What do i do if i have the worst life in the universe

What do i do if i have the worst life in the universe

>be born poor
>in the middle of nowhere
>like super fucking mega poor
>nothing around
>just dirty lakes, cows, depressing shit, mountains of snow, freezing cold
>house is like a crumbling old crack den of misery thats cold all the time
>their houses look nicer
>more money
>warm happy climate
>they all live in a big city with emerald colored exotic beaches and happy people
>have a happy normal life
>have friends
>my town is 2 scizophrenic maniacs in the woods
>every time i try to leave something bad happens or poverty traps me here
>parents are old as fuck with no money
>no jobs here
>parents were too poor to ever get me a car
>jobs are like 20-30 miles away
>no bus, mountains of snow, brutal cold
>never even go on vacation too poor
>never go to any big cities, anything cool, happy resorts NOTHING
>i see people who are like 20 years old and already have more money and shit than my parents
>talk to people in the city and they just go do fun shit all the time and dont even need a car or anything they can just start at 10 years old
>lost my life
>lost my childhood
>everything is bad
>still suffering
>trapped here forever
>even if i leave i would of already lost my life here
>i keep losing my license becuase of nothing and being poor
>i finally have more money most people and i just get totally fucked and my curse traps me here


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Hey OP. Sorry to hear your life's shit.

I have an odd suggestion for you. You might try to be a beekeeper.

Chances are your farm loving family will approve.

probably so bad because you keep inviting bad things into your life as a result of your thought processes

there's lot of shit in the world, and YOU can access it

sounds like you don't believe you're worthy of good experiences

"even if i leave i would of already lost my life here"

you can change the way you think, feel, and live

So where do you live?

Didn't you read my post I said the middle of nowhere fucktard. Now gtFO of my thread

>keep losing my license because of nothing

There's more to this story.

I live in a third world country and Ive had every iphone since the iphone 6
thats all, fuck you

just a small town boy
livin' without any joy
everyday he’ll post this thread not goin' anywhere...

he'd rather be a city boy,
born and raised but now unemployed
he’s on probation for being black not goin' anywhere...

a nigger in a chilly room
smell of lead and mold, but what can he do?
god is cruel and we're not alright
it goes on and on and on and on…

>Now gtFO of my thread
he means business

Even if my life got good everyone else I see was born into happiness and having a better life from the start

Hahaahah wtf

Maybe bad things happen to you because you're a fucking dick. If I want I can just come to your place and make your father suck my dick stupid poorfag.

>on probation for dui
>"nah fam, its cuz im black"
>"god has cursed me"
>creates these threads repeatedly
>clearly schizo

Literally NOPE. I got a dui over one of hit of weed when i was young and didnt even know that it was illegal. Took years to pay off fines because poor family

Someone smashed into my car while I was driving doing everything normal I got blamed for it and lost my license again. Too poor to pay it off again

I didn’t do anything tho. Any white person anywhere else wouldnt even lose that much by it plus have their whole life be hell and they would of been done and over with it by now

There are people that actually drive drunk 800 times and have 5 duis

>gets dui
>says it isnt his fault

How can you not know weed is illegal? Cmon lad dont lie to yourself. Accept responsibility and man up.

>and didnt even know that it was illegal.
thats your problem, you are retarded

> They didn't muffin
Fuck off

this is just bad thinking; you are literally creating your own hell, if you don't decide to be happy, you won't be.

There's a lot of depth in this one single sentiment i'm trying to extend to you.

you are attracting like-minded thoughts into your life / experiences

can you draw, do you have any talent?
a shit ton of acquaintances go around the world playing the ukelele and they get by
you should try that, its tough but it will get you to some place warmer

He can blow dicks

if you continue to think this way, you will live your life no different than you are now.

if you can overcome your own thoughts / past (for more than a day, and more than just 10 attempts, (you know; as if you're changing your life) you can do anything you put your mind to.)

you have lots of energy working against you right now, it will not be immediate.

be defeated: -lose
keep trying to be happy: -win every time (after an amount of time)

I have a friend that actually lives off blowing old men
at worst he has a place to stay that night, at best they buy him shit
its a talent tbh

> A friend

I mean literally EVEROYNE is born into happy city lives or the comfortable suburbs except these retards out here who are too stupid to care. All the people do here is live in shit and not care and work their shit job or get disability and get drunk and high at the end of the day

And the only lucky ones i know out here their parents moved some place less sad and they got a free pass to move

Are you cute and white? I'm rich as shit and I'd be happy to sponsor your new life as my live in fuck toy. You could do that for awhile to raise funds and go out on your own.


Hey man i feel you living in a shithole 3rd world currently and my little bro had to witness a public hanging a few days ago won't even talk to me now. It's shit but best i can say is don't think about it, we just pulled the short straw, it happens.

>Join the army, get away, get friends, get money, get worked out, get selfdiscipline.
When done, go out in life again with money and good fresh mind. Go live where n do wtf you want to do.
its easy as that nigger

again this is "woe is me" shit thinking, if you live in the first world you can change your life

if you can post on Sup Forums YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE

but its easier to not

dicklet anger is strong

Are you still on probation for being black?

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What shit country is it? I talk to these chicks from Southeast Asia and they all have the most luxurious lives ive ever seen in a low cost of living shit hole but i talked to a friend in a shitty island and he says that the people are all pissed off poor and living in shacks

he is more of a fuckbuddy but we dont fuck anymore

No i really cant. I got trapped here. Not even bitching i tried everything until i ran out of options. I literally worked my ass off to save up money and shit

>Be OP
>Have shit life
>Have PC
>Dont download a pirated program like TopSolid, CAD, Maestro etc.
>Make no effort to learn something
>Do nothing but complain

WhY mY lIfE sUcKs?

Join your countries army or
Illegally immigrate to America or
Take a bus to Thailand where everything is cheap or
Be a gay prostitute or
Give up all possessions, move to India and be a monk or
Shut the fuck up and deal with it

if you don't want to change your thoughts you wont change your life, you've replied like an npc 3 times now, if you aren't going to consider what I'm saying then you aren't interested.

I wish you luck friend.


>didnt even know that it was illegal

A lot of poors are that way because they're stupid.
You fall into this category.
Kill yourself.

Literally this OP

The army is even worse and longer suffering plus I make more money