What is this style called?

What is this style called?

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e-thot style or big tiddy goth girl


Emo, specifically Egirl

gay trap


grunge girl aesthetic, ignore the incels and if you're a dude that thinks he can look like a cute trap, dream on.

telling the honest truth does not an incel make. chicks that dress like this love the D and love posting memes about being suicidal.

alt-stacy judging by her music taste she's a post-emo/scene kid/metalhead

That's not truth that's (how you feel) and I'm pretty sure you hardly get to be around females to have this mentality

show us your tits, butthurt emo slut

Kinda broad, it can range from moody ethot to goth.

going on an user website just to call women sluts cuz you can't get laid sounds like you're the one butthurt, show your little dick first.

If it was a doujinshi it'd be called deviant, they always have black and white striped shit for some reason.

sounds like i hit a nerve, let me guess, you're "not like other girls" lmao. keep telling yourself that baby girl.

So we have incel here.

holy shit I feel embarrassed for you, you've been on the internet too long that you think women are what the internet tells you and no you've not hit anything lol relax we're just talking.

>oh no, a random person on a random website called a random faceless camwhore a slut and i am turbo offended, how will i ever recover from this?


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just speaking from experience lol. i'm sure you're the exception to the rule.

I'd say "scene", but it could be emo or even goth/punk, since that's a pretty low-key outfit to try and judge from.

Cute Goth :>


hot topic
do they still have those?

clearly you've had no experience with women to be saying all this embarrassing shit, calm down, go outside or something we aren't all bad



how did i know you would be a butthurt scene girl? so predictable lmao. show us your peirced and tatted tits then love.

Only a woman would accuse someone of embarrassing themselves due to their general vapidness.

I'm only the second one the other person is not me incel-kun

Don’t know why but “embarrassing shit” screams grill to me cuz that’s not how most guys talk online.

Daddy issues

Not the “incel” but ok

you didn't predict anything dude I have no tattoos and no piercings other than my ear, I don't really care what you call me but if you're asking to see something why don't you man up and show your little dick first?

Get the fuck off this website. You don’t belong here.

What? he is being embarrassing he's calling random people on the internet a cam whore and a slut, I'm not sure if you're aware but you incels are a joke to everyone I personally don't hate you, I think you're more angry at yourself then you are at women

I dunno, but I recognize that girl on the shirt.

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Stupid goth wannabe fuck toy who has a rape fetish and thinks she's edgy for wearing black. I believe.

tits or gtfo you edgy satanist meme sharing jokingly suicidal daddy issues having metal listening "not like other girls" winged eyeliner hot topic wearing slut.

Yes yes I'm the bitch and cam whore cuz you guys can't get laid, anyway I don't hate men I'm normal

You belong on my floor kissing my shoe to fuck you with a strap-on you stupid cunt that's all the attention you're gonna get incel boy


if you're not a slut why are you so big mad? checkmate whore

Uhhh again I’m not an “incel” just like to point out bullshit when it’s true. I don’t sympathize with some incels when they hurt innocent people however, many bring up decent points about how our society doesn’t call out certain behaviors of women. Even online when a guy critiques the behavior or some women the women immediately label him as an incel, fuck they may not even understand fully what it means cuz girls aren’t really that into Chan culture or internet culture for that matter.

you know this is a porn site right? damn you're stupid.

it sounds like you're describing what you incels are into this is why I said you sound like you don't get to be around women often cuz you think all women look like that, your wet dream lol

Again, ffs I’m not an incel. I just sympathize with a lot of incels because everybody labels them immediately as bad people and look down on them all the while theyve done nothing wrong. Being an uncle doesn’t necessarily mean that the person hates women, or even critiques women.

Why are you on this site? I’m completely serious. You do not belong here. Leave and don’t come back. You’ll be more at home on Twitter.

how teen girls dress to please 30+ guys with a goth fetish.

Please for the love of god tell me you’re larping. No ones this naive.


if you're not the kind of girl i'm talking about, why are you so defensive and offended? just admit you're a generic scene whore and i hit a nerve already. no one will judge you for your love of cock.

Well I called him an incel cuz he's calling all women whores and sluts I don't really care who he calls that really and I've already said I don't hate men.
Men and women both do stupid things everyone has the right to think something is wrong for example you said "certain behaviour" I consider men who call themselves women ty try and enter women's toilets, bad behaviour, does that mean I hate all men and think they all want to cut their dick or put on women's clothes? no

someone told me to use it so I use it from time to time, I don't have a twitter.

epic troll xD

I'm not larping, what's wrong with what I said?

show me where i called all women whores and sluts. quote me verbatim please. i only called scene girls like you sluts, not traditional women.

That's probably a guy with implants.

no girl is THAT kind of girl I'm not offended just confused that a piece of clothes made you call all women whores and sluts, you may go masturbate and come back to talk, you sound horny.

Just get a Twitter and post your incel hot takes there, you’ll be much more well received.

oh ok, well you do you incel boy.

not all women are sluts, just illiterate scene girls like you. i have the utmost respect for traditional women. which you obviously aren't or you wouldn't be getting triggered here defending Hot Topic guttersluts.

are you lost? tumblr is that way. ->

>does not an incel make

oof, shave your neck fatty. you have mom's tendie crumbs in your beard

post your tits or shut the fuck up. you're boring.

no no I think you're just stupid or confused I don't know what a scene is? emoish?
women irl don't all dress and behave like that I'm telling you this incase you do come across a women one day when you decide to go outside.
women who like this kind of fashion are young teens and always grow out of it, usually act like they have the worst life ever, but aren't sluts I think

I hate trannys

that wasn't me btw, if you could get a women you wouldn't be asking for tits on here then you guys blame me for calling you embarrassing like look at the shit you're doing.

Yeah I'm depressed, yeah I listen to Lil peep.

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Easily fuckable

post your tits or shut the fuck up. you're boring.

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>porn site

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Why is Sup Forums so paranoid about trannies?

you must have missed the 58 active porn threads on your way here.

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why is it that whenever you call a woman out for being a slut they immediately resort to "incel, you couldn't get a woman anyway!"

it's like you instinctively know your only value is your fuckability.

cuz it's funny also a relationship between 2 people isn't only about sex, it's loving them or wanting to spend life with them, it's just you who thinks being with a someone means sex that's why you're an incel, addicted to porn and your brain is in your little dick, sry

"i got her this time, this is epic roast she can never recover from the big burn" - you

sad, lonely boy.....

trendy e-thot style

i feel like raping you;)

Lack of style I'd say.

it's a hot topic goth look with a punk/hardcore style screenprinted t shirt.

Yet another thread were two virgins argue about the validity of women’s expression and how it relates to there whoreish behaviors. Can we stalwart admit that this whole style is just another derivative of dumb preachy cunts who listened to a Descendents album and pretended to be punks and move on. Nothing particularly special

what's your issue with the first post you tag?


Your on a sight littered with scum fucks who have little to no shame preaching weak moral virtues and shitty “resent because they fear/can’t attain” logic. If anyone’s embarrassing in this thread it’s you


oh ok, I see

>chicks that dress like this love the D and love posting memes about being suicidal.
This is quite possibly one of the dumbest things I've ever read on this site. You can't be a day older than 15.


Defaults to
>any criticism of women is from uncles who are ashamed they can’t get any
Which is idiotic simp behavior


there were no criticism he called a piece of clothes slut and camwhore you're an idiot sir

> pay no attention to the incels
I didn’t say he criticized them it’s just a dismissive buzzword to avoid there point. If your gonna call people stupid try to improve your reading comprehension

The first post tagged has nothing to do with camehores

there were no criticism he called a piece of clothes slut and camwhore you're an idiot sir

Ok then

Wow this thread is really fucking pathetic half of it is just some stacy reject arguing with a edgelord turbovirgin. BOTH of you are fucking retarded and honestly probably look exactly like each other. Two greasy ugly fat fucks sweating in their computer chairs from a online argument. In short kill yourselves.

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