Is this a real dab cart, their instagram is not real, but I cant tell if it's legit or not...

Is this a real dab cart, their instagram is not real, but I cant tell if it's legit or not. I'll post more pictures of it and the packaging.

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>Lab tested
If there is no lab breakbown on the packaging/box itself then dont smoke it.
This product is not compliant and most likeyl will have unsafe product mixed in.

Source: intake/inventory manager at dispensary

To add to my case here. This is is the actual Loud+Clear brand. What you have is poison.

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Go to, set your location to Los Angeles, CA, search for the brand. Oh wait, no results found. It's fake. Do you trust the supplier?

Also to add to this, how are there no additives if they are also saying its rasberry flavored...

Don’t use. This is the kind of stuff that the CDC found was causing all the vaping lung disorders....

Dont die on accident user

OP here, thanks for confirmation on this bullshit. I live in mid Oregon btw so the LA based company is extra sus.

2nded. Do it on purpose

why the fuck are you buying off Instagram in a legal state?

My shops in mid oregon

Wholesale pricing bring them in at around 10 bucks compared to $30-$50 in store

which is why they are mostly poisoned
don't buy anything that hasnt been lab tested

I bought it through a friends plug, he said it was legit.

plug it in your ass idiot

That’s fake OP, the ones I get are a transparent gold wax color and the air bubble doesn’t move like it’s water, it’s super slow in viscosity.

if you bought them from a local guy, for less than 30 bucks in a non-legal state, you got hot dog water in that cart. Dont be a fucking idiot jew, stick to the grass

If it’s not from a dispensary don’t smoke it. Pic related

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No it's not you need to take a picture of the bottom of the cart not the box anyways any legal cart would have lap test

Ive had this exact same cart before OP and I'm fine. It is 100% fake though, and wouldn't risk it tbh

I've had at least 7 of those carts. They work, but they're real underwhelming. In my experience they're clean from poison and shit but they sit at like 40% which is pretty shit for a distillate.

They make fake carts that look like real carts. You’re an absolute retard OP. There is so much info out there to show you what’s real and what’s not. That’s fake and you’ll smoke it anyway. Faggot retard who has been got by the cartels
>only smokes Select from the dispo

>dab cart
>"dab" cart
take like 20 deep hits of it op, please

Learn to grow faggot

Def not despensary

Take a hit nigga. If it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger.

Just another reason why this stuff needs to be legalized and regulated. This black market stuff dangerous. Don't smoke it OP it probably contains mineral oil. How much did you pay for the cart? If it wasn't around $40 then you should be concerned.