Be me an art major taking a figure drawing class

>be me an art major taking a figure drawing class
>talk to ftm tranny
>find out she likes jojo
>try to find out what else she likes
>find out she draws yaoi of jojo characters and only knows jojo well
>find out she's a tard
>constantly hear her fight with are professor on how to draw men
>she refuses to draw them realistic and gets uncomfortable drawing women.
>full semester of this girl sperging out
>the bitch is greasy
>her transition goals are a jojo character.
If you want more tales from art school all speak also pic not related

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Bumpy bump

go for it

>Forced to take a class on race
>Blacks and faggots get into a huge ass fight
>me being a filthy dyke telling the gay men and blacks shut the fuck up no one gives a fuck about who is more oppressed
>gay man calls me a cunt and black calls me faggot
>professor does jackshit

Thank you now I'm still getting used to the format so

More from art hell
>join illustration club
>filled with weebs,furries and trannies
>must wear pronouns on shirt
>talk to some of the normie weebs
>different tranny hears rwby be brought up
>fat mtf comes running to me at autist speed
>dude has done nothing to transition than grow out his greasy ponytail and put lipstick on
>struggle with pronouns and get yelled at by other trannies
>get called terf for drawing real women

>is a tard

aren't they all? if they weren't tards they wouldn't mutilate their bodies for attention...

True true

Hmmmm...who thinks was him..?!!

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Most mtf trans people keep their dicks, they’re just ladyboys who take hormones and suck dick really well. Most of them think the gender surgery thing is fucked up and obviously want to keep being able to cum.

Hey man I'm just a simpleton but he looked like a sperg

>must wear pronouns on shirt

Like a shitty name tag

RWBY is fucking garbage

Tf is a terf?


Trans exclusionary radical feminist


you failed to explain how mutilating your body with unnecessary hormones and cosmetic surgeries (face, voicebox, "breasts") is a mentally stable lifestyle choice even if you keep the cock.

I would fucking kill myself. More.

TERF is a term trannies use to try and "cancel" anyone who believes in the laws of nature, that is to say anyone who believes no amount of hormones, mutilating surgeries and new age therapies can magically transform a man into a woman or vice versa.

Fuck that whole class was terrible
Here's blacks vs Mexicans
>Mexican kid compares Donald trump to old racists
>black kids fuck you mexican for stealing our oppression points.
>autistic screaming insues through whole class
>old white professor has no idea what to do
>tells screaming brats to calm down
>both tell the guy he doesn't know what he's talking about because he's white
>tranny starts talking about oppression to this professor who knows the topic.
>shitshow insues

It's like that one kid who would change the rules b/c they were losing the game. Very similar behavior

>black kids fuck you mexican for stealing our oppression points.
That's gotta be a joke, right?

That's exactly what it is

the only thing that would make this more hilarious would be if the teacher was irish

also post art, since you teased that you draw hot girls.

The need arises from mental instability and therefore is itself a pathology.

... yea it's probably best that you stick to art

He's a jew

top kek

>>me being a filthy dyke
>tfw no racist art gf to draw yuri with
Why don't lesbians exist in my area.
It's all just hot milfs desperate for cock.

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Because they are lib cucks

Tfw college turns you into a terf

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