Going to Texas in February

Going to Texas in February
Should I go to Dallas, Houston, or Austin?
I'm not too picky about things, I just like to drink at cool places and eat good food.

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Houston, DFW area is too spread out for my taste. Austin if you're still in Uni

If you’re going literally just to drink and eat, I would recommend Austin. It’s a shithole but it has the best “culture” of all the big cities in the state.

6th street in austin. thank me later

Austin has a good music atmosphere and is somewhat centralized with bars/venues. Houston has really good food but is very spaced out and has a surprisingly large amount of traffic for how many roads there are.

Austin is the best option for tourist reasons.

Houston is full of niggers, Austin is full of SJW faggots riding electric bikes, Dallas is where you want to go. Stay in the white north Dallas area.

If I go go Dallas, I would definitely seek out round Latina booty

Oakcliff is definitely the spot you want to go to in the dallas area. So much to see and do. Bars and attraction all around.

Thank me later!!!

While Austin sounds fun, I'm honestly not into live music
I go to bars to socialize, not listen to shitty cover bands

I actually want to go
My goal is to turn out one of those wannabe black Latinas with the sassy Southern black girl accent onto my white D

>shitty cover bands don't get to play in Austin

Fuck off to El Paso

Fuck Dallas!


I would go to a concert if I wanted live music

I second Dallas. TBH. Austins become a literal shithole from the homeless and hipsters. DFW area offers a lot more diversity and city authorities that give a shit.

And for what it's worth, I'll be turning 25

Where's a good neighborhood to stay?

HOUSTON has the best food

Anything in Plano or north of Plano (Dallas)

Houston is nigger central, and the traffic and road repair is a goddamned nightmare.

Or stay in Las Colinas. That's centrally located and nice as fuck.

Dallas. Austin is a shit show. Houston stinks too much

Regrets. So many regrets in this one sentence.

My double dubs have spoken, op.

This guy gets it B) 290/610 checking in here

When I went to see Zakk Wylde play in Dallas/Deep Ellum, we both stayed at this hotel. It's fuckin epic.


I want to check out at least 3 types of nightlife:
US born Latina (whether ratchet or normal)

Is that kinda like the centrally located neighborhood for normie nightlife?

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Also, how should I dress?
I don't want to be perceived as either schleppy, douche, or soy

Yeah, it's just a quick Uber away from Deep Ellum. And it's secure as hell. Good stuff.

Nice pool and bar on top of the hotel. See

Won't find that in austin

Texans don't care about that shit. Just be yourself. Jeans or a pair of khaki shorts. Boots or checkerboard Vans. Doesn't matter.

Ft. Worth you can get all 3. I prefer Dallas. But back in my day in DFW, I got a shitton of pussy at the Cadillac bar in Ft. Worth. In the Stockyards, of course.

What is Austin then, all hipsters?
I like hipster nightlife too, but I can see plenty of that here in New York



Exactly so why go there for what you can get at home?

Well yeah, that's why I'm looking for stuff with a more distinctly Texas feel