Trap thread

Trap thread

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Humiliate and degrade me. KIK sam.sylvie

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You're nice and wet :o

oh god, more?


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Damn, i'm loving this

Want to pound you into the bed.

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Put something inside it

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Epic tits

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I'm glad the whole trap thing wasn't accepted when I was a kid because I would have fallen right into it.
I had the body and the secret gay experiences with my friend already

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ooo shit i forgot i took this fuckin pic holy shit

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Perfect looking

Never gonna experience a trap, femboy, tgirl, ladyboy. Mourn for me anons.

Not sure if i belong that was taking requests on kik tonight

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good thing youre straight and disappointing women with your sissy cock

hi :)

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You look like lord farquad

Keep going

Traps / femboys aren't a thing in my country
I'm fucked


We can cry together

Let's cry, bro
At least i have Sup Forums to get trap pics

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The more the better

Glad you remembered

I would give you a shoulder bro. Indeed, we need to be grateful for Sup Forums and all the LARPers reposting trap pics

What country do you live in?

I have like 500+ trap pics and webms
It's addicting
bless Sup Forums

don't wanna say tbh
let's just say south america

More anus pics, get closer pls

Wow you're gorgeous is love to get all up in there and suckle those cute balls :3 please post more where abouts are you from?

I like the outfit and makeup

Thanks, im debating going all out again in a bit.

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Loving this pic your tight little booty looks amazing
For some reason I think your fingers look super cute lol

Where the studss

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Ah, ok. Just curious. I saw my first t-girl in person 2 weeks ago. More masculine than me. Why couldn't she be a cute trap?!!?! Because I live in god forsaken Cleveland Ohio.

Anyone in ca want to fuck a mature cd?

In order to get real traps you need to use /soc/, bro
Well, at least you live in USA, where femboys and traps mostly live
Here we only get ugly prostitute trannies

I am married and loyal. I have more access but they may as well be on Mars for all the good it does me.


Soo...he was behind of that..?

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take them off

can i see your feet and ass

Aww thanks. Bet my tight little booty would look even better with a big fat cock deep in it but no chance of that around here.

Imagine making a trap thread and not a single trap is posted

You kinda just look like a guy tbh
your balls look hot though show your balls and cock please

from what I can see, I like

How so

Mmm I'm sure it would look better like that, wish I could watch a big cock split you open or be the one sliding in

Don't tease please post more lol
Where abouts are you from?

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to be fair there is one trap pic. I really wish all the man ass retards would go make their own threads


I get that alot sadly ;p

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Amazing ass, damn
Any pics of anything inside it?

Efford. Shave, make up, locking up.

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Can you point it please I must have missed it then

Think it's the shoulders unlucky
If you cut them out of this pic you look like a sexy curvy goddess lol
Those balls still look amazing please don't tease post a cock and balls picture xx

How old are you?

Quit fucking posting
You're not a trap not even close go make your own gay thread


I probably could have had a gay experience when I was 10-12 with another kid my age.
I didn't know until years later that he was gay, but one time at a public pool he offered to buy me a popsicle.
Keep in mind this was over 20ish years ago, and a poor neighborhood.
I also didn't know him personally but he kept trying to talk to me. I only knew of him since our sisters hated each other. I thought it was so weird that some random kid would offer to buy me something when we didn't know each other at all. He was pushy about it too.
I don't consider myself gay. Just an animal sexually. I like feminine features. I love women but I also am attracted to femboys/traps/trannys/ladyboys, whatever you want to call them, as long as they are feminine enough and old enough.
If I had the mindset and life experience back then that I have now, I probably would have gone for it though.
Any consensual sexual experience as a kid would have been great.


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Any UK sissy/trap/femboy/cuties around? I'd love another cutie to snuggle with

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Nd theres guys like this Xd Booty

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You're way older than me
That's really hot

if I wasn't on the other side of the country I would be balls deep in your ass

Ugh im not some milf. Tho i could dress like one.

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I fucking love your legs

Thanks hun. I could use it.

fuuuck i forgot to reply oops, and thanks dude!
me too honestly!
ok but like idk if i have more up closer... :T
> suckle those cute balls :3
bro thats like homo as fuck

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time to buy a toy

Brisbane Australia. I fantasize a lot about being bound and kept in someones closet, only occasionally being taken out of it to be used as a human fleshlight.

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cute, moar frontal view and dicc

I am sooo fucking saving this
I want to jack off now

Yay you're back now gimmie those balls full homo

Where abouts are you from?

real question, why do you dudes post this stuff in trap threads
there's nothing trap here

A lot of after school bike meetups with my friend and finding hidden spots to fool around in. I mimicked what I saw in pornos and he really liked that lol

you got a kik or discord?


Yummy this is so slutty and that fantasy sounds so hot
Love your hair, I feel like your whole body is probably cute post more please

i just want pre hrt traps without clothes

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those are called twinks

oof okie dokie...
im from the stoner meme state of californya :3c
ooo me! me! me! (sorry im still wearing some clothes does this count?)

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