Waifu something breadamajig

Waifu something breadamajig

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>Only one claim per user
>No stealing. Fuck you, merchant
>No oversexualised content
>No RP/ERP of any kind.
>Seriously, you look like cringelords
>Discussion is welcomed
>Insults must be original and frequent
>If you're posting images you're not lurking
>3D is almost always trash
>Traps are gay.
>Joining means a reserved place in hell
>Most importantly, no

Rory-sama claimed

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yeah, hopefully the newest incarnation of leveling coming in the new expansion will feel less awkward (but i doubt it)
ah! those are 'rares', elites that usually drop a piece of (meh) gear or flavor items, they tend to be a bit hard to solo when youre at the same level, depending on your class and stuff.
they should be significantly easier, i think once theyre over 10 levels lower you do significantly increased damage, or maybe thats only inside dungeons? im not sure
i think i played it for like an hour, but this one got me for some reason. ive honestly been looking into DQ builders since the first one, but its been console exclusive until now. the demo is honestly worth checking out since its free

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Zabuza status: Introduced.

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I post Earth chan cause they're cool, smart, really beautiful, and creative, and because they make me happy.
It's okay, I can post less if you want. Maybe it's the annoying posts.
It's really stunning, the last few days I was barely able to function because I was missing sleep.
Now I'm motivated to do impossible things again, all thanks to sleep, I can do time management and all that stuff too.
You should sleep a good eight hours at least if you get the opportunity.

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He dies.
What a cute lad.
I got beer. And canned tuna.

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>trying to spoil something that is almost 17 years old
So does Kakashi but even that wouldn't be news.

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Am good, bored but good!

Hey hey trapman!~

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I'll just have to wait and see for myself.
No, gore and that sort of stuff doesn't work on me so I'm fine with it.
Texas could sustain itself, unlike most states it could become its own country and survive.

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hell no! stay the fuck away you are gonna have your time wasted! but be sure to form your own opinion and do your due diligence before ignoring it based on what i said. i just would not recommend it, ye. it's called Egao no Daika and it's shit

ah! right! did you pre-order?
oh, so no gud stuff from killing them i see..
oh nice! i like when games that move to pc are done right :)
ill give it a try tomorrow

ughh... please, *smol

me too i fall asleep unexpectedly due to iron deficiency lol
why do you make impossible things possible, i dunno fren, are you a witch (pic) or something
eight.... lel i been doing 2.5 - 4

bored is normal, you'll get over it!
seeing you here reminds me of steam, steam reminds me of warframe.. wtf i haven't been playing for some months now haha! and i thought it was the greatest things.. apparently not so much i guess

yup, you do that fren :)
uhhhh... i had something in mind that was like black lagoon but now i can't recall... ill tell you when i remember

add me on disc /when/

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Beer is good. Make tuna curry.

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Kakashi dies.
Nice dog.

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Are you stupid? Like actually dumb? Or can you not grasp sarcasm?

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He's a fine boy.
Hey there. Have you've been?
Probably, but realistically I don't see it being a thing. You have independence advocates from California to Alaska, oddly enough.
Cute as heck.

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no, i dont have any money
well it depends on which one, generally speaking they drop a random green maybe blue, which could potentially be decent but itll be replaced as you level up like anything else. sometimes they might have a unique model or something which means they'll sell on the AH pretty well.
other times they have unique-ish items that have a huge variety of effects i wouldnt even be able to start telling you. some drop toys which do cosmetic stuff usually, or maybe theyll drop crafting materials or a whole load of stuff, depending on which one it is.
generally speaking theyre worth killing no matter what, if you can, theyre worth a ton of xp, like a whole quest or two just for killing the one guy
yeah its been fun so far. since i made it to the end of the demo ive started leveling the area and building whatever comes to mind
if you do, i hope you like it :)

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cute artist
I need to do things that are impossible, if I want to surprise the whole world, you know? These guys are really clever, and I'm not as much..

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cute pixelart, did made it?

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Ameli claimed, the best waifus' are machine guns.

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How do?
Sasuke becomes edgier.
Such a fine lad.

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Episode - 008 - The Oat of Pain
Pain status: Mentioned

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Silly how one letter can completely change a sentence.

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ikr? :3 is a cute earth i did for earth on halloween last year, since they didn't have any festive pics at the time i thought it was necessary
oh shoot! speaking of festive... i should start using my other edits i forgot lol

sorry for asking, it's fine. eh i haven't gotten it yet too, i probably won't anyways until i have been to all of the other areas yet there's so much.. like im still at only the tip of the iceberg that is wow
selling gear in AH is really lucrative :) though you have to have gud stuff i discovered, have some things that haven't sold three times im just gonna store them in the bank... have about 42k now BUt i also haven't really been playing at all this week besides today and some earlier this week
ye but they are still too hard for me sadly...
is it something you can play like co-op ? multiplayer ? that'd be fun

i see...
well you don't have to impress me at least, i already pretty much am an avid follower of your "earth-chan cult" :)

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No some person on a random RPG game forum made it, as far as my sourcing-powers go. I liked it despite the quality so I kept it.
I-I have a cult?.. is that good?

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komi-san claimed

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it can be whatever you want sweetie~ ;3

...even cease to exist.

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Post NEKOmi!

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its pretty cute, and how are you today?

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be more responsible with the limited ressources of our planet
and keep warm because it will be deep winter soon

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That's alright. Do you know any older animes like Cowboy Bebop? Stuff like 90's and early 2000's?
Yeah, Texas doesn't have a reason to secede. Well, California will die and burn in forest fires, AIDS and black plague epidemics.

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The madman he actually did it!

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There's always a time and place for Nekomi, and that time is every time.

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Poke me on steam more often dear comrade friend!~

Gud, but bored

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Yes, I'm good!! I made potato pancakes and spend all day drawing pictures, and am now playing videogames with my friends :)
How about you though? Sorry to always be the last one asking, I forget about it and am kind of distracted often.

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is mine now, thanks :3

i would be....if.. you know what.
man i hope it won't be, like i said i don't like snow...

mhmm.. i have to do some digging in Schindler' list, gimme a few minutes...

honestly im not playing anything besides wow atm so haven't been in steam for a gud three months i think
you have a disc right?
you can tell me on steam if you want, im more active on dsic as of late

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Check your steam messages -_-

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And anywhere.

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thats nice to hear!
>drawing pictures
like that one?
ah, dont worry about that, me? well, id like to say im fine like always, but im a little sick, nausea, headaches, dizziness, fever, I've been tired all day, tbh the only reason that i came here is because its been a week since the last time i came

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okay so i have a few now. for example, if you have not watched it already, you should watch hellsing (though i think you have already)
then another gud watch is Rosario to Vampire... though i don't remember much of it but it has been watched five times according to the list so it should be gud i think
also try Full Metal Panic! this one is gold fren you have to watch! it's an older one but it's really gud!! and it recently (eh a few months ago) got a new season too!!! totally unexpected which was nice...
also try code geass, obviously.
and also Gate it's masterpiece, in my eyes

o-oh! right! of course i have to opens team too haha... will do

you replied °-°

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Here and mobile posting blows

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nah its alright. id recommend waiting until after release honestly, blizzard hasnt had a great track record for the past few years, better to wait to see how it shakes out
yes, it definitely is. i used to make all my money that way, run low level dungeons, collect BoE gear, sell the good stuff. a lot of people do that though, so its pretty hit or miss
i cant remember, what class were you playing? rogue? theyre not to great at soloing, especially tough bosses. they dont have good ways to recover hp or mitigate damage, but they deal a lot of damage in return, kind glass cannon-y, but there's some high-level stuff you can do in some situations, i dont really know much about all that
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont know actually, hang on.
>Design and Build with Friends Online – Big projects require big help! Up to 4 players can team up online to build anything you can imagine on the sandbox Isle of Awakening.
yes i guess it is. that could be pretty fun! i dont think its enabled in the demo though

anyway, time for work, bye-bye everyone~

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But I have been here the whole time.

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see -> oh shit the first part was directed @hitler...

Not that one, not her. You don't need to come here, I bet Relm knows anyways that you like her.
Doubling Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate especially is very fun.
Bye bye Tsugu, take good care!

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You aren't me though.

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You are not entirely correct. I'm you.

Only better.

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Just look at ameli, she's adorable.

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one of you is the mean tomo then...
there is a nice and a mean tomo.

o-oh... thank's for the advice!! :3 im glad to have you as a fren

assassin blood elf... i think that's rogue? w-whew... thanks... i really choose something great
well i play super sneaky and get like all bonuses for being invisible and things i think im doing fine...

oh sweet! w could build together sometime

have relaxed work fren!!

fren... i have watched both, obviously since that's what everyone should do. and it's all gud.

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I won't apologize for not participating in your retarded hugbox.

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You can be better. That's not hard to do. Just not better and me
I like her beach skin.
Yeah but there's always been a lot.

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Yeah, I've seen Hellsing, both the old and the newer one. Got the other ones written down. Now I have enough material to last me for a long time. Thank you.

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Is that supposed to be a crossover? I genuinely can't tell. It is not even remotely similar to Tomoko, the only reason you can say it is is because of the green eyes and eye bags. Yikes.

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thanks, yeah, i know... i just, kinda wanted to say hi again and have a little talk
all the machine guns are that cute?

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And then there's HMG 21.....

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Discord is back!
Sachiko is claimed!

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Not to mention PKP.

And those are just the first ones to come to mind.

Well, It's nice to hear from you every once in a while, thank you. Get well soon!

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And the eye style. I can see where it is but it is a bit too like koume.

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Forgot pic

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spotted the mean tomo

a lot?
a lot of?
i can't follow fren

oh nice! i always am happy to help a fren!
be sure to drop me your disc sometime, i feel like we get along fine and could have gud convos, especially if this goes to shit again :)

only partially fren

...and yous is?

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Hooray! Suicide rates drop to 0%

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The tomoko's.

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well, yeah, they look pretty cute
youre welcome, see ya later earth


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>goes to shit again
What do you mean? I've only been on these threads since August I think.
Also, here's my disc Der Führer#7500

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multiple tomokos? more like... tomoki

oh... ya actually nothing happened since august
lol now thinking back at it it's been pretty stable... maybe the person died or maybe they are in prison

nice digits you got there lol
mine is like almost perfectly 1234... just that one number got fucked up sadly

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Glad you think so, but I'm going to post more Ameli, she is by far my favorite.

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That's her brother tho..

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Yeah, I want her beach skin sooo bad.

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Is it in black card maybe?

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What made you start liking WoW?
Don't forget power outages and Earthquakes.

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Ciao Relm!

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brother huh.... looking fine, i daresay

hatoba tsugu.

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he isnt in that pic.

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All the fun stuff in one package eh? If I were you I'd plan on moving out.

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Unfortunately not, gotta make sure FAL's 14 costumes are available ://

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Add curry to tuna
>not KAR

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How about the other way around??

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I remember you

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Is that a fact?

Attached: 69388800_p0.jpg (2934x3306, 1.86M)

w-wha- eeeeeh i knew that!

and so we meet again

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Nigger faggot

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Everyone is giving you a (You). Here have a treat.

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Hello nigga guy

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my fren! :3
keeping well`?

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That works too

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I'm okay


Alcoholic lady

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You're welcome. How are things?
How to make curry?

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