If you support trump you're either rich or retarded.

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Or both.


I support Trump because it pisses off people I hate.

t. retard


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Legit question: Is it worth it paying higher taxes and exploding the national debt just to cuck da libs?

I got that under Obama, who doubled the national debt.
He was our first nigger president and our last nigger president, we won't make that same mistake again.

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or Russian

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So, how's it going for you glowers?

Have you taken over enough imgboards and forums to secure 2020 for Hillary Clinton?

Legit question: Who is paying more taxes with Trump as president? Be specific

>I'm ok with getting fucked up the ass so long as the cock is white!

Meh. I used to be really left leaning, then the Dems started doing shit I didn't like. Like I voted Hilary and couldn't understand why anyone would vote Trump, then it clicked.I'm a libertarian, and there's only a few things everyone was really voting on.
Where you stand on these issues now is your party:
1. Immigration
2. Gun Control
3. Healthcare
4. National Spending

>If you support trump you're either rich, educated or future business owner. You can't be a lazy fucktard socialist and like this man.

>"I got that under Obama"
>"we won't make that same mistake again"

>Zion Don proceeds to make the same mistakes


People still support this thing? Fucking hell... That's just scary...

if you dont support trump you either think everything should be free for everybody or you is tard

OP is simply retarded

what type of learning disability do you have?

>or you is tard

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>Like I voted Hilary

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>Op is poor, lazy nigger
Sucks to be you

Dubs have spoken

The problem isn't them. It's us. The fact we're so lazy, stupid, and don't care we accept the choices instead of taking a few hours to find better candidates such as third parties or individuals.

We don't care. We like to complain. So they take what they want and treat us as they wish. As they should. We allow allow it. So fuck us, and good for them.

>Op is lazy poor nigger
You suck

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You said he was going to make anime real.....

I don't support Trump as a person but on a basis of individual policies. I may be wrongabout you, but if you support democratic policy, you enjoy failure. Also, I'm libertarian. I evaluate everything on an independent basis. This country is top tier and capitalism is the reason poverty has plummeted in the western developed world.

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Basically the same here. I like his policies, I feel that he actually cares about our great country, AND, I think he is a total slimeball. I don't look to elected political leaders for my paragons of ethics, I look to other leaders.
>I'm rich.

Jokes on you I don’t pay taxes

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Racist trash

Educated by whom, redneck white trailer trash?

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Niggers are still worth less than trash, so he's alright I guess.

trump university

Trumptard is wrong constantly and consistently.

Slimeball cares about country.


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Kek. Libs can't speak because they just got their tax free holiday pay stub.

Thank you, Trump!

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At this point I just vote based on entertainment value. I don't give a fuck about my country.
Dumb rednecks going "Thanks Obamer" was funny but the thought of 8 straight years of Trump derangement syndrome is even funnier.
Call me when the Dem leader is a troon or completely insane and I'll consider voting for him.
Pic not related.

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oh no how did a liberal get here

Trump will be impeached but it will not pass Senate. He will not be removed.

He will win re election in 2020. Dems will lose House because of Nadler, Pelosi, and Schiff.

End of story.

yeah every Trump supporter purports to be part of the master race

Nice one, Sergei. How are the farms tonight?

Correction. If you support anyone who is running for president in 2020 you are retarded. They are all trying to kill this country.

I'm down for Tulsi, we might as well have a hot prez for once, no?


why not?

Or just white.

Ya got me

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I'm not rich, but i do make a lot of money, i own a digital political marketing agency funded by one of the PACs.
I 100% disgree with him and have seen how the narratives and talking points are made, i've written some myself.
I always find it incredible that, accross the board, the wildest, most racist and just plain dumb counter-narratives are just the most efficient.
It's a weird situation for me. I've never made so much money. I also feel like a complete sellout.

I'd rather live in the ashes than let you construct the society you're attempting to. You pushed too far into insanity and so now the mutually assured destruction option needs to be on the table, move back to a reasonable position and purge AOC et all or i'll just continue to vote as I have been.

the state of the right, is this pasta?

The state of the left created the state of the right, the left shifted to its extreme first, its up to you guys to move back to reason first. Otherwise i;m happy to live on in the clown world.

Soo...he was behind of all that...

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It's enlightening to see how democrats see an average Trump supporter.

even the rich are worst under fag boy

100% this. I wouldn't mind a nuclear war or climate change acceleration at this point. The politicians have sold us out anyway. That's why I refuse to support any climate change initiative and I try as hard as possible to pollute the environment. If we can't get a nice world, neither will they.

i did this too, and i voted for bama twice

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THIS. I want to fuck all libtards in the ass for 4 more years.

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No, i have a job and savings, not a fuckin libtard collecting welfare or living in mommy's basement

this dumb cunt thinking 100k is rich

you literally deserve death, you arbitrarily standoffish retard

The repubs figured out, I want to say a little over a decade ago, that they can just be the party of no negotiation and still maintain their popular support from their dedicated party line voters.

Any reasonable or moderate voter is looking like, why can't we compromise in today's politics? It's because the right takes a position, absolutely refuses to compromise, and sees it as a win-win: either nothing happens and the gov't fails to act (which can be blamed on the dems) or the repubs get what they wanted in negotiations. Both play to their base.

Anyone who thinks we can just go back to compromise, this "why can't we all just act like adults and get things done," this is your answer. The incentives are simply not there for that to happen. We have gone too far, once far right voters realized they can get whatever they want even without a majority, things will never be the same

Dear op he is your president and Jesus loves you.


If you trust any politician in any government, you're fucking retarded.

>pic unrelated

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Wes Clark and his son are fuckheads.

Also, NEVER trust an Officer; they're just as political as DC. Fuck them.

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replace Trump with democrat and you got it right .

you are a fucking retard

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Are there a lot of democratic chucks here?


retort level: trumpcuck
stay in school kids

retards shouldnt get a vote.

Pic related, thats me laughing at your retarded ass

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today I learned fucking libs in the ass means fangirling a pathetic loser who ran out of nato because meanies

more than russian trolls

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>We don't care about Democrats' corruption, cuz of Trump's corruption!

Gotta love those in this nation who want to see a one-party system implemented.... Fucking dirtbags.

And I bet the meanies will think twice before standing around like high school girls and talk trash next time.

It's staggering and frightening to see what makes his base tick... and the shit they believe.

nᵒʳᵗʰ ᵏᵒʳᵉᵃ ᶦˢ ᵍᵒᶦnᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵏᶦˡˡ ᵘˢ ᵃˡˡ

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How is that user a retard? Where's the lie in any of what they posted?

>And I bet the meanies will think twice
kek, I'm sure those none pussies are shaking right now, trump might tweet oh no

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winning - biggest republican lead in 80 years, most useless president ever.

I agree, yesterday I talked to a trumpcuck who literally believes theirs only two genders and that undocumented migrants are illegal aliens.

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Democratic Chucks?

I don't think shoes harbor political ideologies, user.

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nah that would have been the useless nigger who nigged for 8 years laughing that he actually got elected without ever leadind shit

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there posting faux news

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