Alcoholic drinks on a budget? I'm looking for a combination of decent taste and alcohol content...

Alcoholic drinks on a budget? I'm looking for a combination of decent taste and alcohol content. I'm tired of kamchatka tier vodka with soda. I'm on a tight budget. I've been thinking a 4 Liter bottle of Carlos Rossi Sweet red wine. $15 and 10% ABV. Or am I better off getting 24 OZ steele reserves 8.1% for $1.29 each? (I buy the watermelon kind so it tastes good). Any recommendations guys?

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beeeeeeeeeeeeer duh

Philadelphia whiskey, Evan Williams, Canadian mist is the worst whiskey but cut with coke its not too bad.

I used to drink that stuff when I was underage and I just wanted the most alcohol for the least money. It’s not bad.

Beer is at least $20 with low abv so no

I used to get 40 oz steel reserves for $2 each. 2 of them got me a decent buzz, 3 and id be pretty drunk. I ended up getting gout real bad so I cant drink tons of beer or hard alc. Wine works though and doesnt fuck with my gout. 1.5l of chardonnay @ 13% alc for $6 isnt terrible.

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I drink TAAKA vodka. Pour 3oz on flute with olive juice and makes similar to dirty martini. 4 of those and I'm good! Beer is chasing the dragon just chasing that high and keep drinking.

Steel reserve is horrible. 2 Mickeys or King Cobra is where it's at Old English is legit too.

take the horsepill user

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What kid of moron are you?
Do you drink because you think it makes you look cool?
Jesus christ you can buy a 5th of 80 Proof whiskey, rum, or brandy, which is 40% alcohol by volume for less than that, cut it with 7up or coke and it is pretty god damn tasty. That is if you peach fuzz on your pussy to handle it.

I agree, but when youre a broke alchy you try to get fucked up for cheap as possible. 8.1% alc in steel reserve vs 5.6 mickeys, or 6% king cobra

I'm tired of cheap liquor tho. It tastes awful even when cut with soda

You need a 4loko or a joose which ever you can get and a 40 of OE
Drink half of both, dump the 4loko/joose into the 40 then chug it as fast as you can

Ex alcoholic user here, I would recommand You to get help, before you will ruin your health and life as I did
I did a great progres but I will never get back that time and ruined opinion

for me, it's carlo rossi burgundy

But the dark liquors and the hangovers bro

Box wine for the win, user. 16-18USD for equivalents of 4 bottles of wine. Spigot for easy pour. Low effort, all payoff.

>ruined opinion
Not all of us get hammered and fight at the local bars, now let us unwind at the end of the afternoon in peace and solitude and fuck off

I don't do it to look cool. I do it because it makes me feel good and happy for a bit and makes me forget about my life.

If you are by a Costco with liquor license, they have handles of vodka for $13(american) or $25(French grey goose equivalent) and you dont need a membership if you just buy alcohol.

I drink a lot of Uncle Carlo.