purpose? Is this some kind of counter-op where you try to make trump supporters look bad? Because it's working. Three years ago I supported the ever-living fuck out of that man. But you incels have ruined it beyond belief.

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Hey these meals actually look decent.

Brings back memories.

Says the anime poster

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My man. That's like 80% of everything we eat for breakfast here in west Texas.

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>on Sup Forums
>acting like anime is bad
how fucking new are you?

Anime is an artistic genre. You're obsessing over one man. You're just as bad as those marvel soyboys.

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Not buying hundred proof vodka. Are you even trying to be a suicidal alcoholic?

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According to the Enneagram Research, 50% of the population are all Type 6. Half of the people are the Sheep, the Tribal, and the like. Right off the top. It's why it's so easy to end up dealing with "Cinnamon Hitler", "Cheeto Jesus" and "MAGA" threads all day. Half of people give that much of a shit about it to make it their priority.

That's not that bad of a meal...

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this makes me sad because i had rotisserie chicken today

i been called out at work for smelling like booze too often for that anymore

damn... fuck you. hows yer chili game?

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My chili game is robust

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i almost bought some cheap 100 proof vodka today but i saw popov at the store for 15 bucks in a 1.75 liter

Humans are so stupid.

Nigga are those carrot slices I see?

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What sad young people you are. All boats will rise in his second term.

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They are off to the side because I hate carrots.

this thread has turned into whos got the best meal in the dirtiest kitchen. think youre winning

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This Nigga *Drinking* Beans

its funny how even after losing the house majority,republicans are this far out of touch with reality

looks like young thug,bet he's drinking semen

Not the worst.
You seen Beyond Meat? They have a meatball/mozzarella pizza. Add some air fried veggies to it and bake away.

i nearly vomited looking at that weak shit. biscuits like that and chili like that. i feel sorry for your mother

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Kraut is good for you. Good job user.

No 100 proof Popov or Majorska where you live? It's actually easier to drink straight and make mixed drinks with then the 80 proof versions because it has no taste.

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You surrendered to an External Locus and are also Scapegoating. You mad.

Are you fucking kidding...what's that, like 4000 calories?

>100 proof popov

what? there's 100 proof popov?

how would popov 80 proof taste straight?

That fucking .44 next to the plate kills me. I own the snub nose version of that gun.


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Chili with beans.

this was when my stew was thin and bland before i was told to add tomato paste

i cried after trying it

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Broke and depressed.

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all these look bomb.

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