What does sex with a loli feel like?

What does sex with a loli feel like?

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like sweet sweet criminal justice

Probably like heaven

Fuck is wrong with you? FBI get in here.

your hand

Like sex

bags of sand

fucking an empty toilet roll


bag of sand, man? bag of sand?

probably bad, a crying afraid child is not hot

how much of a creep do you need to be to not be able to seduce a loli

Extremely tight, very scary, and incredibly exciting all at the same time. Imagine fucking your girlfriend with her dad and ten cops in literally the next room and it doesn’t get anywhere near how scary and exciting it is

if u were a 7year old girl why the fuck would uwant to fuck an old man

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What is zetwire watch

if he's tall and handsome

Nice try FBI ;)

doubt it would feel good, too young to get wet?

Like 25 years to life

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No they do get wet
My friend has seen photographic proof

p good, its the only kind of sex i know, not because im a pedophile but because last time i had sex was with my highschool gf (only girl i've been with) and she was a year younger than me (i was 17 last time i did anything) but she looked like 12

im 26 now and havent even hugged a girl since then.

Like chalking a pool cue

Salty coins and milk.

that is both sad and weird lol