No wincest thread? Let's change that, with a pic of my sister

No wincest thread? Let's change that, with a pic of my sister

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Go on

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how u got these photos?

I want to have unprotected sex with your sister.

from some random dude that showed me a nude of her from her private snapchat and he told me she had a sexblog which i started to fap regularly to

please do, let me watch aswell

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She isn’t in ca is she?

I helped my 11 year old niece take a bath once. I didn't fuck her but it got me diamonds.

sorry, full blown swede

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The dream lol

omg i couldn't handle living with my sister knowing that side of her. The sexual frustration would be mind boggling

is she older than you?
did you have a kink for her before you saw these photos? also isn't it weird as fuck to see nude photos of your sister? especially when someone shows them to you?
things were different in the 90s, no one had photos from your relatives in nude, not even themselves.

it's fucking hard not to just start fucking her out of no where

yea she's older than me, i didn't know it was her at first since she kept her face pretty hidden on that photo he showed me. And then he told me about that this girl had a blog and i had to check on her amazing tits a bit more, and when i checked closer on the enviroment and her tattoos i realised it was my sister. And the boner went into diamonds. It was pretty wierd after i busted my nut that i was fapping to my sister and seeing her masturbate and talk about her sexlife but i've grown custom to it now i guess

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I have a kink for my older sister too, am 33 now and it's been a major problem because I still wanted to fuck my sister.
she molested me when we were 11 and 14, she wanted to experiment with me but ye, fucked me up, started to fap into her underwear years later.

how does the new youth think about incest? in my generation everyone thinks it's disgusting, even my wife thinks I'm sick in the head because of it haha.

post moar sister

dont know what the others think about incest but i dont really care, i would probably fuck my daughter if she's hot

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Wish my sister was like her, Need better pics of her

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i believe a lot of people are into it, like a very large amount. But they are usually too afraid to acknowledge because its so taboo. You can tell this because of how much incest porn i being made and frequently on the top of all porn websites.

Cousins are about as close as I would go. I never found any immediate relatives attractive.

Idk if this sounds but when I was in high school my relatively hot aunt lived with us for a while and she had a slight pill problem so it wasn't uncommon to find her passed out on the couch (where she slept) in the middle of the day. She had these tight ass hello kitty pajama pants that you found always see the shape of either her pussy or ass, sometimes both if I was lucky. Anytime she wore them I would cum all over her. Assuming noone was around since it was the living room. Lol

One time I thought I hit the mother load. I guess she had just gotten out of the shower and didn't expect anyone bc she was just in a towel and panties. So I started beating off and she fucking woke up b. Like in a panic. Until she saw my dick and then she just stared at me. I apologized and went to my room and finished off the thought of her. We talked about it later and she said it was her fault so she wouldn't snitch. She even complimented my dick. I think she was just trying g to make me feel better bc I was obviously uncomfortable and I know I have a small cock lolol

That sounds hot. I wish I could have done that to my cousins.

Yeah it was pretty awesome when I was 15 and a virgin. I guess itd probably still be cool if meth hadn't destroyed her lol

Pics? I just want to put a face to the story.


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those tanlines

your sis posts such stuff on her sex blog? what has this world become... brothers and fathers shouldn't be able to see this ha.
this immorality is why incest is best.

user should put his sister to the test

I’m in Sweden. Huge cock sthlm. Where is she at? I’ll fuck her and take pics and vids for you. Girth9000 on kik

Younger sis, got chaning room/ toilet vids, panties/bra pics.

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she have been posting masturbation videos which i have downloaded and every single pic she has taken just in case she deletes it haha

hon bodde i falkenberg först men har flyttat till halmstad, kan mata dig bilder sen när jag kommer hem igen för ska in till stan en snabbis

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Let’s see changing room
Post more
Got kik or discord if you prefer

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Any wincest greentexts?

Not really a win, nor a cest but that’s my sis in law who I would fuck even in front of my wife

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