Best nerf gun in history change my mind

best nerf gun in history change my mind

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Shut the fuck up flywheel fag

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This is the best set by far. Block darts, wallop shitheads

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Must be horrible being a citizen of the UK and can't have a real gun

Shut the fuck up you peasents with elite darts, we all know the nemesis is far superior, hoppers or die fuckers

WRONG. The best nerf gun was the automatic disc shooting gun
Those things hurt not like the soft standard nerf foams

GG faggot

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I got the 2, its true that the disk do more damages the blue one

By far

Fuck ya


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oh shit i got that one too

zoomer choice

stfu strongarm elites rise up

N-Strike wasn't elite, boomer

Ik, it still fires elite darts, unless properly modded the longshot is fucking worthless, the only good part is its massive plunger tube and very long stock which when filled with cpvc can also be sturdy other then that its fucki g useless at an unmodded state, if you think otherwise KYS

Anyone who says the Stryfe was better than the Rapidstrike is a lonely loser, personally the Australian Rapidstrike was the best considering it had a grey trigger

Longshot is only good to be modded, it was okay as a standalone gun but the longstrike was a better rifle unmodded imo

Longshot OP, especially with a brass breech modand some good stefans :)

RIP NerfHaven (and most of the NIC)

I don't care what anybody says, this was the best Nerf pistol before mods, it's like the noisy cricket of Nerf

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Nah, the og blue nitefinder was the best

What's the best pistol to pair with the N-Force shield?

Anything along the retaliator line is objectively the best base gun. stfu flywheel bitch.

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>wallop shitheads

The Maverick

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This was my favorite toy as a kid


Strongarm any day

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Hammer shot is the best spring pistol hands down