The state of Democrats

The state of Democrats ...

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good cherrypicking, you fucking buttfucked twatwaffle

Spotted the leftie
You're all idiots.


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imagine bringing this up to a Presidential debate


When you vibrator hits just the right spot.

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So this was Russia's plan the whole time, bring down Canada and not the US? Putin is 50 steps ahead of everyone.

tfw Obama dropped unemployment by 5% in a 4-year span and Trumptards celebrate a 1% decrease in 3.

How's it feel to get cucked by the nigger president?

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dat cherry been picked a long long time ago

>nigger president

You said it, Sup Forumsro

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Wew bud, you sure told him

When Obama (no other president) stopped counting people who no longer qualified for unemployment insurance as "unemployed", the unemployment rate dropped sharply- but falsely.

Leftist here, you couldn’t be more correct. I would snap that wrinkled neck in a second given the chance.

fake news

'I don't like some of the democrats cause they're weird, so instead I'll vote for the most corrupt and inept person to ever run for the office and shrug as he shits all over the constitution that I pretend to love'

Sound about right? Cause that's exactly what it is.

this guy

>most corrupt
>inept person to ever run for the office and shrug
>he shits all over the constitution that I pretend to love'

He's an unusual hero,with flaws, that loves America by putting it first and rebuilding it's Economy by bringing back jobs.People are content and happy.Will deal with illegal Mexican immigration in his second mandate

You go take your meds schizo jewish lady & continue your therapy on CNN & MSNBCIA

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>spotted the leftie
Something only a true idiot would say

And that wouldnt also be the case now because what? White President maybe?

If you cannot see he was using sarcasm we cant help you...

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most disgusting about this old hag is that she made a boob job when rest of her body actually decaying

the scuttlebutt is that she’s a raging alchohol

I swear I could remember there being a worldwide financial crisis in 2008

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Dems are the lowest form of life on the planet.