I’m not gay but I REALLY wanna try sucking a dick once. Is that weird?

I’m not gay but I REALLY wanna try sucking a dick once. Is that weird?
Any other straight guys done this? How do I go about doing it?

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Straight =/= suck dick (just to try)


Fixed that for you.

Do you want him to cum in your mouth, or just suck it to try it?

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Whats faggot about asking a question to understand?

You don't have great comprehension do you?

Yeah because if he doesn’t cum in your mouth it isn’t gay right?

I mean it would be less gay. Wanting him to cum in your mouth is wanting to sexually gratify him, as opposed to doing it objectively.

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Not at all. Explanations aren't for faggots.

OP is one of those filthy homos who thinks they aren't mentally ill, but then they wipe bloody shit from their asshole during their hour long showers each day and are STD hosts.

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That’s how it starts. I met up with an asian trans. Sucked her little dick

Next thing I know I met up with some dudes on CL to suck them off.

Now I Crossdress and have to cum on my own face to kill the urge to suck off strangers.

>I’m not gay but I'm MASSIVELY gay

Get yourself super horny so you don't pussy out.

I'm bi but I don't like sucking dick.

What do you like then?

Sucking dick objectively no homo right?

I tried it. Wasn't for me.
Was so fucking nervous and excited beforehand. Got a guy from a hook up app. Said I was straight and curious. Go so many offers. Went through them and picked a guy who was mist like me I suppose. He said he was straight too but wanted to try again a second time.

So yeah the lead up was cool. And the first minutes of sucking felt wild. But then it got kind of boring. And my face and jaw hurt.
I was horny, but it didn't feel right. Like I was being degraded and doing something I could never undo.
He must have sensed it because started sucking me. That was good, and he made me cum in his mouth. But that ruined it. I didn't wanna continue. Shut it down. Felt sorry for him because he asked me to suck him again and no way I was gonna do it. Kind of fapped him a bit and he came on his stomach.
I think I'm glad I tried it. Just so I can say for certain it's not my thing. At least it's stopped me fantasizing about it. I know for certain I'll never do it again.

I mean, it is still homo, but a lot less.

It raises the question is the act itself gay, or the intention behind it?

Gun to head, sucking dick, is it homo?

You know whats worse? If you hadn't cum first, you would have swallowed his load.

I sucked a shemale, she had a small penis so I felt confident enough to put it in my mouth, also I was horny as hell because she was sucking me off and rimming me

You know what that's possibly very true.
I'm trying to convey that I was real curious about the idea. It seemed like a cool thing to do on the down low. I only wanted to try mutual oral, because heard guys giving head is better than when girls do it . thought about it for about 6 years before finally giving in.
And yeah I enjoyed hanging with him beforehand. Having a drink and bantz to cool my nerves. And the anticipation just before we said - cool let's go to it
But once it was underway, I thought eeewww yuck. Big mistake.

I just don't want other anons to make the same mistake I did. But now I've just written that maybe they have to find out the hard way it's not really so great after all.

Yes. Male male sexual contact is gay.
Even if it’s rape

So the intention or reason behind an action doesn't change it at all?

Right. You dumb.