I think my brother raped me growing up. He recently got sentenced for raping someone else...

I think my brother raped me growing up. He recently got sentenced for raping someone else, and I can't get something out of my mind that happened to me when I was younger. One day I woke up and my vagina was sore, but sore like chafing and not just hormonal shit. That's weird, but it's whatever. I didn't remember going to sleep though that night, again it's weird but that happens sometimes. My panties were also on backwards, once again weird but it is possible I did it by mistake. All three of those things though? Sore cooch, underwear on backwards and not remembering going to sleep? Idk anons, I think something happened to me and I don't like the thought of that.

I don't think he will ever admit stuff to me in prison, I imagine if he does then he will get in trouble for it so I will have to wait almost a decade until he gets out. How do I deal with this in the meantime anons? I'm going to get an STD test just in case, but psychologically it's killing me.

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do you want to know?

(might help)

try hypnosis or some shit

sorry op; every deserves control over their body, you have nothing to be ashamed, hope you find piece

The question won't go away till it's answered, so all you can do is preoccupy yourself; That's it in my opinion. There is no use fussing over it if it doesn't have a real impact on your life. I've been sexually assaulted before and I just do my best to occupy my mind.

I guess the silver line is that if you don't know, you can't be traumatized by it. Think about that for a bit.

It's kinda like a gf I had one time. I'm 99% sure she cheated on me, but I never truly found out. So it never hurt me.

That's the rules, bro.

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>Growing up
> Going to get STD tested
Dont you think that if he had something it would be noticeable on you by now? unless the incident happened just a while ago but the "growing up" part makes it sound like it was years ago

Larping doesnt require logic.

Thanks user, I'll give it a try.

Sorry about what happened user, I hope you are safe now. I'll try to occupy my mind the best I can, but it's hard.

I might be stepping out of line, but I think you are hurt by your girlfriend potentially cheating on you user.

Mods can ban me if it's the rules

Plenty of STDs don't immediately show symptoms anons.

Commandeering for a purpose

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You're not out of line, but you are wrong. This was an ex like 7-8 years ago, and since I never found out it never truly bothered me. I've been ACTUALLY cheated on before, and that shit is soul crushing, so I know the difference.

I dumped my ex I'm referring to because I found out she had BPD and was insane. So again, likely she cheated, but hey I never found out and I never knew. So it literally can't affect me.

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I'm glad I am wrong then user. Sorry about you getting actually cheated on, that shit sucks. It's never happened to me, but my dad cheated on my mother and it fucking killed her.

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Try finding something you love to do or something you have to do to survive independently, like moving out; Work to earn something; Suffer a bit and callous yourself. Do something that you don't like, might even hate, so that you can reach that thing you want. Could be someone wanting someone special, something cool like a car. Or busting your ass for a degree. Something thatll push you forwards where the last thing you're worried about is something that happened years ago that you still question today. Like I said, it'll never leave you but you can't let it rule you.

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It's better to not remember it. Consider if you do hypnosis and end up remember him violating you. That'll never leave you.

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On the one hand, if he raped you that's absolutely terrible. On the other, all of your evidence sounds pretty circumstantial, I've definitely woke up without underwear and with my junk feeling wierd, and I live alone so I know that it's just something that happens sometime.

If you get something like hypnotherapy you're likely to "remember" something even if it actually didn't happen (fake memories are absolutely a thing) which might result in you creating trauma for an event which never occurred.

Realistically unless he confesses or you have an STD and are otherwise a virgin, it's unlikely you'll ever get any kind of closure.

I've always wanted to be a teacher but I've never had the guts to try. I will though user, I promise.

Can hypnosis actually make you remember things that happened when you were sleeping/drugged? I feel like I would always be able to tell myself that I'm imagining it, unless my brother actually admits he did something to me.

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Post pic of vagene and ill tell u if it was rapped or not

That's it user, go for it, I believe in you

post nudes and ill let you know if you are rapeable

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Why do you hate your brother so much?

Why is anyone even speaking to this supposedly raped, STD-ridden cunt anyway?

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Silly user, males don't have vagina!

iktf op, dad touched me as a kid and ever since i remembered it i think about it every time i see him.

your brother might not admit to it, but its worth asking. if you really want to know, that is.

not giving your pussy daily to your brother, fuck off whore

hypnosis can kinda work, but it just works with what's already there to put it in simplest terms, and memory is really imperfect. brain will very often make up things to make sense of events as best it can, even if what is made up is nowhere near what was actually happening.
its not going to be a fix-all. it's entirely possible nothing actually happened and you just woke up feeling weird. i wake up feeling kinda like that on occasion while living alone as of rn, and i know im not being sleepfucked.
if the question bothers you so much that it interferes with your daily life, then you may wanna look at confronting it, and seeing what there is to it, but honestly just look for things to take up your time and learn to forget

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It feels like pasta, which is sad.

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I gtg anons, sorry for ditching so soon but something came up. Thanks for all the help.

Yeah :(

I-I-I believe in you too user.

I didn't until he was sentenced, I actually thought he wasn't guilty even after he was found as such. The evidence of him doing very bad things is pretty indisputable though, and so I hate him for hurting someone.

Because deep down Sup Forums is full of nice people that are just pretending to be macho assholes.

Sorry that happened user. Just know you are safe now. I think I will ask him eventually, I just don't know if he will tell the truth.

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He probably didn't and you just retroactively imagined all this shit.

You made it this far. Fugget about it.

you deal with it by suppressing it and never thinking about it again