Sup Sup Forums I've been with my girl for 2 years now and I've run into a dilemma...

Sup Sup Forums I've been with my girl for 2 years now and I've run into a dilemma, were both somewhat happy but the sex is and has always been awful, I struggle to get hard even though I'm porn free for months and even though I'm 5.5inches and not a complete pencil dick she says she can't feel me? I've never given her an orgasm only a clit orgasm.. I'm her first cock and she's my first pussy and I'm up for any advice..

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eat her pussy u retard

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in he process of trying to get better at that, takes time though.

Just make sure you nut and who cares lol

if she can`t feel you, obviously she was not a virgin when you met. You are not her first.

Best way is get a magic wand like a vibrator. Vibrate the clit while you fuck. Dont get a massive didlo she will forget about your cock and cheat on you or leave you. Vibrate the clit while you fuck so both partys cum

sounds like a sticky situation you have there OP

This man knows.

Inb4 a virgin claims pussy cant get banged out. Cause it can. Try dating a chick then fucking her after you break up/thread.

Find a new gf cause trash pussy isnt worth it

Yeah but thing is she was 100% a virgin when we got together because she had literally no friends and was anti social as fuck.

Toys? Rabbit coock ring? We-vibe? Some toys are more fun then others.
Also different positions.
Is she more into clit or g-spot stimulation? You should know by now what she likes and what you like.
Sex is about learning each other

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Did she bleed when you fucked her for the first time or did she just take it without no blood or even a hurt face

Numb pussy maybe? I've heard if girls have a bad past experience they can get numb pussy and it closes off the receptors to the mind, maybe try swinging, get a nice fat cock to pound her, If she still doesn't crack then you have your answer..

There was blood and the first time and can't remember if there was a reaction at all but can for sure remember blood.


She's really into clit orgasms because that's the only one she can experience, so maybe a clit toy would be great.

gotta be your technique OP

She got a fat ass?

Check this one. It vibrates to stimulate both g spot and clit while you fuck her. Also takes some space so makes less space for your dick = tighter for you and more stimulation for her.
+ remote control.

Getting her eyes covered or hands tied makes her more submissive and let you take control = more pleasure. She wants you to take control!

Rabbit type coock ring?

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These are things I'll try out for sure, whats the name of the toy your suggesting and I'll check it out!

b b c

We - vibe
Vibrating cock ring
We vibe you can get from China for fraction of a price (20$ vs 100$)

Also tie hands with scarf, blindfold and really light play. Kiss, stroke. Take total control.
Blindfold and tied hands means she can get free but it cuts her senses off = feels more

f u c k y o u

Rampant rabbit.

>Rampant rabbit.
Like op said she is more to clit stimulation so beeds part would be a waste.
Rabbit cock ring and its fun for both

you might be gay?

Fuck they look like they'll blow her mind away, tried something a little similar once and it was the first time I saw her eyes roll back so for sure going to check this out! thank you so much user!

Foreplay is really important, you can't just go right into it. If you're not doing any foreplay at all its gonna fuck up your sex life.

U both need to deal with your childhood sexual abuse issues

Make sure she cleans up first though. Same for you. Also be less fat, fatty.


Any Ann Summers reps in your area? Talk to them. They give great advice... Then buy online because Ann Summers has extortion prices

Already do plenty of foreplay and she fucking loves that shit.

Ok so ignore these idiots they literally know Jack shit about being with a woman.

Honestly user some people just aren't sexually compatible. If the sex is bad, and has always been bad, then there's nothing you can really do but move on. Life is too short for bad sex dude, and you say you're just "somewhat" happy. Don't settle for mediocre just because you feel happy you finally got a Gf. Break up, play the field, fuck a few other women. You'll see that everyone is different and there's absolutely people out there you're more compatible with.

Also post her nudes otherwise we'll just assume you're a larping neckbeard neet

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Try viagra

Wow thats gay OP. U need to come to the realization that ur prob attracted to dick.

Yeah for sure! maybe we have ann summers here I'm not sure I'm based in Sweden so idk, and for sure! I'll never give in to their insane prices when you can get the same thing for a better price.

Also you might be nicest person during the day but in bed she is your property. Be in charge!

I have the same thing OP
My dick is 5.5 and I know it's nothing compared to the toys most women have used before me
Just move on from worrying about it
women don't give a shit anyhow if you please them in other ways in life
if you want to worry about it, just be more dominant
give her what she "wants" and shove her face into the pillow and slap her ass and all that jazz
they get all uppity and wild for that crap cause it's "sexy"
unless your woman is an original personality that will solve it

This guy knows!

user knows whats up

Take viagra

Obviously it was dog cock you tool, they expand once inside

Thinkin the same thing, one of you is gay, OP is #1 suspect

First of all, women don't have a lot of nerve endings in the top of their vaginas, so 5.5 is actually longer than they need, unless she fucked horses before you. DO get one of those plug-in Magic Wands, not a battery one. All battery vibrators suck. When you get the Magic Wand, you can fuck her from the back or sideways and put it on her clit. She will go nuts!

Don't worry about vag orgasms: Hardly any women have them. Ones that do, fucking is also moving their clit hoods, so it's really clitoral.

Best of all, small dick and Magic Wand means you can fuck her up the ass and she will still cum like crazy.

But the thing is people lie. Also, virgin, tons of women don't orgasm from sex. The clit and g spot work well.

That is literally in the average cock size range, don't let these virgins convince you otherwise. If she can't feel that then I'm sorry, your girl was a slut beforehand and it doesn't matter what she says.


A lot of misinformation in this thread. Anyway, 1) there's no "clit" or "vaginal" orgasm. They're just orgasm that happen differently.
2) Some don't have orgasms through sex

stretched out pussy, shes lazy and doesnt exercise or do kegels.

fucking a 40 y.o. 4 kids, tight af bottom out. your girl is a hoe/was a hoe to be that young and falling apart shes a fucking liar and dump her.

unused pussy is tight as fuck, hence why fatties are good fucks

get on tinder, move on

Hi OP.

Check out Roman for your dick:

And then get one of these for her:

Don't cheap out on vibrator.

Same company that was suggested before, but this model worked much better for my wife. I can give her vaginal only orgasms every now and then but not consistently, and for some reason she's the only girl I've ever been with I couldnt give reliable clitoral orgasms.

This vibrator completely changed our sex lives. We wouldnt be married without it. In missionary, we put it in between us and she comes every time. Or if shes on her knees or on top of me, I use it on her with some g-spot rubbing after I'm done and she's always happy.

Also I'm happy because I don't have to worry about her being frustrated, and its opened up some other fun stuff, like for example, I can just walk into the room, fuck her completely selfishly, and she's abloe to get off on it because she knows even if she doesn't happen to finish while I'm doing my thing, she can still easily finish afterwards while reliving being used.

fatties are tight because ther fat pushes against ther vaginal walls you virgin

it's extremely rare to ever cum without clit stimulation...

my wife can only cum from a ton of clit stimulation

your girl is a liar or you're not doing it right because 5.5 is fine.. i'm about that and my wife has never complained.

>your quads are a lie

The nerves from her clit loop around and pass by the vagina and the rectum about 1/2" to 1" inside the body on their way to the spine. Any place where the nerve runs close to a stimulatable surface can be used to cause an orgasm. If the vag is suboptimal then try her ass, it may be the trick if that's where she's most sensitive.

Girls only have one type of orgasm. Try choking her.

>I struggle to get hard

not to be rude, but how attractive is your gf to you

girls have at least two kinds of orgasms

I never knew this. Makes sense that some girls like anal. Thanks for the info

Damn the bitch is fucking thicc

He may simply have low blood pressure.

Give sauce for this fucking whore

Egg2025 on pornhub

Only a 12 year old virgin thinks pussy gets loose from fucking. Tightest pussy I ever had was from a total whore. They’re meant to accommodate babies, virgin. They have elasticity. Now good luck finding out

Did you know a woman's vagina adapts to they guy she's fucking? She's not only fucking him.

My ex got her virginity taken by a big cock and when she fucked me she barely felt anything

Actually the vagina gets more loose then more turned on a woman is. So she can make room for his cock

So she loosens up to fit the other guy, not needle dick here.

Wow! No one here understands sex. While you guys are debating cock size and vagina depth, you’re missing the mind. A woman’s most powerful sexual organ is her mind. If she’s honestly turned on, none of this shit matters.

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Oh she’s the shit. Check the one where she’s reading a book and rides a dildo. One of the hottest bodies

If OP can't get aroused, why should she?

Oh and here comes the Pussy Wizard, here to dispense his knowledge to us peasants from on high. What a breakthrough! You’re telling me a woman’s arousal level feeds into her response? Wowsers!

What kinda question even is that? Then don’t complain about fucking.

What a fucking retard lmao

Hey be respectful when speaking to the Great Pussy Wizard! He’s here to share vast knowledge with us peans.
Quiet! He may be preparing to hand down another lesson

She's fucking someone else, it's already over dude. move on.

sex isnt important in a relationship unless your an unvalidated beta faggot

If you have a spare $200 get a womanizer. They're hands down the best (short of maybe a sybian) Better than a rabbit or any of the others.