How do I find a bf that also like anime and video games...

How do I find a bf that also like anime and video games? I tried tinder and grindr but everyone there don't even know what anime is

Btw I'm a femboy and I'm not ugly that's not the problem

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pics or GTFO? WE need confirmation.

this, also kik/discord

Go to conventions , especially pure anime ones. They're everywhere.

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I want tips not random guys jerking of to me so this is the only pic I'll post

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Get ready for neckbeard mob

this 100%

Yeah because that's going to be helpful

I went to one but most of them seemed to be bottoms and I dont know how to approach them

I'm trying okcupid again. Met my last gf on there (trans) and hoping for a sane bi unicorn for my wife and i. We play vidya and watch anime and talk most of the time we aren't working.

I think your cute where are to looking at cause it’s harder to find gay or bi men then straight

That's fine bro. You shouldn't have any issues if you actually look like that. So you just need to leave the house and meet people. location may be an issue too.

i mean look on kik/discord, not just post yours here

Fuck, cute boy uwu

Discord servers from /soc/ and other fun internet avenues alike are where I have found some of my best friends (read: fuck buddies with common interests). Just look for people who live reasonably close to you and meet up if you find them attractive

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I'll try

The problem isn't finding someone, is finding someone that likes anime and video game

I tried but I live in Brazil, no one here uses Sup Forums or kik

Easy to say when you don't live in a shithole like Brazil

Aw, move to a funner country friend

Find an American to adopt you.

I want but it's not that easy

Give us general details so we can give more detailed answers. Nothing specific, just age, situation and such.

Already found some but I rejected because I would feel too guilty making someone do so much for me

What do you mean? Information to move to other country? That's impossible right now its completely out of reach

Btw I'm 20

Well you gonna have to rely on people eventually. You can't both be the bread winners bruh

Not if you get someone to help you. I brought my wife from another country and we are very happy.
If I could just get a spell book to make her grow a penis like in Bible Black life would be perfect.

would you settle for ldr?

Relying in someone to move to another country is in whole different level, it's too scary and the guilty of making someone spend so much money and time in me would be unbearable

What is a ldr?

long distance relationship

Well you have a winning personality.
It is scary. I had to go to her country to meet her and thought I was going to get my organs harvested or have the time of my live. Luckily it was the later. Do they have arcades in Brazil? Is it dangerous to be gay there?

Already tried didn't work, I never had a relationship with a guy i want physical contact, I want my first time...

Must been scary she's lucky to have you
I don't think we have arcades here but it's not dangerous to be gay

then you're probably gonna have to move

I wish there was another alternative

just accept it, man
there's a really good chance you'll be able to find someone then

Fuck around until you find your ideal match. Release all that pressure and just be patient.

Or, wait to lose it till you meet the right person locally.

Or, start an online/long distance relationship and make plans to meet the person after trust is built.

Why do you think that's important?
I'm not trying to be a dick, just wondering

Why I wouldn't? I want to spend time with someone, do lewd things, watch anime hugging each other and maybe fall in love...

I think I'll just wait to find someone locally, maybe I get lucky in the anime convention

I would just meet someone for a casual hookup. Release that tension OP. Otherwise you will need to wait and waiting sucks ass.

Well good luck op. You seem like a nice sweet guy and I wish you the best.

You got your tips, now we want nudes so us randoms guys and jerk off to you.

I'm not even gay but I feel nice today and just gonna say dude ur hair is fucking banging man keep the chin up u got this!

Understandable. But I'd argue there are more important things to want in a partner.

I really wanted a stoner chick and thought that'd be enough to base a relationship on. It's not, OP.
Look for kindness, character, intelligence,etc.
Liking similar shows doesn't really mean a lot.

This dude has some good points. Sometimes it's nice to have differences so you can get alone time which in my experience is important for long term relationships.

Which country are you from? I know some european Anime/gayming comunities

Yeah maybe I could try that

Hahahah sure after you helped me that's the least I can do


That's a valid point but why I can't find someone that's everything you said and likes anime? Yeah I know I'm probably delusional

Brazil :/

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Oi, just read you're from brazil. Good luck, dude. But I never heard from any dudes into Anime there.

OP, I would like to stay in touch if you are willing. Just as potential friends. I am invested in your problems. I am married and straight but I want to see you achieve your goals.

i'm not married or straight, but i also want to stay in touch


Kind suspicious but ok

How do you achieve that body? I was either too thick or too thin for such a stomach. At this point I quit trying and accepted that I'm never gonna look that healthy :/

well the discord waifu server ( prMv2s9 ) seemes to be full of people you are looking for

I'm not saying you can't, just that you should focus on other stuff. The right person will do all of that with you with Neon Genesis in the background even if he doesn't give a fuck about anime.
You seem young though, perhaps it's best to figure all this out with experience.

i dont think OP is that much oi a faggot
also more nudes please

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is that contact information? I am not a boomer, but I feel like one right now haha.

This made me laugh out loud.

I don't look that good, my ribcage is huge and kind strange

The only thing I did was lose weight

I'm from Brazil I doubt there's someone in that server from Brazil


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How about a phone or social security number?

Excuse meyour skin ist pefect. What do you mean your ribcage looks weird?

I am a millennial, but a boomer in the internets. I just didn't know what this was "Hikikomori#6057"

Clean ya asshole

You first

Idk just looks kind weird, like in this pic

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Cute socks and pretty thighs, lovely tummy, nice face. You're pretty hot even by femboy standards

Not really it's easy to look better in pics

Your ribcage looks perfectly normal and you have beatiful skin. Though a cardigan would suit you way better than this jacket.

Sure, then do a Video for us


Cardigans look super cute I wish I could wear one

I can't right now and even if I could I dont know how to make a video that Sup Forums accepts

added. I am such a spirit boomer I forgot I had a discord. Imagine my surprise. Lotbitlove OP.

Why can't you?

thats alright user, how about more pics?

Hmmm...So he was behind of that?...

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We'll accept every video where you can See the pp

I remember both photos. they were from a thread about how to make people notice I'm a fag. and, Brazilian as well.

Why would someone fake being brazilian?

The last time a shaved was 3 days ago, my skin is not as smooth as I wanted and I'm not on my pc to convert videos and stuff like that


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Uncut. Very Nice.

Agreed and apreciated

Where are you, when not on your pc?

Nice, thanks alot user

Try anime, cosplay or furry conventions.
The latter are propably your best bet to find other fags.
Make it obvious you are a femboy, to avoid straight guys hitting on you.

On my phone away from my pc

Uncut gang rise up

Apparently, there's this place called the real world user

>furry conventions
not even once

got any more OP?

Phonehave Cam too

I have balanitis on my uncut junk.
Never used to get it when I was younger. Now if I don't jerk off enough the skin starts to tighter and get small tears. It isn't an STD. Just dry skin but really irritating.

Aww cute user is not into beast

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I wouldn't mind a straight guys hitting on me but I look horrible in cosplay


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Goodnight anons and OP.
Good luck with finding the right one OP.
Good luck with more nudes anons.

>I wouldn't mind a straight guys hitting on me
Yeah but the straight guy mind finding out you have a penis. It's just a curtesy to us straight guys I'm asking for.


Thats all I asked for, make it obvious.

The thing is there's no way to make not obvious, if there was I would definitely do and than what you said would make sense

in all honesty they'd still pound that ass even if they're straight. also post more booty pics pls

Come to the 661 you'll find weebs on grindr.

Hitting the lottery

post feets (soles)

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I dont care about pronouns and I know I would look horrible on a dress

We decide how you look like in a dress