Was Milly Bobby Browned by Drake?

Was Milly Bobby Browned by Drake?

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Idk, did drake do what drake does best?

Mbb thread

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You’d have to be stupid to think he didn’t

At this point its pretty obvious shes been Draked.

I actually feel bad for the incels. To worship someone so much and that idol end up getting the BBC.

It's pretty tragic

It's like she ages 5 years a week. The wall is coming in fast.

The human body tends to mature itself faster once it starts having sex

Once you go BLACK, you hit the wall.

Pretty much

15 going on 55

What the fuck drugs is she doing???

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It's safe to assume that kids who came out of nowhere to become famous were raped. Probably not as much as the Coreys but enough to fuck them up

That little girl looks as rough as a badgers ass.

Wonder if she’s jealous he’s moved in to that Gyspy cunt William Ellish?

Wait, how the hell old is she again? 35?

to be fair the dude probably thought she was 35 or something

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y is her face so long

uuuh isn't she like 15?? wtf

Kill yourself fag

She looks like Celine Dion in that pic.

How is this girl 15? It's insane.

shes gonna age badly.


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According to the rumor mill she has a dick in her constantly.

what are the rumors? i need details

Once you’ve fucked Drake, black cocks all you’ll take......

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top fucking zozzle

Reminder that Aubrey is a jew nigger

that thread title is 10/10