Roll trips and I join the Royal Marines

Roll trips and I join the Royal Marines.

T. 18 year old peasant Britfag.

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Roll for op's future

get fucked nigga


don't become a pig
military life sucks dick
more than you can imagine

Do it

For God and country.


then i bet OP will liuv it roll

Rolling for you

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nice digits roll

how is OP suppoused to deliver about this?

go work dumbass

The provos are comin for you, you shouldve stayed back home you fucking brit

hue hue

Do it for glory

And I oop-



include me in the screenshot

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With those digits I should go and be a spy.
Will do.

I've sent the request

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W i n n r a r

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gotta join, NOW

do it and don't die. I don't want to live with that shit on my conscious, but then again you are anonymoose

Good luck and Godspeed OP

best of luck
hope you meet a cutie boyfriend there, soldier ;)))))))))))))))

you now get to be a human shield for the United States when the Russians decide they need more land, that isn't shitty

looks very bullshit eseque

I'm gonna need better proof

Quads and you join ISIS as a double agent

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not even worthy of one. kys


For queen and country or however it goes, best of luck to ya

serve the pockets of a few like the little goy you are

I second this. It seems more legit anyways

definitely the better option/opportunity. you could be the next Jihadi Johnny

Satan commands

Until they send me the email I can't provide it. :(

he's definitely gonna be drowning in boi pussy

hmmm. no official government header or banner on the email. also no other contact info provided. it seems like you opened up mikersoft word to make this, but maybe I'm over analyzing this

same person. I would like to see screenshots of the other parts of the website

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do this instead

Rolling for trips

it's been done. we are now rolling for quads to join isis instead

OP won't deliver cus his valls haven't come down like every britfag

join the French Foreign Legion instead, but I think you need to do some shady shit in your own country first to join

valls? you either meant balls or you really did mean valls. which is vagina+balls, but I doubt the latter because I doubt you are that up-to-date on your urban dictionary


op, tell us how you feel about your choice, and what you plan to achieve out of it

Roll and youll be the best little faggot there ever was

if I roll quads will you become a heroin junkie instead? like top of your class heroin junkie too. the best of the best junkie is only exceptable

and also move to Swansea

kek Gods please save this man's life. well sort of

Satan. I don't ask you for much, but please help save this young lad. I will give you my soul

nah. just join ISIS instead

Better off with suicide

roll. it's getting closer to quads

roll for this



You won't pass the fitness tests anyway...


Please Satan?



thread died awhile ago. op is a faggot for not hanging around and chatting about his choice


It's a screenshot of the confirmation on the website. When I get the email, I'll screenshot it and post it here.

nah, I was just walking back from the gym and my phone died.

I may be a filthy peasant, but I spend most days in the gym and I started gymnastics at 16 (yeah pretty late, but better late than never, eh) so I shuld be good on the fitness side of things.

Soo...he was behind that

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