I hate minorities so god damn much

I hate minorities so god damn much.
All you fucking do is complain about how opwessed you are, it's always "OOGA BOOGA ME ME ME GIB ME DAT FO FREE ME ME ME ME DINGA DINGA DINGA" until you get what you want, then you ask for even more.
You can't have the cake and eat it too you fucking brown skinned pieces off shit.
Living in close proximity to whites is not a human right, go back to your own shithole of a country if you can't find even the tiniest bit of gratitude for everything the white race has done for you.
We've given you everything, yet you still continue to want to ruin it for everyone.
You're all leeches on society who sit on your fucking ass all day while swallowing up daddy white man's hard earned money through government benefits.
I hope you all have fun as the far right continues to find momentum in the West.
Can't wait to see your smug fucking faces when you get kicked back to the gutter you came from, you won't be laughing then.

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>I'm scared of brown people who work harder for less

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Who wouldn't be?
Who in their right mind wouldn't be scared of brown people in general?

Brown people, I guess.

Yes, that hurts my wage. Why shouldn't we kick them the fuck out?

It's a free market you commie

I know one guy who's a cuck haha

I'm a fascist, not a commie. All whites should be openly racist fascists. Non whites are fucking shit and ruin our beautiful culture. We can go back to free market when the shit skins like you are gone.

Lmao. Scared white bitches.

I've never asked for free shit or collected any gov benefits. I've worked hard for everything I have. I also make more than most white people at work.

Also, hope you choke on a bbc.

>open borders = DA FREE MARKET
Retard detected.

>t. Nigger on welfare that's afraid of whitey catching on to niggers gravy train

Saying this unironically without realizing that white people are in fact a minority.

Meant for

Just admit it, you like it when your job is taken by a big, brown man. With hands twice as big as yours, working that job in a way you never can and will. You love that stuff, you want every brown man in the neighborhood to take that job and use your tools.

No? I think niggers should fucking hang lol.

Try harder bloomberg

Ha, keep telling yourself that, kid. We both know I'm right

How? Sounds like a super niche cuck fetish. Quit projecting your faggatry on others, faggot.

what do you do for a living?

Yes it is. The free market is there to get the best individual on the best job. You don't want to interfere with the free market and create borders to protect the fat kids that can't compete because they're too fat and lazy

>All you fucking do is complain about how opwessed you are,

>""boohoo those darn minorities always complaining about stuff!"" complains the white faggot
cry more little crybaby, especially when you pay for my lunch and weed

Fuck you nigga. All you racist ass crackas are shells of your parents. Your parents built this economy and their legacy is now some racist cuck who leeches off of their hard earned money. Just because we get our money off of government benefits does it mean we lazy fuck you pussy boi.

they're just mad jews beat them in the oppression olympics

>cultural integrity isn't based on race because that would be really mean and racist if it was true
LOL, you progressive faggots are so fucking stupid. This is why you retards are losing the white vote. You cannot face reality if it hurts your feefees.

i don't pay taxes, jokes on you nigger

people who aren't racist losers aren't often afraid of brown people. racist losers though, fucking terrified of anything that isn't white. Bet the racist fags only eat white bread

Why do niggers pretend that slavery was and still is the worst thing to happen to them and the sole reason why they're a big fucking flop of a race?
The only reason you're not a starving 40 iq caveman living in a sub-saharan mudhut is BECAUSE your great granny sucked her slave master's fat white cock.
You're not getting forced into a car tyre and burnt alive for stealing a chicken BECAUSE whites were so generous to allow you to live around us.
Instead, you're eating tv dinners and splooging all over yourself 24/7 cause don't feel like working and are on welfare.
Are you not grateful?

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the scary part is that it turns out racist behavior comes from being in contact with niggers

>rants about minorities
>posts Latina ass for attention.

>I can't actually compete with minorities sp the solution is to remove them so I no longer have to compete with them which I feel is fair

How the fuck does my free market argument equate to progressivism you dumb cuck

then shut the fuck up you neet loser

Even if this was true, would this be your justification to turn once great, 90% white countries into 3rd world shitholes? Why do you hold such animosity towards us that you feel the need to ruin our peaceful way of living?

It doesn't matter if I directly compete with illegals in my work field or not, the lowering of the price floor of labor hurts ALL wages. Read an economics book you dumb shit skin and then get out of my beautiful nation.

Keep redpilling whites, nigger.

You're just mad you're not as naive as our parents were on the true nature of shit skins.

Open borders is a hyper progressive position you dumb shit skin.

>people aren't racist when they are only surrounded by bothers of the same race

no. shit.

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i kek'd

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Who wants to bet this is a black dude larping as a /pol tard

Fuck fairness. Multiculturalism is fucking shit for white people. All shit skins do is take.

>admits minorities undercut the labor market
>tries to argue that as a good thing

go back to r.eddit, faggot.

>you're just mad we're not ****

In the past black men did all the work because they were enslaved and you kept them under control with chains. Now brown people do all the work because they are more competitive in a free market and you keep them under control with borders. So what you're really afraid of is freedom. You're scared as shit that you'll lose control and get exposed as the lazy, fat fucks you know you are.

gotta love whites who get on the internet and pretend to be black lol. Go post another "u mad wyte boi?" thread and keep roleplaying as a black dude on r/blackpeopletwitter.

fucking cuck.

We are the only ones here giving you boring ass crackas any culture. All the little white kids practice our dances and all the white teens try and talk like us. The only person turning this country into is your racist ass Cheeto president.

ain't you a fucking edgelord son?

>Multiculturalism is fucking shit for white people.
and now you know (kind of) what it has been like for minorities for a long fucking time and now that th pendulum is swinging away from privileged white side white are losing their fucking mind.
weak as fuck


Fuck you racist cracker

>he says on a white invented computer using white invented internet running on white invented DC current

look at this retarded spin.. aint you a special snowflake kiddo?

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Never heard such stupid shit. What faggot is afraid of people because they have a different skin color? Racists are uneducated fags that have never accomplished anything in life

What job are you stuck in that you’re competing with minority’s?
Sounds like you aren’t smart enough to enjoy your white privilege with honor and confidence. Useless whites like you are why the browns started questioning our power to begin with.

I don't need to read a book to understand that the US relies on cheap labor. Paying an employee more than another to do the same job is simply bad economics. It sounds like you have become displaced by the market and are quite sour about it because your employer found a better solution. It doesn't matter whether illegals come here and "steal" our jobs, or the jobs get outsourced. But sometimes it is simply too expensive to hire certain people for a job. This is actually great because you get to see first hand how the free market works. What it sounds like is you want a handout. But that's not how this works. You need to do better than a job in which you need to compete with a person who will do it for less. How much do you make a year, user? If its anything less than 50k a year, then you have absolutely nobody to blame but yourself for being a lazy piece of shit. I bet you don't even have a savings account, 401k, hsa, portfolio.

I've been hiring fewer and fewer white men through the years specifically for their shit attitude. They're like white women and dating, they want the absolute best handed to them while putting in minimal effort. To be fair, my accounts, lawyers, and realtors are white (surprisingly not Jewish) and they're top notch. As far as labor, management, and contract work goes being white isn't an asset and is sometimes a detriment

yeah, because we all know that shitty job you work to put yourself through college is the only job you'll ever have for the rest of your life.

Fucking retard.

Yeah ok twitterfag give me a better answer than the "ok boomer" tier white people have no culture meme

>I've been hiring

No you haven't, shut up faggot.

You say that as if you yourself invented all that. Guess what, you did not, you're trying to live off the glory of others because you invented fuck all yourself, you lazy fat ass.

Ok. Fairness is for faggots. Fuck you shit skins, whites are realizing that you people make our beautiful cultures turn to shit and that scares you. Good. It should.

Don't forget who cracked the whip, nigger. Don't forget who enslaved who. You gonna get rekt in the race war, lol.

not to mention retarded internal politics.
in my experience whites in such low end jobs also tend to to be clique oriented and prone to doing creepy shit to get back at each other (the way women do)

I hate white supremacists so god damn much.
All you fucking do is complain about how opwessed you are, it's always "OOGA BOOGA ME ME ME GIB ME DAT FO FREE ME ME ME ME DINGA DINGA DINGA" until you get what you want, then you ask for even more.
You can't have the cake and eat it too you fucking white skinned pieces off shit.
Living in close proximity to other whites is not a human right, go back to your own shithole small town Alabama if you can't find even the tiniest bit of gratitude for everything minorities have done for you.
We've given you everything, yet you still continue to want to ruin it for everyone.
You're all leeches on society who sit on your fucking ass all day while swallowing up daddy Mexican and Asian man's hard earned money through buying into a corrupt capitalist economy which pays minority workers less so much white man can have an iPhone for 1,000 instead of 2.
I hope you all have fun as the far left continues to find momentum in the "West".
Can't wait to see your smug fucking faces when you get kicked back to the gutter you came from, you won't be laughing then.

Sounds about white.

Worldwide fashion was black slavery at the time (had been popular for 1000's of years). America - the pioneers in undoing slavery. Now all the cool kids outlaw slavery, thanks USA!

>make our beautiful cultures
give me 3 examples of your beautiful culture that you actively participate in to maintain its integrity for your children

>mfw i am watching two black whores yell at a young white cashier ebonics style as we speak
You can hardly tell they're speaking english

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Now that you mention it, you're right. I never really paid attention to that before. Not to mention that every white guy wants to act like a manager instead of focusing on the work in front of him

mexico outlawed slavery before the United states
>hence Texas and the mexican American war

but yeah the usa was still among the first to say fuck slavery (specifically)

Ok nigger ape.

As I said before, lowering the price floor on labor hurts ALL wages. Why are leftists such economically illiterate niggers?

>baseless ad hom attacks that don't refute the simple premise that lowering the price floor on labor hurts ALL wages, regardless of sector
You debate like a leftist nigger.

Ok LARPing nigger, whatever you say.

>can't refute the fact that whites have a total monopoly on inventions that matter
Sucks to suck.


that's to piss white people off
it seems to work so well that blacks don't even know why they do it anymore

Look who is talking white trash. Why don't you go back to your country form which you came from and get imprisoned traitor. And no one is thankful for the land your thief ancestor stole or the diseases they brough. This isn't your land so leave anytime soon and take your diseases with you.

I'm only here for more pictures like this one OP

Imagine being so convinced that the reason you're a failure is because people who are "beneath you" are beating you.

If they're so beneath you then how did they beat you PROUD SONS OF THE NORTH? If white people are superior then shouldn't they still be in charge? Lmao this shit logic is worse than Islam

Why would anybody have more than 1? Most people only have 1 house.

You would rather be living in Africa?
Whatever you say Demetrius.

Jews hijacked Western civilization with manipulation of Christian ethics and holohoax propaganda. You can laugh and call that silly but if anybody bothers to do the research, this is what they'll find.

Because you're useless like op. And all you all do is complain. Just like he says "minorities" do. You both are useless and should go back to where you came from. Retards.

when the screeching libs were going in about "entitlement" I thought they were full of shit but the rise of the alt-right was absolutely hard to ignore evidence of the legitimacy of "white privilege" amd what it actually means.
and to be fair Asians in such jobs are the worst when it comes to forming cliques of nothing but Asians. they work hard as fuck and don't complain though. especially Mongolians in my experience. them Mongolians are something else.

you're viewing it from the wrong lens, retard. The issue is (((large scale corporations))) hiring cheap labor. No one thinks that beaners are literally beating them, they just contribute to a system that does.


Alright, apparently all of you are retarded so I'm gonna spice things up.

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You're providing my point. You have a shit personality. But go ahead and keep calling people names like some kind of child. It'll show everyone how tough you are

Jews can basically do whatever they want, with their greatly superior IQ scores.
Niggers to whites compares like whites to Jews.

Multiculturalism destroys social cohesion.

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on the money

What kind of beta do you have to be to be running the god damn world, literally set up the framework for modern industrialised society, than still feel like minorities r "tekin muh jobs"

Oh man if only the (white owned) corporations paid WHITE PEOPLE 2 dollars an hour to clean toilets!! THEN WE WOULD BE IN CHARGE!

If you want to go do back breaking labor for little pay, then go do it you fucking retard

Yeah but what about Asians?

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You have no culture "american" (amerikkan) bitch! You go back to where you came from

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OP is a faggot.

You debate like a woman. You may now go cry in the fucking corner.

I won't even deny Jews are intelligent. But why the fuck shouldn't whites boot the kikes the fuck out? We have numbers and the guns.

nigger, you have maple syrup
maple syrup isn't white

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More than you, shit skin

You have literally twisted my point into such a way that i actually don't know what you're trying to argue.

also "white owned" lol. Forget JIDF is on this website so much.


why would anyone have more than one cultural aspect that's worth holding on to?
good question....
the fag couldn't even name one