You ylyl you lose edition
Only post stuff that made you ylyl

No niggers


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>Your room

You have to be 18 to use this website

get ready to laugh

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Ok boomer

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Kek lost

Try owning a house, you'll own your living room and your deck too

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What was that? White people humor?

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That's not real. No way that's real.

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It is look it up
That nigger plays Achilles
Its everywhere jewtube etc

>That nigger plays Achilles
Just about mcfucking had it.

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Achilles vs Hector

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Achilles in battle
So noble

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Kys faggot this is happening

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>ever eating cereal outside of your room

See Achilles was historically black

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fuck off wageslave

Not Brit so haven't seen
Is it more jew replacement or is it an anaolgy? Given that the title Is Troy: fall of a city is it taken from the Trojan perspective and Achilles portrayed as the bad guy?

Im not a brit either but From what i know the bbc is the same as our abc which is a government funded commie cesspool so fuck knows what their exact motive was. Obviously nothing good or decent.

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Only so that he'd contrast well on the pottery.

Gtfo normie

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these threads stopped being funny a few years ago when minecraft and roblox rotted the new generations brain, who never grow up, who are stuck in disney tranny cuck brain lady gaga faggot world, cant make memes. literally saddening, if i open any old archive b folderr of the ylyl threats its WAAAY funnier than any of this, i bet i have some saved!
just real immaturity and 12 year old kiddy memes that are some random stupid nonsensical words over like a disney cartoon meme pic u can tell the kids arent as creative, and vaccines DO cause autism facebook()com/DrMeKLiN

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Ok boomer

One time I put the the bowl in the fridge and the milk in the sink

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post your funniest ylyl boomerhumor senpai

plz share with us

for we are not worthy


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aniem irl

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This must be an Algeria sign. French raped Algeria hardcore, without making an effort to seem apologetic.

By that logic, all of them were black.

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Lol, two star reviews. It super simple. If you want make shows for black people dont make it about fucking Greek mythology. Make it about the Persians, or how about the aftermath of Alexanders death. The Macabees would make a banging tv series with totally believable roles for a very diverse cast.

Could also be DRC

this is the worst fucking ylyl thread ive ever seen

they all are

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why is the knife collapsible

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Quads of truth

These woke efforts always flop, yet they keep getting financed...

Makes you wonder about the investors incentives.

All black cast of the Maccabees. Maybe a redo of the 10 Commandments with Moses as a Jamaican. That would be funny.

Classical pottery often depicted males with black colored skin, the women with white. You'd notice that the other male in that pottery also has black skin that is chipped off if you weren't race baiting. Faggot.


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>being this much of a retard

>falling for obvious bait

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How am I wrong nigger?

When people say shit about russia/other countries trying to make the US hate eachother online, this is the shit that they do. No fuckin replies, all political in nature with the SOLE purpose of raising subtle awareness of some bullshit you care nothing about in your mind to make you prejudiced. It's like every fucking thread. It's probably some bot designed to look for thread headers with ylyl and post all of these images programmatically. You don't even need people to do this shit.

fuck you other shit tier countries or we'll fuck your economy

>I-I was only pretending to be retarded!

u got a problem bitch?

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Where the fuck did I say you were wrong? Think before you post please

why did they paint the guy white and then paint black over it?

>your room

hello i am 12

the fact that this makes me laugh probably shows I spend too much time on this board

I don't get it

Racism does not imply YLYL.

sounds like you're stuck
good luck

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>not trying hard enough

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This retard is a little too into the deepstate

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Quit drinking so much cum autist.
That's the color of the clay, the artists painted layers at a time in sections. Some layers of paint chipped easier than others. Look the the "white" dudes feet, they're still black.

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Based and prolapsepilled

Deep state implies domestic membership per this:


I'm referring to international actors, not domestic.

just shows that you are retarded for laughing at a non existing joke. the point is to have the filename be "thegame.jpg" while he just copied it from somewhere and didnt change the filename ruining the "joke"

explain this




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