Ask a black introvert anything

Ask a black introvert anything

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MMAfag here. Ever been snowboarding?

Ive never even been to a place where it snows that much

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How’s your day going?

Oh alright. Im going for the first time soon, was just curious. Whats your plan for the rest of the afternoon

It's been going good so far.
I'm probably just going to play games, halo reach recently came out for PC and I've been playing that for a while.

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What games you play? Can you keep it dark skin girls?

Black bot with African parents raised in the suburbs here.

IDK, when women of other races do rachet shit, I enjoy watching it. However, when I see really pretty black women with natural hair doing shit like that it makes me think
"this is someone's daughter, I can't watch this"

Do you feel the same way?

Mainly online game like, Warframe, destiny 2, apex legends, halo, and etc. And for you I will.
I do, I remember seeing the girl who licked the ice cream and feeling disappointed in her.

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even with this pic, stunning black woman with an Asian woman's farcical structure, doing shit like this. I mean common

I can get behind apex I’m currently on league

Nice bro. I fucking love warframe. Who is your main? I love my saryn prime. Havent changed my builds after melee 3.0 though so I may be fucked

Women are gonna be hoes bro. Don’t let it get to you, just shake your head and either hit it and quit it or find a good girl. This is the world we live in.

League of legends? I also play that recently too.
I main equinox, she's been my fav ever since I first built her.

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tell me about it, I was hitting up this Sicilian girl for awhile and she was transparent with me; she was fucking three dudes in rotation and getting favors from betas. She would kiss oldmen and flash them too.

Another girl who was a bar wench that I knew flashed a bar tender, locked legs with a drug dealer, and was going out with a dude that was none the wiser.

Shit is fucked up in this day and age, but you gotta make do.

Why are you lying?
There is no such thing as a black introvert.

Yeah I’m a trash kat main lol wbu?

Ask a white extrovert anything

The only time I get out is when I'm riding a bike listening to music.
I main ekko, I sometimes get alot of kills with him.
Can you fuck off? Honest question.

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What is your first name?

I bet it's something stupid like Craig, or Grant, or Skyler.

Look up focus farming with equinox. Shes great for that. I like her day mode as well.

Yeah I can never take women seriously except in a professional environment. I can be friends with a woman just fine, but anything other than sex I want nothing to do with.

Dope ekko is fun I like his new true damage skin

Ever go JAKE MODE in the gym?

I've had her for over a year and I've yet to use her for farming focus points, I might do that once the plains of duviri update is out.
I might get that skin when I get a chance

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Ever played darkest dungeon? If so, thoughts? Also since you steal all my webms from /gif/ post something that shows us your ideal female body type

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I want the true damage yas. I’ve fapped to the senna and qiyana so much though

Nice man. Ever played any of the dark souls games? Recently got Sekiro and I love this shit.

I haven't played darkest dungeon, but I really like it's unique design. And my ideal body type is this type.
I've been meaning to try Senna before. Also I don't know why her true damage skin isn't her default skin, it looks so much better imo.
I've only played the souls games, and I love all 3 of them.

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Ah Cocaine Lorraine, a man of high taste. Nice. As a fellow dark skinned gentleman I salute you

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Nice bro. Those games bring back lots of nostalgia for me, fun times doing invasions/ganking/fight clubs with friends and my cousin. Btw, you don’t consider your introversion a bad thing do you? If you’re comfortable with it thats good. If not, mind if I ask why?

Have you seen her leaked pics, they're quite sexy.
I don't consider my Introversion a bad thing because I feel comfortable being by myself, it's alot less stressful.

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Good, I am glad to hear that man. I thought I was “introverted” when I was younger but it turns out I just lacked motivation. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't the same for you. All that matters is being happy and self improvement man

I don't think I'll ever get over my introverted ways, but I do plan on getting over my social anxiety. I've already been making improvements.

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Do you care about the nigger word?

I am a good mix of introvert and extrovert, and I think everyone is for the most part. Like I mentioned a few times earlier I think right now you should explore your options in life and see what you like. Once you get a good hobby or club or something you will meet like minded people and wont worry about social situations. Also see a therapist if your insurance covers it, but don't take any medication.

It depends on the context, like if it's online I don't really care that much, but if it's irl I'll be upset.
I guess gaming is my hobby, so I could probably start using discord more to help me. Also I didn't know there was meds for introverts.

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Upset enough to start conflict? Because I do understand not liking it, perfect reasonable. But many blacks go straight to violence the second they hear it.

I wouldn't be violent if they're only saying it to get under my skin, but if they're being aggressive I'd get myself ready to fight, because anything could happen in those situations.

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Yeah discord and twitch are great ways to meet people for videogames. I met some of my good online friends through my Destiny 2 clan.

One of my new years goals is to talk to more people, discord might be the best way for me to start.

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You're cyoot.

Yeah join up in some groups in games you play. You’re bound to find other people. May be a bit harder on PC because of less population but try to find games with good communities

I've never posted my pic tho.
I think games like Warframe are a good way to start.

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How do black girls compare to white girls. Dont care if its bait or a lie, would appreciate an honest answer.
>jungle fever

why does his dick look all fucked up like that?

being a nigger, do you hate other niggers?

>compare to white girls
as far as physical traits?
wife material?

Do you get shit from the black community fornbeing "antisocial"

They don't, theyre both special in their own way.
Idk, dicks come in strange shapes sometimes. Like mine is a bit curved.
I don't hate other *black people.
They usually don't notice I'm antisocial so no.

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i need to know who this is.
>im in love

physically and temperamental

id have to say temperament is environmental, like how was she raised? family values and life experiences. no two gals are the same.

as far as the pussy goes from my exp its all the same. Ass might* be fatter, lips might be fuller.

its like going to a dog shelter....YMMV

fine, you don't hate black people

do you defend your fellow black brothers, and sistas when they act like violent obnoxious babboons, bc everyone else all rayciss?

Moriah mills.
I'll only defend them against racist, but condem them if they're doing something that's wrong.

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Yeah are you in a warframe clan? Also I know you make these threads to talk to people, but thanks for making them. Sometimes i’ll be bored at home with nothing to do so I enjoy them.

I do have a clan, and you're welcome.

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Hmu on kik 0704jm

no one cares nigger

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Then why come to this thread then?

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Still here btw

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I fucking love niggers. You're alright in my book, user.

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How are you today?

>too lazy to copy and paste link lol


Join this discord server for some awesome porn and lit tits and shit.

I'm doing fine today, thanks for asking.

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whats your dick size in inches?

8 inches

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trick question, it's 5.5"

Since you are posting girls, top 3 favorite porn stars?

Are you referring to my flacid penis?
Diamond Jackson, Lacey duvalle, and Cherokee d ass

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How was your day?

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It's been fine, thanks.

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