How do I not mess this up

How do I not mess this up

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1) confidence
2) tell her you shovel shit for a living during the day but suck off random businessmen on the weekends for cash so you can buy cocaine since you lost all traces of a soul long ago and the drugs are the only thing that really keep you going anymore

I’m a pilot

I’m an astronaut/scientist/doctor/lawyer/president

yeah I agree with user here

just have a normal fucking conversation you cuck.

nobody on this board knows how to have a normal conversation

did I mess up or should I keep pushing

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Nope - just say “no worries I’ve got others I’m talking with as well, been nice chatting with you” and ignore her for a while.
Chicks tend to want what they can’t have.


yup, you fucked it up

never show your true intentions, never say you're looking for fun, even if they also are looking for fun.

say, "but maybe you can help me change my mind, i haven't met someone worthwhile"

ive tried not showing intentions before and had the same outcome. im just trying to see what works at this point


Enjoy ol’lefty and the cum sick of shame. Ain’t gettin shit now

You goddamn idiot

is she fucking foreign or something? you sound like an complete idiot but she comes off as more ESL

You already fucked up. The fact that she's still chatting means she's most likely a dude tryna take your shit.

i was wondering the same thing. she says she speaks polish in her bio. so English is either her second language or im talking to an Indian man catfishing

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My gawd over here knows what he's talking about

Also , is she a 50 year old Ukrainian? Lmao.

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Fake as fuck. Saged

ask her what her favorite dinosaur is. stop talking about sex. it isnt working because you are fucking horrible at it.

You couldn’t have gotten quints could you

She's a whore

>Penis talk?
You’re talking to Pajeet

what a retarded assumption

i mean she’s still replying, that’s better than 90% of the convos ive got not talking about sex

my penis’s favourite type of music is jizz
Haaa haaa haaa

Do you want to talk to testicles too? The left one is cool but rightie can be kind of aloof.

Kill yourself

You wanna keep playing love doctor go ahead you massive faggot

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i would send this but scared she won’t get it since her English doesn’t seem to be good

both of these made me kek but scared to say any jokes due to possible language barrier

she hasn’t stopped replying or outright said no to keep the convo going

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I honestly don't think you could fuck this up any worse than you already have. Your autism is killing my brain cells.

>love doctor

What did he mean by this

>natural progression of the chat

oh sweet lord my fucking sides

save some dignity and just fucking delete her. this is the cringiest exchange of words i've seen

Toss in some god damn punctuation, kek. The autism isn't even funny. Capitalize too. Grammar helps. Fack

it means he fucks things like this

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let’s see your texts then casanova

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Ask her if she likes chicken tendies

Ask her if she wants to meet your mom

Throw in
>fuck niggers they stink like shit
For good measures

I still don’t get it

Send her dick pic retard. Girls love that shit

Listen man, all I'm saying is that if by some weird mistake of nature you pull this off, you should be worried because that means she even more autistic.

Tell her your penis was in car accident.
Ask her if she still Wants Sexy Time?

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she stopped replying

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lmao you are getting catfished bud

This shit reminds me of that Community episode where the chink kids were msging the dean.

idk. shes either an Indian guy or polish immigrant girl

Ask ‘her’ if she just pooped in the street

op here. she blocked me after i asked her about her english

the ironing is palatable

Yeah no shit dumb fuck. You were teasing her and then blatantly insulted her attempts to speak to you. Stupid fuck

why don't you tell her about yourself?
Just tell her your job? and ask about hers as well

0/10 user. learn how to talk to women wtf

Of course she did. She thought you were the love of her life and you broke her heart with your racist shit.
Well done you horrible cunt.

There is no hope for you man. How could you fuck it up so badly...

i'm cringing bro.... you would never talk to a girl like this irl so what the fuck are you doing?

she's only using you to pass time as a minor amusement now bro...

Fuck op what is wrong with you?
Are you that autistic?
Just fist your own asshole instead of trying to talk to beautiful waifus

I'd want my money back

this is what i assumed. lots of girls will just use you to kill time while they wait for the chads they want to reply

Smart girl

You ARE sad op, it's also true you know nothing about sex.

Better luck next life.

those pathetic penis talk and pushing to get her number lines are the most anti-chad things in the universe...
If you learn how to talk to people you can become an actual chad

Soo...he was behind of that..?

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man you are autistic.

lmao rekt

Ha ha ha couldn’t have done worse if you’d had /b rolling for dubs.
You had it nailed then went full retard.
NEVER go full retard.

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