I play elder scrolls online and this fat chick in my guild ended up sending these enjoy

I play elder scrolls online and this fat chick in my guild ended up sending these enjoy.

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Well, where are these? Got to be more right?

>plays ESO


That's it? Not worth sharing

"these" is your english bad or are you just an asshole?

That it?

Sorry guys

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Funny part is every time we play I hear her boyfriend or whatever in the background talking to her.

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Enjoy being one of many sources of self esteem that she teases.

Now we’re getting somewhere.

I cum to fat tits and she feels like shes not THAT ugly its a win win .

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PC Or Console?

I noticed that basically all girls who play serious games on PC (i.e not the sims or some shit) are the most degenerate of sluts.

Why is this?

If they play the same games neckbeards do what kind of porn do you think they watch?

any pussy?

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GTFO here you fucking crybaby.

This bitch watches mukbangs and masturbates to them like porn


Still want more guys?

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post faster

honestly? hell yeah!



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You guys saving her?

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she wouldn't have to go to blackreach to get this nirnroot, you know what i'm saying?

shes pretty cute. youre lucky


nice bhole

I made a comment to her when she sent the pics that i had a side quest for her but it was pretty big, she in turn said she hoped the side quest ended when I slammed into her spurting cum deep inside her lmao. Shes pretty blunt

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Does she like to be rimmed
GF or wife ?

This one actually involves her by it was his bday present to get to have this pic apparently? I got it for free kek

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A girl I met on a game actually.

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nasty slut

any anal stuff?

Well? More?

Nothing with it in her ass sadly

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I'd fug
Keep posting

Just post the imgur instead dude..

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