Quit my job at mcdonald's

>quit my job at mcdonald's
>want a job that's tolerable not something where im standing in one place making fries for 5 hrs.
>be college student
>be living in seattle
wat do i do bras? been searching around and every where wants somebody with 50+ experience of a phd degree

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no im not going investing in bitcoin

Try and become a barista we make reasonably good money and you get to make unique drinks for people and usually the staff Is nice, the uniform is casual, and the people/community are very generous with tips.

your jobs at this point in life are gonna be that for a while. suck it up and learn from the suffering. it will get better.

What a fucking loser.
>have a job, quit because unhappy, bitch about wanting a job
What the fuck do you think you are going to college for?

i like that. Do ppl get furious if i mess up on one thing on there drink or is it just a dumb rare occurrence
love your support :)

If you live in seattle you should be doing computer science. I live on the east coast but I'd move there in a heartbeat if I get offered a job that pays enough.

had several jobs before mcdeez nuts, it's something about that environment that drove me to quit.

get licensed to be a security guard and try to get assigned to a moniter room. I get paid to shitpost all night and buzz a couple people in. Literally show up on time and in uniform, look 100% competant and try not to get caught with your phone if someone important is there.

just so everyone understands, he quit at least a $12 an hour job so he doesnt have to stand up for 2.5 hours in a row. lazy bitch might as well get used to sleeping on the curb

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thats actually wat im going for
not bad. do i get a shiny cool taser that i can whip around and electrify ppl?

My uncles workplace is hiring people to cut wood at his lumber shop near Seattle . Pays better than Starbucks and gets you laid

How far along are you? I'm gonna be done with my 2nd year after the spring

no thats the thing. i dont want to feel lazy and actually walk around and contribute to something useful not some fat ass' poor diet.

same boat. kinda behind tho

Hey I'm homeless in Seattle.
I feel like I'm better off than you.
Just go to TLC and do some construction.
Pic. related. Local artist.

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Former barista here. Making drinks can be fun when you get used to it, but be prepared cause there is always at least one person who is out to ruin your day. Shit became intolerable for me after a while. A lot of cool regulars, but then you get the assholes either trying to cheat the system to save a buck, or will raise hell to get something for free, or just get rude and ask for a manager if you don’t get on your knees and suck their dicks the minute they walk in the store. The experience made me learn to be nice to people. Not because it’s good customer service, but because I realized it really take a special kind of narcissism to raise hell at a guy working a coffee shop and expect the staff to bend over for you, just because you ordered a 3 dollar coffee

You should go back to McDonald’s and beg your boss to rehire you. Suck his dick if you have to.

No not really if anything their polite about like "hey I said no ice could you fix one with no ice" mostly shit like that. Of course you get some fuckin Karen that like you spelt my name wrong or theres not soy in it. But it's a price to pay. I love what I do.

>be living in seattle
There's your problem

not homeless lol

well it's a her so that be kinda tricky

That is really tru some do it but I'd rather deal with that shit than work McDonalds. No offense OP.

Who gives a shit if some lard ass wants a Big Mac with a side of diabetes? I guarantee you’re not the humanitarian motherfucker you’re justifying your shitty decision with. $12.50 an hour to make fries is good shit. You’re just a lazy faggot.

Not a bra. I am not worn over boobs(although wouldn’t be bad, I’ll like that), but. The fuck is wrong with you, lazy ass? Good thing you don’t work in my field, coz you wouldn’t last a day

Get rehired, fuck her, then sue for sexual assault.

i mean, that's every service job, lol. was a cashier and had a costumer who wanted to strangle me over few cents and demanded that i call the manager
sounds ok, but its seattle so it could be different lol

now you know what food for the masses is all about, $
still, working a shit job while you improve your resume to get dream job is probably the most productive way forward... unless you have a talent to monetize

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In my experience it’s always the older crowd who acts this way. You know, the same people who think all millennials are entitled but will cause a scene and threaten to call corporate if you try charging them for Soy. In my 2-3 years as a barista it was never a teenager/college aged student who got rude if something went wrong with their order

none taken.

actual worked picking apple/cherries before college. woke up around 6 am and ended at noon. i know i shit ton of info about apples because of it too lol. paid better too sometimes

like that attitude

just like cousin lol.

Serious question, why are you wasting your time with shitty jobs if you're about to be halfway done? I stopped doing those bullshit jobs awhile back. I'd rather be broke than deal with that dumb shit and dumb people all day long. I'm also planning to apply to internships like crazy at some point this month. I'm still in cram mode for my finals.

>Go to your local university and talk to a recruitment officer at ROTC
ROFL OP for the love of god do not do this

>don’t be a pussy like this guy
lol okay, the biggest pussies I've come across were military

What I like to do is take applying for jobs like it is a job in and of itself. 20 job applications submitted / day = 600 in a month. Even if your success rate is 1%, out of 600, you'll get 6 people reply back that show interest. Out of 6, 2 or 3 might set up and interview. 2 interviews a month is pretty good. If you don't fuck every interview up, three months into this process, 1,800 job applications later, and some 10 interviews later, someone will pity-hire you. Simple stuff.

become a porch pirate. I hear that's big in Seattle

its just me supporting myself and tuition is driving me up the god damn wall since my parents dont want to anything with my college. i really want to focus on my studies

Weed shop dude.

Go work at a high traffic store, you will make hella in tips of you are a budtender.

Get it while it's good.

see what i mean? this fag deleted his fucking posts, like a pussy

19 year old fag, cant do that for a while

That sucks man. Hopefully it'll all work out for you in the end. I'm lucky but I know a lot of people can't just drop everything and go to school.

Then go jump off a fucking bridge.
You're fucking pathetic.

my parents help me with the fafsa but other than that its all me for a while.

ok. want me to do a front flip while i live stream it on twitch?

>thinks Mexican work is a job

Yes please.

>the blessed 404

i know, right?